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Entry Deadline 6 September 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

 News About Global Music Award Winners
Tragic Update to Heretic Award Winner Toomaj Salehi's Incarceration (26 April 2024)

Toomaj Salehi is our most recent heretic award winner, and is currently imprisoned in Iran for his musical contributions to the Mahsa Amini protests. While incarcerated in January 2024, the government brought new charges against Salehi, including the "corruption on earth" charge he was initially cleared of. He was condemned to the harshest punishment possible, a death sentence. His lawyers seek to appeal the ruling. For more information: https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/crgyelwlyzpo

Sophie Tassignon's Gold Medal Winning Album KHYAL Now Available on BandCamp (5 April 2024)

We are pleased to let you know that Sophie Tassignon's fantastic album KHYAL is now available on Vinyl, CD, and digitally on Bandcamp's platform. KHYAL features a synthesis of jazz and traditional Arabic music, inspired by Tassignon's friendships with Syrian refugees in Berlin. Please support Tassignon and her excellent work here: LINK

Global Music Award's presents a new interview with Gold Medal Winner Robin Spielberg (17 January 2024)

Please enjoy our newest interview with Robin Spielberg, a prolific and talented musician and composer. In this profile, we discuss not only the concepts behind her new work, 'By the Way of the Wind', but also the new way she has discovered to connect with her audience in the virtual age. You can find the interview here: LINK

Note from Karen Bentley Pollick on her Silver Award winning album (21 Febuary 2022)

Our album is the culmination of two decades of collaboration between Swedish composer Ole Saxe and violinist & violist Karen Bentley Pollick from California. After meeting in Denmark in 1998 at a concert at the Martinus Center in Klint, Ole was inspired to write Salsa for Karen for solo violin that evolved into six dances comprising Dance Suite for solo violin, premiered in San Francisco in December 2000 and recorded in October 2001 on the album Dancing Suite to Suite at Skywalker Studios.The orchestral version was premiered in Palo Alto in April 2002 by Karen and Redwood Symphony Orchestra directed by Eric Kujawsky with support from the Community Foundation Silicon Valley and philanthropist Kathryn Gould.

Ole (composer) writes:

The musical style that permeates the last piece: My Manchu Princess mirrors this East-West love story as well as the rich heritage of the culture and wisdom of China. The title is a sincere appreciation of the vast cultural gifts and experiences I received during my trips to Shenyang, the hometown of my Princess.

The initial inspiration for the music was a little love song, written on an airplane en route to our first vacation on the Canary Islands. That melody now forms the theme at the end of the second movement. The musical idea is an East-West communion, where the pentatonic scale is blended with western counterpoint and harmonies, and the violin part is especially designed for the wonderful skills and expression of Karen, who contributed with technical advice and feedback as the work evolved from our first sight reading session at my home studio in Siljansnas while she was performing and filming my Human Rights Suite in April 2015.

Honoured by the silver medal we hope our music will spark joy and energies for a brighter future to come! 

Ole and Karen

Global Music Awards commits to Sustainability (01 December 2021)

Over the past months, Global Music Awards has been working diligently to make our business as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes digitizing old files, minimizing our printing, and finding Eco-conscious providers for third-party services.

The present is always the best time to take action, especially with daunting news from most recent United Nations Climate Conference, hence we see it necessary to accomplish these goals as soon as possible.

For entrants, very little will change. The majority of alterations are internal policies or will deal with how we process and organize entry files.

The only change entrants will see is that we will no longer be sending notification letters by mail via the U.S. postal service. Entrants will now be notified by email. Not only does this serve the environment, but it will also allow us to notify you of your results faster and with greater reliability for our international entrants.

If an entrant can not reliably receive email or has other outlying reasons, we will send out letters by request.

For any questions about this change, please reach out to our email: [email protected]

Check out Global Awards honoree Stephen Duros'  new single (10 March 2021)

The single covers some new territory for Duros as it blends acoustic and electric guitars with more of a downbeat feel and a 'pop' arrangement. LINK

New album by Gold Medal honoree Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach (14 March 2021)

Independent tribal media, Smok Signelz released the following article by Editor Dean Rhodes honoring the new album, Earth Tribe.

Tribal member Jan Michael Looking Wolf Reibach recorded his 26th album “Earth Tribe” in January, finally attaining a goal that he started pursuing on his previous release Beautiful.

“After a long and beautiful journey with the Native American flute, this music is my tribute to the art of the solo flute,” he says in promotional material for “Earth Tribe.” “These songs all share a story of healing, love and the connecting that we all share on Mother Earth.”

The 12 song titles harmonize with the contemplative, meditative and delicate harmonies that receive the barest of musical accompaniment. A few compositions are complemented by chants, Tribal drums and rattles, and the sound of rain, howling wolves and the ocean, but for the most part it is Reibach and his flute.

Song titles are imbued with the album’s reflective, calming vibe: Walk in BeautySacred RainSpirit Elk and Seas of Meditation, to name a few.

For a musician who has interwoven the Native American flute with myriad musical genres, such as rock, blues and jazz, Earth Tribe is a return to letting the instrument tell a melodious story.

“The musical style combines Indigenous embellishments and Indigenous technique with very contemporary flute playing,” Reibach says. “It’s more Tribally based.”

Reibach says Earth Tribe is the release he was trying to accomplish with 2017’s Beautiful, but the death of his mother, Diane, prompted him to rush that project and also affected him emotionally.

“When I did Beautiful, I lost some of that,” he says. “I had a hard time connecting. … I went into the studio and I didn’t finish the album like I wanted to, and it has haunted me. It didn’t end up what I wanted to do.

“With my older albums, when I made a flute album, I tried to make a variety album. I really tried to cover all these different styles and feelings in one album. What I’ve done with ‘Earth Tribe’ is I tried to connect this new style. … Instead of it being this epic variety album, it’s an album that takes you to a feeling and it keeps you there. When you’re done, you understand that every song is connected.”

Reibach, 54, started playing Native American flute on the Grand Ronde Reservation. In more than two decades, he has released 25 other albums that have incorporated Native American flute across a variety of musical genres, but always with a healing message of unity for all people.

Reibach has won six Native American Music Awards, including the highest honor for Artist of the Year; six Global Music Awards, including the Odyssey Award for Lifetime Achievement in Music; an Indigenous Music Award; and received the Oregon Peace Star Award from Oregonians for Peace. He also is a Hall of Fame inductee at One World Music Radio, the No. 1 radio station in Europe that plays instrumental music.

In 2018, he wrote and recorded Special Place to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Oregon State University, where he teaches Native American flute in the College of Liberal Arts and facilitates an annual Native American flute circle that holds the world record for most players.

Earth Tribe is available for $15 at www.lookingwolf.com and on iTunes and other music platforms.

“What’s really awesome is that this album sold double the release sales of anything I have ever done in digital distribution,” he says.

Reibach adds that he already has eight other songs written and that he is planning a trio of releases with the same vibe. The next release will be called Tribal Harmony.

“The purpose is to make sure that the flute sings the stories that it needs to sing,” he says.

Reibach lives in Salem with his wife, Rhonda, and also teaches the Native American flute at local workshops. He works for the Grand Ronde Tribe as the Lands Department manager.

Thoughtful note from Silver Medal honoree Dave Schlossberg (18 January 2021)

My heartfelt gratitude and appreciation go to the Global Music Awards for honoring my Orchestral Suite, A Place Beyond Words, and my song Life Behind The Wheel, with their Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement! This organization is very passionate about their mission of giving new artists like myself exposure and networking opportunities. Global Music Awards really "walks the walk" and works hard to provide a legitimate, fair, and high-level experience for all those who are inspired to create beautiful songs in any genre. I am proud to be part of this family--it is wonderful to see an organization that cares so much about musicians and works toward furthering the power of music for years to come. LINK

Kind note from Silver Medal honoree Branka Parlić (14 January 2021)

I feel grateful for the Silver Medal I have received for my vinyl (album) Inities 2017. I'm really honored that my work has been awarded. It is very significant that the Global Music Award exists as it is a great opportunity for us who perform Contemporary and New Music to be more visible. I had hundreds of compliments and congratulations on fb, by now. Also, I am doing interviews with numerous radio stations and press media here in Serbia. I am sure that it will encourage young musicians to be more active in dealing with Contemporary and New Music. I feel this recognition of my interpretation by the Global Music Awards is absolutely a prestigious honour. Thank you! LINK

Note of concern by one of our Silver Medal honorees (09 January 2021)

We are posting this note without mentioning the name of the honoree to protect the privacy of the artist. You may find this post informative regarding 1. how we value all feedback from participants, and 2. how we think about and approach judging responsibilities.

The honoree said among other things: "I took the time to view all the Gold winners. ... It seems to me that the musical standards have been lowered and the social standards have been enhanced. ... I am just voicing my disappointment of the Gold winners in comparison to high art. It seems like none of the winners really met that bar. ... Thanks in advance for your consideration of my ideas." 

The following is our written response to the artists reflections:

I have much respect for you and the high-quality of your work, so I want to respond in a very personal way to your email.

I am disheartened by your comments, but taking them seriously and thinking about them carefully. I know you send them in a friendly and sincere manner because of your respect for Global Music Awards. I make no apology because we try to do our best, but also know that you are holding a mirror before our eyes. We will explore what you have said and spend much time thinking about what you have said.

I think what I can say is that we are a truly a world-wide music competition in a changing rapidly world and constantly changing musical cultures which makes judging very complex. My mind finds it difficult to grasp that jazz, pop and classical music are no longer main stream music, but are in fact, musical sub-cultures. The vast majority of young people around the world do not have physical record collections and do not possess what are now antiquated devices such as CD players. They do not have CD drives on their laptops if they even own a computer; rather they access media via mobile devices.

The music industry has almost no interest in jazz, pop and classical music because they can no longer profit from supporting what are now musical sub-cultures. At Global Music Awards we still make a point of supporting jazz, pop and classical artists, but also know we are somewhat out of step with the reality of today's music around the world. When you look at the photos of our recent Gold Medal honorees, please note the ages of the honorees. If we chose to be like the rest of the money-making music industry you would see mostly very young faces.

I just now took a look at our recent Gold Medal winners. We studied in detail the music and background of each of our latest honorees before making the awards. The artists we selected are all highly-talented, accomplished musicians. Penderecki and the Orchestra of the Royal Capital City of Krakow are world-class artists. Lin Shicheng and Gao Hong are the world's best pipa artists. Danae Vlasse, Ivan Sokolov and Egidija Medeksaite are world-class composers. Omar Sosa, composer-pianist-bandleader, performed upward of 100 continents around the world last year including on stage at Carnegie Hall. Robert McCormick is a university professor and one of the most innovative percussion artists in the United States. Artina McCain is a three time Global Music Awards honoree, well-known performer, and played last year at Oregon East Symphony, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and the Austin Civic Orchestra. Rasko Ciric is perhaps our most controversial selection. Ciric is a professor of illustration and animation at the Belgrade Faculty of Applied Arts and and a very inventive and original artist. The heart of our award to Ciric was not at all about the Beatles, but about creativity and originality of this artist over the extended period of 25+ years. It can not be said that we do not take our judging responsibilities most seriously.

Over the years, Global Music Awards has honored the work of accomplished artists in over 75 countries on every continent except the Arctic and Antarctica. The richness of traditional and new musical cultures presents a wonderfully difficult but joyful judging challenge.

We will continue to think about your comments and please know that we value your thoughts and feedback. 

Thomas Baker, Ph.D., CEO, Founder, Global Music Awards  

Note of thanks from Gold Medal honoree Danaë Vlasse (09 January 2021)

I'm so honored to have been selected as a Gold Medal Winner! The past few days have certainly offered much celebration on social platforms thanks to the GMAs! LINK

Thank you so much for this much appreciated recognition which serves to inspire MUCH new music! :-) 

Here is a note from Gold Medal honoree Gao Hong (07 January 2021)

Thanks SO very much for your understanding and the extra work! Indeed, my teacher changed my life. Without him, I would not be in my position as today. Here is an article I wrote recently about our stories. LINK   He was the most amazing pipa master and an incredible mentor! I will forever grateful! I love him and miss him very much! Many, many thanks again for your great support! Please take care and stay healthy!

Congratulations to our latest Honorees (05 January 2021)

We are so pleased to announce the latest honorees. We had a very large and strong field of entries. Our judging standards are strictly merit-based. We take our judging very seriously with careful attention to each entry. We welcome our new honorees to the Global Music Awards family! Thanks to all who participated. 

Happy New Year to all the Global Music Awards Family (01 January 2021)

It is officially a new year; the first day of 2021! Our thoughts are with all those around the world who experienced loss and deprivation during 2020 and those who are still suffering. Music belong to all people; and musicians give the magical gift of joyful sound to those around them in all cultures on our beautiful planet. Music is love. Ray Charles is right. What a wonderful world. Thank you for honoring Global Music Awards by sharing your music with us and with those around you. We are grateful.    

Note of thanks from Gold Medal Honorees Yerko Lorca & Kuan Yin (06 October 2020)

We have no words about all this, thank you so much for believing in us. Your recommendation (to the Grammy Committee of the  Recording Academy) really helps a lot in our music career, we will always remember it. And we will keep doing in the way of music, and always keep our creativity in it. Very big hugs from Taiwan. Keep in touch! LINK

Covid-19 Be Dammed. We've reopened. Support the reopening by sending entries. (24 September 2020)

We are so pleased to announce that Global Music Awards is once again open for entries. We are confident we can once again honor our pledge of high-quality, merit-based judging. Thank you for your patience during the period when we were closed because of the pandemic. Music is love. Be safe. The world is beautiful.  

Kind thoughts from Gold Medal Honoree Nada Kolundzija (10 May 2020)

Thank you for fantastic award your jury gave to me. (Golden one!!!!!) Well, maybe you would like to know how things are going on in the time “after award”? Hundreds of people commented nicely and congratulated me on FB, where I posted announcement about Award. Many newspapers published information on its pages. Also – 3 interweaves. Some people wants to buy my CD`s. Probably downloads and streaming will grow.

I am sure that you will have more musicians from Serbia that would like to participate in competition. This is really unique award, somehow. I am very proud to have one. Contemporary music and performers don`t have much space to be recognized. I feel like we are constantly on the sidelines. Your award accepts us equally with other genres of music. All are different but loved as music babies. Yes, I am happy you established it. We need it! Yes I am very happy

I would like to tell you why I decided to be part of competition. Because of this (on your website): "We look for emotional communication, the ability to transcend, to make the listener experience something that is new and compelling. We want to be surprised and moved by what we hear. We want to be convinced that those we honor can really move an audience. The musical joy of artists we select must be infectious. We want the artist to remind us why we care about music so much in the first place."

(Seeing my award listed in Gold); I was very surprised. I wish you all the best. LINK

Note of thanks from Silver Medal honoree Anaya Kunst (09 May 2020)

The Global Music Awards is a wonderful festival and has international recognition. It is the first time that I send a music video through FilmFreeway. We were lucky, and it is an honor to have our video The Cathedral nominated the winner of the event. We consider it an immense recognition and we are very grateful to Global Music Awards where we have won several Outstanding Achievement Awards and medallions. Musically, Anaya LINK

Our appreciation to Bronze Medal honoree Lisa Sniderman (03 December 2019)

Loved Global Music Awards! From the initial emails indicating what to expect, to receiving a Silver Award for Keep Shining music video, to receiving a mailed certificate, to them including the award on their website with a link to my video and all their personal correspondence and promotions. The only thing better would be to have them have an actual physical awards show! LINK

Our thanks to Silver Medal honoree Jon Altham (02 December 2019)

Highly Recommended - Excellent experience with this Film Festival, great quality and provides additional exposure to film projects. Really enjoyed being a part of this festival. LINK

Thoughtful review from Silver Medal honoree Carey Missler (01 December 2019)

Global Music Awards is an amazing festival with International recognition. We were fortunate to have our Music Video chosen as one of the Winners in the event. Since then we have received enormous amounts of positive feedback, Media Interviews and News stories. This is an amazing festival and we highly recommend Global Music Awards. LINK

Note of appreciation from Silver Medal honoree Santina Vendra (26 November 2019)

Hi Dr. Baker. I received the news about being an award winner at the Global Music Awards for lyrics/songwriting. You must know that I am completely over the moon and so elated to receive this news. This is the best news I could have hoped and imagined! And, I currently have a renowned Broadway Producer reviewing my work, therefore this award has given me that extra boost of confidence that I needed. I cannot thank you enough! Forever grateful, Santina.

Note of thanks from Bronze Medal honoree Angelica Dresp (22 November 2019)

First off, I want to say thank you for listening to the music. I am happy to say it is a pleasure sharing in sounds with an attuned ear and deep appreciation for music. It is a delight to be around music scholars and a good trained ear for music and to have your listening ears so close to the music for us all, is a unique experience in itself. This contest is a blast and I am really enjoying this process. In just a few short months, I went from posted tracks in sound on Soundcloud, to SoundCloud personally offering me a record deal accompanied by Symphonic for distribution, which is a small branch off of Sony Records. And AMW Group has offered me contracts as well for PR and two booking agents all appeared all at once too. I really wanted to put the music out there and let people enjoy the journey with listening and in return I received growth and momentum from this contest, something I wanted from an organic process and team with a profound effect, where the recognition of a committee vs. social media, honestly feels more tangible with your professional company involved. I appreciate this opportunity and want to thank you again for honoring me with these songs. LINK 

Kind note from Bronze Medal honoree Sal Salgado (05 September 2019)

It's a great Honor to take part in the GMA, and how can I explain the most wonderful feeling I ever had in my music career when I saw my name in the list of finalists. The two words "Thank you" are simply not enough for the Honors you have given to me as I know it's genuine, true and correct. Truly it's an invaluable recognition for me. Your honors came in as the second honors for this song as I have won the first place at German VDM Awards 2019 few weeks ago. I'm so so glad to be in the GMA family and I am sure I will be there until music takes my breath away! The song and the video will be released soon and I will let you know the news to post on your social media channels. Yes, I will follow and like GMA everywhere. I wanna give you heart full of thanks once again. Every time I think of your Honors to me, I will convert them to blessings for you! LINK

Letter from Silver Medal honoree Dr. Joseph Spaniola (12 August 2019)

My entry, the album, Escapade: Music for Large and Small Ensembles, is the result of my being awarded four Silver Medal Global Music Awards since 2016. The awards brought my work to the attention of Parma Recordings. I became a Parma Recordings artist in 2018 and recently released the enclosed album on Pama's Big Round Records label. ... My past participation has been rewarding and exciting, and the results have opened some important avenues for dissemination my music. The service of Global Music Awards provides is much appreciated and valued. LINK

This note from Silver Medal honoree Jennifer Bowman is why we do what we do! (08 July 2019)

Dear Global Music Awards Team. I was so honored to receive the silver medals in the instrumentalist and composer categories for my recent solo acoustic piano album, Piano Palettes. I am a graduate of the Juilliard School and have been a professional piano teacher and collaborative pianist for 25 years now. I had to make some difficult choices regarding my career path when I had a family, and had to simply put some of my musical dreams aside. My kids are older now and I decided about two years ago that I had to explore the inner creative voice that had been trying to get out. I signed up to take weekly jazz piano lessons (I am classically trained) and just started improvising and writing music on a daily basis. I was able to set up microphones to record in my home and truly feel incredulous that I can even do this! I am very honored to have received the recognition from Global Music Awards because it validates my musical voice. Thank you so much for your support of independent artists around the world. With thanks. LINK 

Much appreciate note from Silver Medal honoree Carmen Traub (01 July 2019)

Wow! This is a high honor to have my song Super God as a selected Silver Medal Winner. Receiving a mailed letter was a very special touch. Thank you for doing that extra step for the winners. Thank you for listening to and truly considering every submission. I am so grateful to carry your laurel on all of my Super God artwork. Thank you, thank you! LINK 

A note of thanks from Silver Medal honoree Kiran Biswa (27 June 2019)

I have received my beautiful medal, pen and a key ring today. It is an absolute honor to be a recipient of a recognition award from Global Music Awards. This is one of my biggest achievement in my music journey from the refugee camp in Nepal to Far North Queensland in Australia. Thank you Global Music Awards Team for giving opportunity to all those creative people who are not able to create big sales, big names and big fans and be a part of big labels. There is not much music competition in the world that is totally based in ones creativity. Thank you for coming up with Global Music Awards. This is a re-assurance to creative individuals that they have skills. This is a motivation to those creative people to create more even if they are not with big names. This is an encouragement to the artist like me who have come from a refugee background to bring the beauty of creativity and share. I have a deep appreciation for you and for what Global Music Awards team is doing. Thank you very much. LINK

Much appreciated note from Bronze Medal honoree Amy Barbera (26 June 2019)

I just wanted to send you a special THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sending me the official Congratulations letter in the mail about my Make Me A Butterfly music video winning a Bronze Medal. I just received the letter from you yesterday and I was so touched, thankful & really happy! You are such a wonderful music organization and such a blessing to indie artists such as myself! I can't THANK YOU enough for everything and for believing in me and my music!!!!! I think it is so AMAZING that you guys announce Global Music Award Winners to your propriety email list of 32,000 music industry insiders! That is truly a BLESSING! I will definitely be entering more of my original music to you in the near future!!! You guys are the BEST, BEST, BEST!! LINK

Kind words from Bronze Medal honoree Jon Ausman (25 June 2019)

The Global Music Awards offers an internal film festival which is one of the best in the world. The communication with the director, Dr. Thomas Baker, is top-notch. Dr. Baker is responsive, collegial, and, a delight. Congratulations to all the winners. Their compositions, their music is outstanding. LINK

Thoughtful note from Bronze Medal honoree Sijadu Potelwa/Sagweba (25 June 2019)

I humbly appreciate once more the opportunity I was given by Global Music Awards, indeed, winning this award has paved me a greater opportunities I never imagined. I am receiving calls, doing interviews with numerous radio stations and press media here in South Africa. I am also getting booked for a number of gigs now, that's awesome. Once again, thank you very much. LINK

Newspaper.it published brief article about Silver Medal winner Christian Maucery (20 June 2019)

Christian Maucery, settled in Angers (Maine-et-Loire) for about ten years, has already released eight blues albums, some of which were recorded in the United States and Australia, where he also lived. The title, Strut your Stuff, written in 2014, is premonitory: it allowed him to win his first silver medal at the Global Music Awards. And his latest album, the excellent Happy Ending, fully recorded in Angers by Olivier Fournier in 2018, earned him a second distinction, equally deserved. LINK

Note from Silver Medal honoree Michael Kollwitz (19 June 2019)

I really can't thank you enough for your kind words. With the notable exception of perhaps Emmett Chapman himself noticing, my music (and The Stick) has languished in obscurity for decades. I jokingly tell people it's 'the best musical instrument you've probably never heard of'. My firm conviction has never wavered- Emmett's instrument is truly one of the most versatile and most expressive musical instruments ever devised. It is nice to finally have a little recognition. Thanks again! LINK

Wonderful note from Silver Medal honoree Kiran Biswa (17 June 2019)

Greetings from Australia. In one of your previous emails you mentioned. The world is unequal and often unjust, but beauty lifts all of humanity. Your beautiful words have touched me deeply. And the beauty lies in what we contribute to other. For me, when I was in the refugee camp for 19 years, Music has been my survival tablets, a pain killer, food and my best friend. This morning, when I checked my email about the updated of Global Music Awards Winners, I was so happy to see Kiran Biswa (Australia) - O Warriors! under Silver Medal Winners. Thank you very much. O Warriors! is my first ever recorded single and being recognized by Global Music Awards with Silver Medal brought tears of joy in me. The award reassured that Refugees do have a lot of things that they can contribute. Refugees do come with talents, intelligence and many things to offer to the world. This award means a lot to me and has once again given me the strength, resilience and motivation to keep moving forward no matter where you have come from. Once again thank you and the Global Music Awards Team. Kiran LINK

Article in ArabPress about Silver Medal honoree Mehdi Rajabian (15 June 2019)

ArabPress headline: Iran, the musician Mehdi Rajabian wins the Global Music Awards. Article by Katia Cerratti.

He wanted to make music at all costs Mehdi Rajabian , he believed in it to the fullest and despite the prison and attempts by the Iranian regime to gag him and silence his setar , his tenacity was rewarded: yesterday he won the Medal of Silver of the prestigious Global Music Awards for his album Middle Eastern, made with 12 artists who make music against war and fight for human rights: Arslan Hazreti, Yousuf Alluwaihi, Soroosh Nematollahi, Basem Hawwar, Sakhnini Brothers, Yarub Smarait, Mohamed Saed , Hussain Alhaddad and Omar Teymoorov.

An album conceived in prison and released last March after a year of work, the result of collaboration between artists who have known war, prison and the continuing violation of human rights. Despite the risks faced by Iranian artists every day due to the fierce repression carried out by Tehran, Mehdi, after two years in prison on charges of propaganda against the system and currently on probation, has never lost his mind. in the midst of a hunger strike and hospitalization due to the precarious conditions in which he was in custody, he continued to believe in his project, even when he found himself only because many Iranian musicians and producers were afraid to avoid working with he. Mehdi has decided to continue his journey.

A recognition therefore, that of the Global Music Awards, which in addition to artistic talent, rewards courage, the courage to challenge repression, to record a piece during a bombing but above all the courage of ideas, those ideas of freedom that Mehdi will continue to defend at any cost: "I want to fight for freedom, even if it should take me back to prison. LINK 

We just received a note from Plato about Music from 400 BC (21 May 2019)

"Music is a moral law : it gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness and life to everything. It is the essence of order and leads to all that is good, just and beautiful, of which it is the invisible, but nevertheless dazzling, passionate and eternal form." Plato, Dialogues

Much appreciated note from Gold Medal winners Ioanna & Areti Spanomarkou (21 May 2019)

" Υour continuous efforts to promote quality music are a lever that pushes world music to better paths, with more melody, with even better orchestrations, and you make all artists work hard for excellence. It is our honor every time we participate in your respectable contest, and we thank you from heart, for all you have done!! ... We always want to share our creations with you." LINK

Kind note from Bronze Medal winner S. J. Jananiy (01 April 2019)

"My heartfelt thanks to the Global Music Awards for honouring me with the Bronze Medal. I feel this recognition of my music by the Global Music Awards is absolutely a prestigious honour. Feeling so much blessed." LINK

A note about the Global Music Awards medallion from Silver Medal winner Christian Maucery (27 March 2019)

"I just received my beautiful medal. It is Awesome.Thank you very much. Thank you also for the pen, the stickers and the key ring. I am overwhelmed with happiness." LINK

Thoughtful note from Gold Medal winner Jan Reibach Looking Wolf (13 March 2019)

"Winning the Global Music Awards is absolutely the highlight of this music journey and have helped connect the world with my music. Hayu-masi (many thanks in my tribal language) for all that you do! Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Native American Recording Artist. LINK

Wonderful note from Gold Medal winner Natassja (13 March 2019)

"Dear Dr. Baker, and Global Music Awards Committee: Thank you for allowing me the incredible honor of becoming a recipient of the Global Music Awards Gold Medal for Female Vocalist - Soul, and Emerging Artist. I was ecstatic when I heard the news, and that's putting it mildly. This is the first award I have received since coming into the business. With that said, I promise you, it will forever be the most meaningful award to me, as it has set the bar so much higher for me in terms of my musical aspirations. Please allow me to explain why I feel this way. I spent a significant amount of time going to many of the creators and musicians' links (on the Global Music Awards website) to listen to their works and I was stunned by the sheer volume and level of excellence. I always want to belong to that crowd and will continue to strive for the standard you've exposed me to. I feel so special to have been included with musicians of this caliber in the Global Music Awards competition. Again, it is an honor and an experience I will not soon forget. I am happy, I am humbled, and I am so grateful. right now Thank you, all! Sending my best, Natassja." LINK

Heartwarming note from Bronze Medal winner Tasos Petsas (11 March 2019)

"I am so grateful for awarding me. I am so appreciative for your support and your sweet words. It was very important for me and my music especially in Greece where that kind of music is not so supported. I dedicate to you my first single, where you could see my beloved mom. She passed away on 2013 by breast cancer at the age of 70. Four years later my dad passed away at the same age by heart attack because he was in depression all that time. For me Mother Of Mine (Anna) (animated video) changed my whole life and made me a better person for me and for others I dedicate to you and your family with much love. My warmest regards From Greece" LINK

Email from Gold Medal winner Jeff Jarvis (11 March 2019)

"Being recognized by the Global Music Awards in the past has indeed been an honor, especially when I consider the status of your adjudicators. However, the recent Gold Medal for my large jazz ensemble composition Requiem was truly special in that it was composed for Helen Borgers, a longtime KKJZ radio personality and good friend that we lost in 2017. In addition, you honored me for Lifetime Contributions to Jazz and Jazz Education. To have my music and service recognized in this prestigious way is meaningful. Any artist who teaches hopes their work makes a difference, but pats on the back can be few and far between. That said, I cannot thank the Global Music Awards enough for making me feel appreciated. I look forward to many more years in the GMA family of artists." LINK

Kind comment from Silver Medal winner Morris Northcutt (01 March 2019)

"Once again, thank you for the opportunity and for your amazing platform. My last win was so impactful on my credibility as an artist. Thank you again." LINK

A important part of history righted for Gold Medal winner Holocaust Composer Joseph Beer with help from his loving daughter Béatrice Beer (22 January 2019)

Joseph Beer's The Polish Wedding, a stage work in three acts with a prologue, acclaimed premiere took place at the Zurich Opera House in 1937, from where it began its triumphal procession on about forty stages. The meteoric rise of the young composer came to an end when Austria joined Nazi Germany in 1938 and Beer had to flee to France. LINK 

In a new staging, this fireworks of “symphonic operetta” will for the first time make the Opera House in Graz sparkle with a stunning production over a three-month run (December - March 2019) including a first ever live broadcast on Austrian national television in March along with live streaming. LINK  

On the concert stage, emerging Soprano Béatrice Beer, his daughter, has been internationally reviving the music of her father, and thanks to her, his works are coming back to the operatic arena world-wide. A native of Nice, France, and an alumnae of the Manhattan School of Music with graduate studies at the Juilliard School, Béatrice Beer, who recently returned from the UK where she was invited for a concert of her father’s music, was awarded First Prize at the international European IMKA Vocal Competition. Ms. Beer also won the Silver Medal at our prestigious Global Music Awards for a Demo CD of her father’s arias in collaboration with world-renowned Dramatic Baritone Robert McFarland, while she was the featured Guest Soloist on a live telecast performance at the Philadelphia Marathon for an audience of some 90,000 last November. She has been hailed as a "true Puccini soprano in a class of her own”, “gifted with a distinctive sound... and truly glorious high notes.” LINK

Thoughtful comment from Vivian Liu (26 November 2018)

"It’s an honor to join your competition! The works from your competition are very inspiring ! No matter what the result is, I already learned a lot from listening to the beautiful music from the artists!" LINK

Kind note from Gold Medal winner Frank Gabriel Campos (23 November 2018)

"What an amazing story. It has brought you to the right place at just the right moment. You are opening a new avenue for recognition and expression that has not existed before. I actually joined the Academy and submitted my music for Grammy consideration last year, but I knew that it was not the place to find recognition for my work. The rise of your company coincides with the needs of thousands of musicians who have been placed in limbo by changes to the music industry. The Global Music Awards is a new way of doing things for the very best reason: because it was needed by us all!" LINK

A rather personal note from Global Music Awards founder, Thomas Baker (19 November 2018)

The Thanksgiving holiday is this week in America. It's customary to express our thanks during this wonderful holiday. In that spirit, I want to express my personal thanks to all of you who are part of the Global Music Awards family. It seems like we've been working on this "idea" called Global Music Awards forever!  In fact, Global Music Awards is still very young, only seven years in the making. In hindsight, when I started Global Music Awards seven years ago, I only had a vague concept about a service model to assist independent musicians. The puzzle in the beginning was how to make contact with and introduce Global Music Awards to independent musicians. The three of us (myself, Matt LaBarber and Roger Lewis) brainstorming how to market this idea, decided the only relatively easy group of musicians to contact were university music professors. We thought they might mention the competition to their students. It didn't work that way, rather professors themselves submitted their music. What a lucky turn of events for Global Music Awards; from the beginning we had the good fortune to receive submissions of very high-quality music. We soon became addicted to the enjoyment of judging high-quality submissions rather than the lower quality music that is so common to much of popular music. What we first thought a downside, that the money-focused music industry sometimes has little interest in the musicians we honor, is a wonderful upside for the competition. We're the rare competition, outside of university-based competitions, that can mostly ignore money and concentrate strictly on merit. We can focus on honoring those musicians who spend a lifetime developing their skills. I wish I could say I had that vision for Global Music Awards in the very beginning, but a lot of hard work and good fortune brought us to this equation. We often make reference to the Global Music Awards family and that is what it has become, a family. 

Global Music Awards' Top Ten Albums for 2018 Just Announced (14 November 2018)

Global Music Awards is an international showcase for original music, unique voices and emerging artists. One of the great joys of our work is to discover the rich talent that comprises the Global Music Awards’ family. Even with the help of our Celebrated Judges, whittling down the albums was no easy task, but without further ado, we present Global Music Awards’ Top Albums of 2018. LINK

Thoughtful note from Bronze Medal winner Adrienne C. Cleary (29 September 2018)

"Thank you so very much for awarding me the Bronze Winner Finalist Award in the categories of Instrumentalist and Original Score. This is a life-changing moment for me. You have given me the validation I really needed which has made me feel more confidence by winning this award. It confirmed that I always loved my music and inspired me that I am good enough and has motivated me to further develop my piano skills.

The Global Music Awards greatly inspires me and gives me personal validation and confidence which enables me to play with less doubt … and just play and compose more directly. I look forward to proudly displaying my Global Music Award in my piano studio in my home. I am so proud telling people of my achievement. Thank you for this joy and wonderful credential. The people I tell are extremely happy for me and impressed. I am spreading the good news about Global Music Awards to many in the Washington, DC region including other teachers and musicians. With sincere thanks and appreciation." LINK

Thanks from the very talented Gold Medal winner Amaru (27 September 2018)

"When I started working on my album Champagne Attitude I faced a lot of criticism from a great amount of people. I have never been one to succumb to peer pressure, so I continued to work and I kept my eye on the prize. I’ve always been the kind of person who knows exactly what he wants and I can tell you that having my own album was one thing I was determined to accomplish, no matter what! As an independent artist it is not very easy to get the word out about your music and that’s where the Global Music Awards come in! You get the opportunity to have your music critiqued by working musicians and artists alike and when you get their positive feedback, that’s a tremendous feeling! Winning the GOLD for 'Emerging Artist' is something nobody will ever take away from me! I don’t come from money, I’m not a musical prodigy, I don’t have friends in high places, but I was blessed with a certain amount of talent, which I try to manage to the best of my ability, a certain amount of talent that touches people in a positive way. When you’re told that your album was eagerly awaited to be listened to and that it has far exceeded the expectations of its listeners AND it brings home the gold, what more can I say but: THANK YOU TO ALL at the Global Music Awards! "Thrilled" doesn’t come close to describe how I feel! Thank you for understanding my musicality and thank you for allowing me to put my country on the map!" LINK

Kind note from Best of Show winner Eric Funk (26 September 2018)

"I am SO THRILLED and excited that I could hardly breathe when I read this, in disbelief. I am honored, so deeply honored. I will be getting some press in the near future around this announcement, coming just days before my 69th birthday and a few weeks before my Provost's Distinguished Lecturer speech about my life in music as a composer, performer, conductor, educator, and presenter. It couldn't have come at a more perfect and wonderful time. Thank you!" LINK

Thoughtful note from Silver Medal winner Anaya Kunt (27 August 2018)

"I thank you so much for being part of GMA community. You do a wonderful job to show to the world the value of Global artists. So fantastic opportunities appeared to my music after I received the Awards. I am very grateful to your appreciation and recognition." LINK

Comment from Silver Medal winner Dr. Alan Storeygard (31 July 2018)

"Music is fun, but marketing it can be difficult with all the music that is out there. The Global Music Awards ... can add credibility and marketability to one’s music, and I thank you for that." LINK

Thoughtful words from Bronze Medal Winner Agustín Manuel Martínez (05 June 2018)

"Thank you very much for the chance to be in this contest. It is very helpful for the composers and new generations of singers. World needs musical creativity and you contribute to this. I recommend very much this great contest!" LINK

Kind note from Gold Medal Winner Dr. Pablo Cohen (05 June 2018)

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for granting me the Gold Medal for my album "La casa" at the 2018 Global Music Awards competition. Receiving this feedback on my album is such a welcome confirmation about the work I have been doing. The importance of the GMA and the quality of the current and past winners makes me feel very honored, humble and happy." LINK  

Lithuanian Silver Medal Winner Tita Petrikis receives notice on major media channels (02 June 2018)

"I am happy to announce that the news on Global Music Awards Silver Medal went nationally in Lithuania on the major media channels. Also there was an interview on National radio about the awards and their importance. I hope there will be even more artists from Lithuania who will apply to Global Music Awards in the future as many of them are looking for the opportunities to be heard." LINK  LINK

A note of thanks from Silver Medal Winner Manel Gil-Inglada (22 May 2018)

"I am especially honored to receive the Silver Medal, Outstanding Achievement, for my Hullabaloo recording session for soundtrack's main theme, A Daring Adventure, and especially recognized with the Unsolicited Special Honor: overall body of work as a composer. Thank you for your kind words, my sincere thanks to the entire jury of the prestigious Global Music Awards. I receive this recognition with special love and I will share it with all the honors." LINK

A note from Beatrice Beer (17 May 2018)

"The 3 Gold Medals awarded (to our album, Polnische Hochzeit,) last year shall endure as they made history and I will always be super grateful!! ... And actually our album bearing the gold "Winner" sticker was handed lately to none other than Plácido Domingo whom I visited backstage at the Met last weekend, Robert (McFarland) has performed with him, so he introduced me! :)" LINK   LINK

Kind comments from Gold Medal Winner/Judge Tri Nguyen (19 April 2018)

"I am so grateful that my music is appreciated by such an important establishment as the Global  Music Awards, and being asked to be a member of the judges is an achievement in itself. In fact, through my many travels and tours, the Global Music Awards gold medals are constantly mentioned in my bio, and I have to say that people around the world are impressed!" LINK  

Supportive note from Silver Medal winner Songwriting Shane (26 March 2018)

"Thank you for your time and dedication to helping inspire Artists around the world. I am very proud to be a member of your organization and I appreciate the work you do for those of us trying to touch hearts around the world with our talents and love." LINK

Thoughts from Bronze Medal winner Halvdan Genio Engen (19 March 2018)

"Thanks for the GMA's bronze medallion for my song/video; Pussycat&Pussy Riot. Being awarded such a prize feels more, and a lot more, than a bottle of bubbling champagne because I see, from my understanding, that GMA focuses music, as a whole, in the broadest sense of what music is about. GMA's categories tell about music in all levels, for the sake of embracing everyone who love and is exited about music... so... thank you again GMA for my award. ... Yes, I read about Pussy Riot on GMA's (Heretic Award for Protest/Activist Music) page. An important article and an important prize. It gives musicians/artists, a voice into life from different angles, not only as entertainment, which is important but, also as social conscious people, living as a part of our world where contrasts and compatibilities affect also musicians/artists. Important that GMA helps by giving Pussy Riot a voice through the award." LINK 

Thoughtful comments from Silver Medal Medal winner Pablo Mengin (19 March 2018)

"I received a postal letter saying that my film Scandal won. Receiving this letter was so amazing!! I would like to thank you for the big work your putting into your festival to make us, the filmmakers, shine! I can imagine how much work it should be. And thank you so much cause when my parents saw your beautiful letter, in its beautiful and precious envelope, they were very proud of me! :) Global Music Awards is a top festival that really makes the difference.
I also like the other winners, they are great. Thank you again for everything!" LINK

Kind  Note from Silver Medal winners Kare Strong & Josh Goforth (11 March 2018)

"Thank you so very much for the Silver Medal award bestowed upon our Rivers of Love album. It is exciting to be recognized for merit and not popularity. It means a lot to us and it will be supremely helpful in our wish to share these songs with the world. With gratitude and warm regards." LINK

Important work by Bronze Medal winners Tamora Pellikka and Amy Pine (07 March 2018)

"Thank you to everyone involved with the Global Music Awards for honoring and supporting our music video for Hit By Lightning. While our message is to survivors of childhood sexual abuse, anyone who has felt they were Hit By Lightning can hopefully relate to the song and the message of strength, courage and letting go of shame. We have recorded the song and done the video in Spanish and it is our hope to keep translating the song and recording it into as many languages as we can to get the message to as many people as possible. This is truly a global song and project! And so we are very honored and excited to be recognized by the Global Music Awards. Thank you for supporting emerging artists! I know all of us who fund our projects ourselves or with the help of our community, really, really appreciate your global support! With much gratitude." LINK

One key to your success: your website. (20 February 2018)

When we send judging results letters to those we honor we include a list of things the honorees can do to take advantage of receiving Global Music Awards honors. One of the key suggestions on that list is to have an attractive website with background information, high quality photos and links to their music.

Fans, other artists, booking agents and music industry insiders expect to find information about serious, professional musicians on the web; web presence is a matter of credibility. It may not be fair, but when others can't find information, photos and links about you on the web they may question the quality of your music.

Even when you have a website that establishes your credibility it may be difficult to find your website because search engines have not properly catalogued your website. This is the reason we are providing the link below which is one of the better articles we’re read about how to raise your standing during web searches.

The 10 Essential SEO Ranking Factors to Dominate Search in 2018

Just read an interesting article about selecting a digital piano (19 February 2018)

You may find an article we just read helpful, How to Choose a Digital Piano – 10 Factors to Consider According to ScienceLINK

Gold Medal winner Amanda Abizaid at UCLA (12 January 2018)

Watch Amanda Abizaid sing the National Anthem at UCLA. LINK

Comment posted by Bronze Medal winner Amr Al-hariri (09 January 2018)

"If you are talented, creative, and perfectionist, you have found your home in the Global Music Awards. If you are not a main stream artist, and want judges with eye on the future, this is a new home for you. If winning an award is very important to you, this is you home, you will be content not having an award when you see the caliber of your competition." 

New news article about Gold Medal winner Julia Pajot (09 January 2018)

Take a look at the exclusive interview with French composer Julia Pajot in the Hollywood WeeklyLINK

Kind note about Gold Medal winners The Grasslands Ensemble & Daniel Ho (07 December 2017)

"It’s an honor that Between the Sky & Prairie is recognized by the Global Music Awards as the Gold Medal - Best of Show winner. This music album is a beautiful joint effort of three music companies in China, Taiwan and the U.S. Many Asian artists and music lovers are starting to notice Global Music Awards because of the album’s acknowledgment by this award. I am sure that Global Music Awards will receive more entries from quality Asian musicians in the future." Patricia C. Greene, Wind Music LINK

Thanks from Silver Medal winner Dr. Alejandro Román  (04 December 2017)

"I´m very excited in receiving the Silver Medal of the Global Music Awards by my work Epojé, Op. 50, for violoncello and piano, that is included on my last album Chamber Music, edited by NAXOS. I thank you very much to the jury to choose my music. I hope this prize could serve to get my music even more close to the people. I send to you the warmest greetings. Dr. Román is Profesor de Composición para Medios Audiovisuales del Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid." LINK 

Thoughtful words from Silver Medal winner Manel Gil-Inglada (04 December 2017)

"Wow !!! Many, many thanks! Once again I feel very grateful for this award granted by the Global Music Awards. Undoubtedly, one of the best music competitions, with a great impact among all musicians around the world for their prestige. An award that I share with all the musicians and the rest of the team that with their generosity achieved that this small soundtrack is giving us this happiness !!!" LINK

Kind note from Bronze Medal winner Annette Laborte (04 December 2017)

"On behalf of Spirit Soul And Friends, A Musical Peace Troupe, I would like to thank you and all the judges for honoring us with two bronze medals for Kirtan Peace Vibrations and Om Hari Om. We thank you for giving us this opportunity to share the beauty and spiritual tool of Kirtan with everyone around the world to help bring peace and spiritual nourishment into their lives. Thank you so much for your kindness and for spreading so much beautiful music from the many gifted musicians around the world with the Global Music Awards." LINK

Nice note from Silver Medal winner Dave Schlossberg (20 October 2017)

"Thank you so much to the Global Music Awards for awarding a Silver Medal to my album, A Place Beyond Words. My goal was to share Jewish liturgical music with the world. In my opinion, this type of music speaks to our shared humanity. I always believed that there is beauty to be found in the melodies that accompany our most intimate prayers, and I am thrilled that you feel the same. I am honored to receive recognition from the Global Music Awards. Thanks to you, artists like me can help heal the world with our unique and special musical talents." LINK

Check-out the work of Silver Medal winner Maria Gabriella Marianii (28 September 2017)

We are blessed to receive entries from around the global. Check-out one of the Global Music Awards' family from Italy. LINK 

Kind note from Silver Medal winner Nikita Wells  (07 September 2017)

"I am one of your silver medal award receivers. You see, your awards has helped me to obtain an orchestra to perform my composition. I am overjoyed to announce that my latest endeavor has come to fruition. My composition, Two Counts at Stake: Fantasy Overture, will be performed by the McLain Symphony. Just wanted to tell you and thank you." LINK

Tri Nguyen - One of our Gold Medal winning artists (22 August 2017)

The artistic world is one that is undoubtedly full of unique talents, all creating their own kind of music and culture. One artist who has stood out for many years, though, is the Vietnamese artist, Tri Nguyen. Having been playing piano since the tender age of five, Nguyen has stood as one of the most revered musical artists to stem from Vietnam in many years. 

His outstanding talent and charisma makes him stand out from the crowd, generally speaking. However, one of the main reasons why he maintains such a widely acclaimed reputation in the musical world is his ability to combine the arts of the East with the sounds of the West.

Noted as the only concert musician in the world who has both mastered the art of the piano and the zither, a Vietnamese instrument, Tri holds a special ace in his deck that nobody else can match. As he works his magic on stage, combining the beautiful melodies of Vietnamese culture alongside the harmonic melodies of his piano playing, Nguyen has found a way to create a modern take on his ancestral music.

Indeed, he even still uses the now-defunct annotation systems for his zither, sticking to the classical training that has made him such a star. It’s also why he has become a hugely popular name in both Eastern and Western musical circles.

With his exceptional talent and ability to combine the classic with the modern, Nguyen creates a style that will be rarely seen in generations to come. Indeed, he stands alone as the only person who can play as he does – literally!

His major breakthrough, it could be argued, came when he released Consonnances, his first album. It combined the deep and emotional nature of Vietnamese music with more typical Western harmonization, utilizing a classical quartet of string instruments for that extra touch of drama and style to his music.

Indeed, he’s seen as someone who has done a lot to help revive the Vietnamese musical scene. His popularity outside of his homeland has given others the chance to try and replicate the incredible successes that Tri has enjoyed in life so far.

His latest work, still in creation, is supposed to be another unique combination of Eastern and Western music. From the Scottish bagpipe to Corsican Polyphonic singers, Nguyen is combining a wealth of styles and formats that have not been seen beforehand.

A true revolutionary in his work, in the future we might just look back on his incredible work as someone who helped to define an entire generation of Vietnamese music. LINK 

Spring/Summer 2017 Top Ten Albums just announced (10 August 2017)

Global Music Awards is an international showcase for original music, unique voices and emerging artists. One of the great joys of our work is to discover the rich talent that comprises the Global Music Awards’ family. Whittling down to ten albums was no easy task, but without further ado, we present Global Music Awards’ Top Ten Albums of Spring/Summer 2017. LINK

Thoughtful note from Gold Medal winner Sophia Agranovich (12 August 2017)

"I am extremely grateful, humbled and honored to receive three Silver Awards for my CD albums and this year - a Gold Award for Robert Schumann: Carnaval and Fantasie, which, in addition, made the top 10 list! Thank you, Global Music Awards, for your support and inspiration for the entire music community!" LINK

Kind note from Bronze Medal winner Songwriter Shane (24 July 2017)

"Thank you Global Music Awards Team! I am so appreciative for your support and consideration of music artists like myself. This mission in life I have has been a real undertaking and I use my talent to unite hearts for Peace and Love around the World. For me, being a part of the Global Music Awards network is a precious gift and allows me the opportunity to submit heart-songs into a network that listens and appreciates the message in the music. Thank you for your organization which instills hope, joy, determination and faith to those who crusade for Peace and heal hearts with merely a gifted song." LINK

Here is a note from two-time Gold Medal honoree Tri Nguyen (28 June 2017)

"Dear Dr. Baker and everybody at GMA ! You cannot imagine how this second Gold Medal means to me. After Consonnances, my first album, when I received my first Gold Medal, it surpassed all my expectations. Your Award has since then opened so many opportunities for my music. International recognition followed. The press has more than once mentioned the GMA, the award being a validation of quality music. Your encouragements have ever since pushed me to go even further: thus was born Beyond Borders, my second album and third recording. Like any other musician and composer, I was so nervous when I released Beyond Borders, not knowing if my hard work would please the listeners' ear. I have taken a lot of risks in the conception of this new album, pushing my boundaries even farther to fuse my music with other cultures and traditions, and the fact that such experienced professionals as you at the GMA should give me a second Gold Medal is a double honor !! Thank you so much again dear Dr. Baker. My regards to the whole team. This will go viral soon ! :)" LINK

Nice note from The Skys (28 June 2017)

"Dear Global Music Awards. Thank you very much for the Silver Medal for our new song "Communication". It is a great honor for us to receive such a fantastic evaluation. We appreciate it very much! It inspires us and drives us forward.
Best Wishes from Lithuania, The Skys." LINK

Latest honorees just posted to our website (16 March 2017)

Thanks to all who participated. This was a strong round of entries. There were many entries of very high quality and we could easily have granted more top honors but did not do so in keeping with our judging rules. All honorees can be justifiably proud of receiving Global Music Award honors. The judging standards are high and being honored means the craft and creativity of your entry is outstanding. 

Kind note from Malaysia, Gold Medal winner Lyia Meta (21 April 2017)

"Good morning from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This message is a little late but not too late I hope. I wanted to drop by and thank GMA for awarding me Gold for Rock Ballad. To say that I was ecstatic and over the moon would be an understatement! I am honoured, blessed, thankful and quite inspired to create more with the encouragement this Award has brought me. As it is a global recognition, this win garnered me more visibility as a serious singer songwriter. So I'd like to thank you for that." LINK

Thanks to Silver Medal Winner Professor Antonio Tinelli for his kind comments (13 April 2017)

"Thanks to the Global Music Awards jury for this valuable recognition of our Ebanthology CD awarded with three silver medals. We are honored and proud! The media industry (magazines, radio and TV) are very interested in our results and we are confident that this award will greatly help our visibility and career. Thank you so much and congratulations for the laudable work that you do! Here is the first review on the newspaper FAX on Facebook. LINK Here is the award information on label website, FareliveLINK We await in the next days and weeks other reviews and we will inform you. GrazieLINK

Wonderful note  from Gold Medal winner Béatrice Beer (01 April 2017)

"SO nice talking to you yesterday, what a fantastic, world-class, visionary organization you run, one which renders SUCH service to the music industry, congratulations!! You've set some pretty great things into motion!! Million, heartfelt thanks again!! All my best." LINK

Nice note from Bronze Medal winner Josephine Halbert (28 March 2017)

"I am absolutely delighted with the news that Never Stop (Live Version) has received a Bronze Medal Award as a Finalist in this edition of the Global Music Awards and want to thank everyone very much for this honour. Once again, it is just fantastic news to receive this award - it is wonderful and inspiring where creativity and ideas can take all of us in 
life and that they can be recognized in this way - I will be so happy to share this news. Thank you to the Global Music Awards." LINK

50% off Music Business Masters Degree University Miami (28 March 2017)

Global Music Awards is not promoting or profiting from this item, but we just came across an educational offer that may be a real opportunity for those of you wanting to expand your career options. 100% Online Master of Music in Music Business and Entertainment Industries - 50% Scholarships Available! LINK 

New Jobs Openings in the Performing Arts Industry (28 March 2017)

Vice President for Advancement, Aspen Music Festival and School, Aspen, Colorado
Executive Director, Musica Viva NY, New York, New York
Program Assistant, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, New York, New York
Chief Executive Officer, The Young Americans, Corona, California
Administrative Assistant, Manhattan School of Music, New York, New York
Executive Director, Powers Music School, Belmont, Massachusetts
Publicity Assistant, Hemsing Associates, New York, New York
Vice President, Artistic Planning, San Diego Symphony, San Diego, California
Learning and Leadership Manager, OPERA America, New York, New York
Operations Manager, Shriver Hall Concert Series, Baltimore, Maryland
Tessitura Administrator/Product Owner, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York, New York
Executive Director, Spruce Peak Arts Center Foundation, Stowe, Vermont
Executive Director, Madeline Island Chamber Music, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Madeline Island, Wisconsin
Director of Operations, The Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland, Ohio
Tessitura Database Manager, The Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland, Ohio
Director of Orchestra Personnel, The Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland, Ohio
President, New England Conservatory, Boston, Massachusetts
Music Director, Chicago Opera Theater, Chicago, Illinois
Manager, Campaign Planning, David Geffen Hall Campaign
Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York, New York
Director of Development, Orchestra of St. Luke's, New York, New York
Program Associate, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, New York, New York
Administrative Assistant – Managerial, Opus 3 Artists, New York, New York
Director of Artistic Planning and Administration, The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, New York, New York
Subscription Sales Team, DCM, Inc., New York, New York
Associate Director, Engineering, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York, New York

Kind note from Gold Medal honoree Douglas Knehans (19 January 2017)

"Thank you for your tremendous service to music of all types and especially for your support of the contemporary classical genre, which, these days, garners rare attention. For this, thank you from myself and on behalf of all classical performers and composers who dedicate themselves to our art." LINK

What Do the Judges Look For? (18 January 2017)

What do we look for as we decide which artists receive honors during the Global Music Awards judging process?

First, what we don't consider. We don't consider size of fan base, popularity or level of record sales. Global Music Awards is a merit based competition. We judge and curate based on creativity and quality of musical craft.

We look for emotional communication, the ability to transcend, to make the listener experience something that is new and compelling. We want to be surprised and moved by what we hear. We want to be convinced that those we honor can really move an audience. The musical joy of artists we select must be infectious. We want the artist to remind us why we care about music so much in the first place. Our judging process honors both polished artists and those in which we sense future potential. 

Judging is subjective by nature because the listening experience is unique to each set of ears. We listen very carefully to the music in every entry but artists must understand that different ears might result in different outcomes during the judging process. We want to do no harm, whether granted Global Music Award honors or not, so we try to make the experience positive for all who participate in the competition. 

Some current job openings in the performing arts industry (18 January 2017

Orchestra Library and Chamber Music Administrative Assistant, The Colburn School, 
Freelance or Part-Time Social Media/Web Support, American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, NY
Production Associate, Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, LA
Orchestra Operations Coordinator, Los Angeles Philharmonic Association, LA
Director of Development, Seagle Music Colony, NY
Marketing Manager, The Cleveland Orchestra, OH
Admissions Counselor, Yale School of Music, CT
Program Assistant, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, NY
Marketing Coordinator & Program Manager, Encore Tours, MA
President, Oberlin College & Conservatory, OH
Public Relations Manager, Seattle Symphony, WA
Director of Education, Sphinx Organization, MI
Director of Collaborative Learning, The Philadelphia Orchestra, PA
Senior Lecturer in Music
Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia, GA
Managing Director, Merkin Concert Hall, Kaufman Music Center, NY
Instrumentalists, Vocalists, Conductors, Audio Technicians and Arrangers, United States Air Force
Director of Performing Arts, Scottsdale Arts, AZ
Commercial Music Instructor, State Center Community College District CA
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Handel and Haydn Society, MA
Executive Director, National Symphony Orchestra, DC
East Coast Director, American Friends of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, NY
EXecutive Director, Highland Center for the Arts, VT
Music & Artistic Director / Resident Conductor, The Master Chorale of Tampa Bay & The Florida Orchestra, FL
Public Relations Associate, Kirshbaum Associates Inc., NY
Registrar, New England Conservatory of Music, MA
Senior Publicist, Boston Symphony Orchestra, MA
Executive Director, Community Music Center of Boston, MA
Vice President for Development, Chicago Symphony Orchestra, IL

Kind note from Silver Medal winner Nader DeAik (11 January 2017)

"Rose Gold Records team and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and the GMA judges for the amazing recognition and award! It means a great deal! It is humbling to be chosen amongst a pool of exceptional global talent. Proud be a GMA Alumni and recipient of the Silver Medal - Outstanding Achievement for Album Toba. Thank you again for your support and recognizing Independent Artists worldwide. Look forward to future submissions." LINK LINK

Here is a much appreciated note from Gold Medal winner Lena Natalia (10 January 2017)

"I just wanted to thank you and the Global Music Awards organization for all of your kind support of my music in 2016. I was humbled and honored to receive the Global Music Award distinction twice this past year and am very grateful for the distinction. The GMA recognition was particularly meaningful to me as I know how seriously you take your craft in candidly assessing so many talented musicians’ works. Thank you again for a terrific year, and I wish you joy, great health and continued success in 2017!" LINK

Happy new year to all the Global Music Awards family (01 January 2017)

2016 was a most enjoyable year for Global Music Awards because of all of you who participated in the Global Music Awards competition by sending such incredible, creative and high quality music! You are such an accomplished group of independent musicians. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of your musical journey. Thank you so much for honoring us with your participation.

Heart-felt note from Gold Medal/Best of Show Honorees (05 December 2016)

Ioanna & Areti Spanomarkou wrote, “We are so sorry that we could not thank you earlier, we were outside Athens, we only managed to share it in Facebook, and our cellphone was full of calls afterwards! Greece is celebrating with this news! And the press has already started to write articles! Now we are back, and happier than ever!! We cannot find the proper words to describe our happiness, we are truly thrilled. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! A big hug to all of you, and all the judging panel, not only from us, but all from all the contributors of this album, and all the Greeks who are celebrating the Golden Medal of this album, that is narrating their stories. We are so excited, it is a great honour! We worked so hard for this album, we have put our heart, until the last drop of our efforts, to present in the best way, through our music and lyrics, what Greece is going through nowadays. The crisis is deep, but the spirit never dies. Everything is critical right now, but the people and the nations should be united, should be friends, should be brothers, and solidarity is the key, and we send this message through music. We are all facing the same problems, but we all must remain strong, and help each other. In the cities, where there is so much population, there are also lonely people. People that may be in economic trouble, and consider even suicide. Sometimes, next door, someone is going through difficult times, and we may not even know it, because they prefer to remain silent, to keep their dignity. We must not suffer in silence, in fear. It is important for anyone that suspects someone is in need, to knock the neighbor’s door, and say "Hello, I'm here". There is so much misinformation about what happens in Greece, and this misinformation (or lack of information sometimes) intrigues misunderstandings. But we all must take advantage of the international networking and free communication we can have though the internet, and the social platforms. To talk and interact personally, honestly, truly, from our heart. Music is the international language. It can express feelings better than the words can. When you listen to a song, even if it is in a different language, it is strange, but you can understand the meaning. We are personally interested and study and try to get as much informed as possible, about the music scene and new releases from many countries and continents. It is a virtual visit through music. A travel through the air, riding the melodies. You can learn a lot, about the cultures, the values, the present situation, and the emotions. A song of love, as song of everyday things, is a signature of today, for the people of tomorrow. In the ancient Greece, the great philosophers and teachers, believed that all the people, and mostly all the leaders, should essentially have music education. Because through music, you learn about respect, about self-disciplined, about care, and creates values. Some philosophers proposed that is also helps with math, as a pragmatic science. In the end, music is a way to express and communicate, to understand and be understood. And we were so happy to know that we managed to communicate with this album. Thank you for one more time, for a million times more. Each nation is unique, all nations are united.” LINK

Nice note from Silver Medal winner Lyn Stanley (03 December 2016)

"Wanted to thank you ever so much for awarding my album "Interludes" Silver metals in Female Vocalist and Album categories. What a thrill to be recognized by you and your organization with so much history in music and talent recognition. All of my musicians, including pianists Bill Cunliffe and Mike Garson, Chuck Berghofer, Ray Brinker, John Chiodini, Paul Kreibich, Hendrik Meurkens, Cecilia Tsan, Brad Dutz, Bob McChesney and arrangers, including Tamir Hendelman, Bill Cunliffe, Steve Rawlins and John Chiodini and my wonderful engineers, recorded by Al Schmitt and mastered by Bernie Grundman I know will all be pleased that you have recognized our music and work. Thank you for supporting Independent Artists in general, and Interludes specifically. We are all very grateful! Thank you again!!" LINK

Very kind note from Silver Medal winner Nick Dukas (22 November 2016)

"Thank you again for contributing so much for independent artists of this world and if ever a dispiriting thought enters your mind always know you helped make this a much better profession and much better world; you are the George Bailey of independent artists world wide, inspirationally touching so many lives and if you watch the movie   It's a Wonderful Life this Christmas season please remember my kind sentiments. You truly are a good man and I am glad to know you." LINK 

Congratulations to Gold Medal winner Juan García-Herreros (17 October 2016)

Juan just received a letter from Nobel Peace Prize winner, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, congratulating him for being honored with gold medal status from Global Music Awards. LINK  LINK  

A kind thank you from Silver Medal winner Jim Ottaway (27 September 2016)

"I would like to thank you and all the GMA judges for awarding a Silver Medal to my album Southern Cross. It is a great honour to receive the award and I am very excited about it. Kind regards." LINK

Heartwarming note from Gold Medal winner Dr. Branker, Princeton University ( 27 September 2016)

"Thank you so much for the incredible news I received this past week on the Gold Medal Awards honors for the Beauty Within CD entry. I am humbled and thankful beyond words! I have shared this with a couple of my social media outlets and the response has been wonderful. Again, thanks so very much and I look forward to sending future entries to Global Music Awards. We all greatly appreciate what you do for all of us and for the music! Peace & Blessings. LINK

A thanks from Gold Medal winner Juan García-Herreros (24 September 2016)

"I first became aware of the awards through fellow Gold Medalist Ricky Kej. I noticed right away that your selection process is full of integrity and merit. Global Music Awards truly is an endowment Artists can be proud of to receive. My deepest gratitude to be selected as the first Electric Bassist and Colombian in history for the Gold medal! Thank you! LINK

Nice note from Gold Medal winner Nic Nassuet (24 August 2016)

"This was such a great thing last year. I really am excited to participate again this year! Thank you so much for all of the motivation, healing, and inspiration that this sort of recognition provides to us truly independent artists writing and singing from the heart." LINK

Wonderful article about Silver Medal winner Antonio Tinelli (24 June 2016)

Check out the interesting article about Antonio Tinelli and the Musical Band XI Mobilization Center of the Military Corps of the Italian Red Cross. LINK

Another kind note from Gold Medal winner Carmine Miranda (21 June 2016)

“It is a great honor and humbling experience to be the recipient of another Gold Medal for my latest recording SCHUMANN | DVOŘÁK: Concerti For Cello & Orchestra. A lot of hard work and dedication went into the making of this album from several people involved. On behalf of everyone that formed part of my latest album, I would like to extend our most sincere gratitude and admiration for this great honor and all the wonderful support” LINK

A note from very talented Silver Medal winner Manel Gil-Inglada (21June 2016)

"I'm excited to have won the Silver Medal-Outstanding Achievement " Original Score" with the soundtrack for EVO Shortfilm in your prestigious Global Music Awards. I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that I am very honored. This is a great recognition for my work and encourages me and helps keep doing what I like best: Scoring music for films. Thank you very much !!!" LINK

A note from Gold Medal winner Carmine Miranda's agent (05 June 2016)

"Dear Dr. Baker, I wanted to take the time to write you this brief message to thank you for all of the great support that you have given to my artist Carmine Miranda. I also wanted to sincerely thank you for introducing Carmine’s latest recording for the next round of nominations. This new recording of the Schumann and Dvorak Cello Concerti is already receiving much praise from several international critics and was just recently featured on the iTunes store for pre-order. We hope that you and your entire team are enjoying it and please let me know if you would need any additional information from my end. Again we are deeply thankful for your wonderful support! Katja Von, RLU Management." LINK

Gold Medal winner Nic Nassuet honored by Mayor of Denver, Colorado (18 May 2016)

We just received an email from Nic Nassuet saying, "Hello! Would you believe it?! The Mayor of Denver is naming May 22nd 2016 Nic Nassuet Day! They even mentioned my Global Music Awards as one of the reasons for the honor!" LINK  LINK 

Interview with Silver Medal winner Stephen Duros (03 May 2016)

Jazz Weekly just published a wonderful review and interview with about Stephen Duros and his album, AeaeaLINK  LINK
Many recent news articles about Gold Medal winner Cristiana Pegoraro (03 May 2016)

The Italian press has been busy writing articles about one of our famous artists, Cristiana Pegoraro. LINK  LINK   LINK  LINK  LINK  LINK  LINK  

Eleven Seven Music looking to sign rock/medal bands (30 April 2061)

Heads-up: Record label, Eleven Seven Music interested in signing more rock/medal bands. LINK 

Nice note from Gold Medal winner Cristiana Pegoraro (11 April 2016)

Cristiana wrote, "I am thrilled and honored to receive the Gold Medal for my Astor Piazzolla Tangos CD in both categories album and instrumentalist (judging categories) from such a prestigious organization as the Global Music Awards. Thank you so much for the recognition. It means the world to me. On October 19, I will perform at Carnegie Hall during the Italian cultural and language week in the USA. I thought it might be a nice idea to have the Consul General of Italy in NY to give it to me officially on stage. That would definitely generate interest in the press. Would you have anything against that? Maybe you could also be in NY that day! Warmest regards." LINK

Nice note from Bronze Medal winner Winnie Wen (30 March 2016)

Winnie wrote, "I like to say, thank you to you in person again. I am deeply grateful to be announced as a Bronze Medal Winner. It makes me very happy to see that my Chinese music program is appreciated by nice persons like you. And you give me a chance to transfer this out to the world. On my next concert for children with disabilities, I will think about you too. Thanks again.LINK

Nice note from Silver Medal winner Andrea Monarda (30 March 2016)

Andrea wrote, "I am extremely thankful and delighted for the Silver Medal, this encourages me to make more and to be more inspired for next project. With kindest regards and a wish for a peaceful Easter.LINK

Nice note from Silver Medal winner Sophia Agranovich (29 March 2016)

Sophia wrote, "I am so thrilled to receive a Silver Medal from your prestigious organization! Thank you so much!LINK

Fan Favorites named: The vote is in. (18 February 2016)

The fans have spoken. Global Music Awards Fan Favorites from the last round of judging are:

Benedetta Orsi (United States), Christmas Around the World with Benedetta Orsi, female vocalist and album LINK 
Gabriel Palatchi & Band (Argentina/Mexico), Trivolution – album, composer/pianist LINK 
Giuseppe Devastato (Italy), Toccata - album & composer LINK 
Julia Pajot (France), Le Labyrinthe Assassine, orchestral composition; and au fil de l'eau, score/song/concept in animation LINK 
Martin McCain (United States), Trombone Czar: The Extended Version, album and emerging artist ​LINK 
Murat Ses (Turkey/Austria)Endless Dance, dance/electronica LINK
Sangiovanni Salvatore & Susan DiBona (Italy), The Transparent Woman, composition/composer and soundtrack film and television LINK

Congratulation to the new fan favorites. Job well done!

Nice note from Gold Medal winner Giuseppe Devastato (28 January 2016)

Giuseppe wrote, "I feel part of this big family of the GMA, I will be all the possible for you, you are a special person, very kind and I feel happy to know you and to have in my life." LINK

French musician and Gold Medal winner Julia Pajot talks about her work (23 December 2015)

We have ever growing respect for the creative genius of French musician and Gold Medal winner Julia Pajot. She describes herself as a pictural composer, meaning that her music is representation of the real world in musical terms. We think her work is very instructive for other musicians.

Recently we asked Julia to describe how she structured her beautiful composition, Le Labyrinthe Assassine. She responded:

Structurally, Le Labyrinthe Assassine is based on sonic deformation and creation of movement and musical chaos rising to the climax, which is recognizable by its brass melodies, almost Star Wars style. It is accompanied by rather traditional textures of arpeggi and scales; they thin out with the decrease of violence, going back to the atmosphere of the introduction, filled by memories of previous chaos and violence.

The concept for this and other pieces is the result of years of research on sound, movement and space. I am developing this research further with my pictural music by totally linking in films, sound movement and registers to the surround parameters on verticality and horizontality. The movement created by sound divided between the instruments of the orchestra is amplified by panning the tracks around with the back speakers. My music is structured on the spatial layout of the orchestra or ensembles. I work on a total chiaro-oscuro (all parameters) by creating layers of opposite elements of a same parameter, examples: high+low register, fast+slow texture, etc.).

In Le Labyrinthe Assassine:

1. Melodies truly represent sentences, rhythmic pace changing with feelings, as if there were words.
2. Lack of melodic direction = chaos, or atmosphere.
3. Harmonic color = feelings, emotions.
4. Glissandi = continuous movement.
5. Same register gestures = direction+horizontal movement (L/R) and can be divided between instruments to create movement across the space. 
6. Register shift gestures (arpeggi, scales) = verticality.
7. Dynamic volume variations = gravity+force (jumps, rebounds, falls).
8. High = tension (shouts, alarm)
9. Medium = feeling off time, neither fast nor slow, depending on textural change happening during ring.
10. Low = vibrations.


Kind email from Gold Medal & Grammy® Award Winner Ricky Kej (21 December 2015)

"I am absolutely delighted to see my song Samsara win a Gold Medal honor at the Global Music Awards. Many thanks and sincere gratitude for the recognition for my latest work. "Samsara" is part of my album Shanti Samsara, which was launched at United Nations COP21 (Paris) on the 30th of Nov 2015 by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President of France François Hollande. The production involved over 300 musicians globally, including eight Grammy winners. I am very grateful to the Global Music Awards for the recognition, I am certain everyone involved will be equally excited and grateful that our cause for Climate Change will get a boost and a platform.” LINK

I was recently asked to give some advice to a young musician (19 December 2015)

A few months ago I meet a lovely family with a teenage daughter who loves to sing. The mother recently asked me for advice on behalf of her daughter. As CEO/Founder of Global Music Awards I’ve had the privilege of observing successful singers. My words below are based on what I’ve learned.

1) Always, always, always be yourself and never try to be like any other musician. It's essential to learn from other musicians/teachers, but the only way to succeed in music, as in life, is to be your unique self. When you feel like you are not being yourself with your music or don't feel original, then go deeper into yourself to find what is unique in you. You are very young and probably find it difficult to have a sense of your originality, but being authentic is the only way to be successful. Even knowing you for a brief moment, I clearly saw your inner beauty, so I am positive of your originality. In your case I am certain that you will become increasing aware as you age of the gift you have for gentle kindness that you can expressed through your music.

2) Quality of voice is important, but creating a body of original lyrics is even more essential. You can and should work to develop you voice, but having something authentic and important to say to those who listen to your voice is the real formula for success.

3) Develop the mantra that your music is your personal gift to others. People need to glimpse beauty to lift their lives; they need to hear words that help them understand and contend with their everyday lives. Your music is first about your listeners, and secondarily about you. When you give a musical gift that hits the mark you too will be lifted.

4) Being successful at any craft is hard work. Music is no exception to that rule. It takes a lifetime of work to hone a craft like music. Thus, the journey itself is probably more important than reaching the top. You give your gift of music to others along the trail and you may or may not ever reach the top of the mountain. If you reach the top you will discover that the top doesn't relate to money or fame, but about the gifts you have given along the way.  

Gold Medal winner Dr. Nadia Shpachenko-Gottesman just received three Grammy nominations (18 December 2015)

Gold Medal winner Dr. Nadia Shpachenko-Gottesman of Cal Poly Pomona Music Department, just received two Grammy® nominations for her album, Woman at the New Piano, in the best classical compendium category, best chamber music/small ensemble performance category (for Flaherty: Airdancing For Toy Piano, Piano & Electronics, performed by Nadia Shpachenko & Genevieve Feiwen Lee, Composer Tom Flaherty) and in the producer of the year, classical category for producers Marina A Ledin and Victor Ledin. She received our Gold Medal honors for her album in September. In a note to Global Music Awards she said, ‘I am so grateful for your support and enthusiasm about my album!!! Many, many thanks.’” LINK  

This note from Gold Medal winner Nic Nassuet is Truly Inspirational (18 December 2015)

“I just wanted to say thank you from me, and from my family. I wanted to record an album since I was a child, but I lacked the confidence to do so. It wasn't until personal tragedy struck (again) that I really took stock of what was important to me, and what I could offer to the world. After much soul searching, the answer was "music", so I threw caution to the wind and followed my heart. When I was at my lowest and most confused, music showed me that I was not alone, gave me hope, or allowed me catharsis. I felt things that needed expression, and also the need to do for others what musicians had done for me growing up - demonstrate that even in our darkest times, there are those who have come before us, and will come after us, and so nobody is ever truly alone on their journey. I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't just an "emerging artist", I was a complete and total neophyte. The music came out, I recorded it. I went with an engineer who I had never met, and had no references. Through somewhat random circumstance I ended up connected to a man who led the Stuttgart and Scottish Royal Orchestras and he offered to lay down the violin, cello, and upright bass tracks I heard in my head. With no experience in producing or crafting an album, I was very worried that I would embarrass myself, but trying was the only thing that mattered. The potential pain of regret at never having tried outweighed the potential pain of failure. Eleutherios, my first album ever, was finally released in the Spring of 2015. I had no idea that it would get the positive attention that it did. Winning a gold medal in the Global Music Awards is more than I ever expected. Yes, it has won other awards, but the level of talent and professionalism that you attract to the Global Music Awards is truly top shelf. These are real professionals, with amazing bodies of work. I judge the competition by the caliber of the winners, and the GMAs are at the top of the list of independent awards. I am honored, and truly humbled, to be counted among these amazing musicians, composers, and performers. I truly hope that I can live up to the quality of work that these talented musicians have demonstrated. Oddly enough, on December 11th, the day that the list of winners was posted, we went to the doctor for an ultrasound and learned that we have a healthy little bun in the oven. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of these circumstances. From me and mine, and from the bottom of our hearts, I offer our sincerest gratitude and thanks.” LINK 

Very nice note from Silver Medal winner Stephen Duros (17 December 2015)

“Wow! Thank you SO much for awarding my concept album AEAEA a silver medal. I’m deeply honored to be a part of the GMA awards along with all the amazing and talented musicians here. It’s wonderful what the organization is doing to help honor and bring exposure to talented musicians world-wide. Wishing all of you the very best and a great holiday season.” LINK  

A nice note from Joshua Cheek on behalf of Ricky Kej and Tri Nguyen (16 December 2015)

"Also, you had asked for how winning a GMA has impacted us. Well, I shared with you earlier how that every article published in Vietnam about Tri during his recent tour mentioned the GMAs - you're a hit in Saigon, that's for sure! Also, we have made several great new friends with the other winners, including the Grammy-nominated Ron Korb and the HMMA-winning film score composer Julia Pajot, who also lives in Paris. So there you go, the GMA's not only recognize great artists but bring great artists together!

A new single from Gold Medal winner Carmine Miranda (16 December 2015)

"Global Music Awards old medal winner cellist Carmine Miranda, equally skilled as an electronic music producer shares his latest music video on VEVO for his single You Drive Me CrazyLINK This song will be part of an album called With Love From and is scheduled to be released in February next year. Every song in the album is based on a theme that gets varied throughout. On a recent interview with Exposed Vocals, Carmine shared a bit of his musical story" LINK

Gold Medal winner nominated for Grammy Awards (15 December 2015)

Ron Korb’s Gold Medal album Asia Beauty was just nominated for the 58 Grammy Awards. He says he is a bit stunned. That means he is going to Los Angeles on February 15th for the Grammy ceremony. We should mention that his album Asian Beauty was among Global Music Awards list of the Ten Top Albums 2015 (LINK). LINK

Global Music Awards winner Lori Bell's new CD reviewed (15 December 2015)

Global Music Awards award winning artist Lori Bell’s new CD Brooklyn Dreaming just got its first review and it's not released yet! Check out jazz writer Raul da Gama's take on the new disc. LINK 

A thoughtful note from Gold Medal winner Robert Bradshaw (11 December 2016)

"Although the pursuit of artistic expression should be immune from the need or want for accolades, building a professional career in the arts is not. In this fast-paced and headline-driven world community, it is imperative for artists to seek ways to be recognized for their work or risk having it disappear into the vastness of information overload. Global Music Awards offers serious artists the ability to rise above the clutter of our daily digital experience and have our work held up as worthy of attention. A medal, or other recognition, creates opportunities for interviews with news outlets, promotes sales, and raises awareness of projects of all kinds. Bravo Global Music Awards for providing such a valuable service to the artistic community!" LINK

Paris Climate Change Conference Music (03 December 2015)

Global Music Awards receives and judges some of the world’s most outstanding music. Today, we were honored to receive an entry of music from music producer/arranger/composer Ricky Kej (Bangalore, India). The video & music was launched at United Nations COP21 (Paris) on the 30th of Nov 2015 by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President of France François Hollande. The production involved seven Grammy winners.
Here is the YouTube link.  

Gold Medal winner Alexis Baro featured in Billboard Magazine (14 November 2015)

Congratulations to Alexis Baro for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Global Music Awards winner Giuseppe Devastato played at Vatican (20 November 2015)

On 11 October, Global Music Awards winner Giuseppe Devastato had the privilege to give a private concert for the Personal Secretary of the Pope Giovanni XXIII, Mons. Loris Capovilla, in his house, and a Recital for the anniversary of San Giovanni XXIII in his city "Sotto il Monte.

"It was for me an incredible emotion when after the first piece the Secretary took my hands and said: 'Thank you for this gift, I bless your hands because they speak through the music and I heard the voice of God'. I felt very proud and happy, I played music by: Bach, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Leschetizky and a Italian Premiere of my composition 'Toccata'." LINK  

Kind words from Gold Medal winner Katie Hardyman (20 November 2015)

“WOW , WOW, WOW …..2 beautiful packages just arrived. The trophies are magnificent! THANK YOU. How gorgeous. My most favorite moment in songwriting is Global Music Awards. I will have these to treasure always and pass on to my kids one day." LINK 

Fan Favorites named: The vote is in. (19 November 2015)

The fans have spoken. Global Music Awards Fan Favorites from the last round of judging are:

Frank Duarte, Te Tengo Dentro, Todo El Tiempo, composition/composer and song LINK
Marta Menezes, Beethoven/Lopes-Graça, classical piano and emerging artist LINK
Robert Slap, Recollections: Volume 1, jazz/fusion/new age LINK
Shakila Mohseni, 11:11 City of Love, album and female vocalist LINK

Congratulation to the new fan favorites. Job well done!

Kind words from Silver Medal winner Nick Dukas (17 November 2015)

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for the exemplary work you do to heighten the awareness around the globe of the talents and art created by independent artists and express how successful Global Music Awards is in facilitating their growth and recognition. Your organization has brought me incalculable benefit and value and I am deeply grateful. The music world is much better and much richer place because of your existence. Nick Dukas” LINK

Gold Medal winner Mary Lee Bowden featured in Billboard Magazine (17 September 2015)

Congratulations to Mary Lee Bowden for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Silver Medal winner Lawson Rollins discusses latest album in Guitar Player Magazine (23 October 2015)

​Check out the interview about Rollins' latest album, Infinite Chill,  in Guitar Player Magazine. LINK

Kind words from Gold Medal winner Alexis Baro (15 October 2015)

"Playing Music is something I've done since i was a kid and the Trumpet has been my singing voice since the age of 9 yrs old. Winning this Gold Medal in the Jazz Category is a validation of my hard work, and an inspiration to continue to work harder every day on my craft and music!!" LINK

More kind words, this time from Silver Medal Winner Lawson Rollins (12 October 2015)

"Thanks to the Global Music Awards for the supreme contributions the organization makes to the music community." Lawson Rollins LINK

Kind words from Gold Medal winner Katie Hardyman (12 October 2015)

"Hi Thomas. I will share the news with the world. The media where I live have been wonderful and are writing a story about your competition and my winning song. I am truly so very grateful to you for choosing my song; it's been a long road, actually 27 years of chasing a dream, so I am ecstatic that you found merit in my song, Fly. The gold medal is beautiful. I would absolutely LOVE to accept the DiscMaker’s Hit Single Package Prize. I haven't had the song printed yet and everyone asks for it. How lovely that you would offer it to me. Many thanks for a wonderful competition. Warm regards, Katie Hardyman” LINK

Silver Medal winner Lawson Rollins honored with article in Acoustic Guitar Magazine (12 October 2015)

Check out the in interview and write-up on the Traveler album in the current November 2015 Acoustic Guitar Magazine. LINK

Latest winners announced; be sure to vote for your fan favorites (07 October 2015)

Congratulations to the latest winners. LINK Vote for your fan favorites. LINK

News from Bronze Medal winner Alexis Grapsas (29 September 2015)

Composer Alexis Grapsas is currently writing additional music for the Fox's mega hit series Empire Season 2 as well as for J.J. Abrams's new mini-series 11/22/63. His IMDb page is LINK 

Important new music video by Gold Medal winners Malory Project (23 September 2015)

The Majolly Project's explosive second single 'Whitebone' is out! Based on the disturbing issue of ivory poaching, do check it out. LINK  

Gold Medal winner Ron Korb in Billboard Magazine (15 September 2015)

Congratulations to Ron Korb for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Nice note from Silver Medal winner San Diego Jewish Men's Choir (02 September 2015)

“Hello Global Music Awards! I am excited to let you know that KOCHI, winner of two silver Global Music awards was #3 on the Billboard World Music Charts last week AND #7 on the Billboard Heetseaker Charts! We were #1 on Amazon new hit releases in World (Middle Eastern Music) as well! Thank you so much for helping us give credibility to our album!!! Sincerely, Ruth Weber- Director, San Diego Jewish Men's Choir!” LINK

Fan Favorites named: The vote is in (02 September 2015)

The fans have spoken. Global Music Awards Fan Favorites from the last round of judging are:

Dyaa Alshikh (Syrian Arab Republic), 4 Whispers, music video
José Manuel Quintana Cámara (Spain), The Essence of Life, contemporary classical and composition/composer
Julia Pajot (France), Tempete Ensoleillee, composition, emerging artist (film and pictural composer)
Ron Korb (Canada), Asia Beauty, album & concept
Lure of the Animal (United States), progressive rock
Tri Nguyen (United States), Consonnances, Vietnamese ancestral & Western classical
Johanna Toth (Sweden), Shadows of the Sun, song

Congratulation to the new fan favorites. Job well done! LINK

News from Silver Medal winner Sure Fire Soul Ensemble (01 September 2015)

Sure Fire Soul Ensemble's self-titled debut album has been nominated for a San Diego Music Award for best blues album. Congratulations! LINK

Ron Carter, consummate bass player receives Global Music Awards Odyssey Award (11 August 2015)

Once each year Global Music Awards honors a musician with its Odyssey Award for Lifetime Achievement in Music Award. This year the award goes to Ron Carter, the world’s most recorded and accomplished bass player. LINK 

Watching Ron Carter play is to see a man, through force of will induce an inanimate object into profound, deliberate and complex sound. If you watch his face while he plays it is clear that he is intentionally turning mind into music. Listening to Ron Carter play is to hear beauty. To witness Ron Carter is to understand the power of determination and intent in the life of an artist. LINK 

You will find the full story about Mr. Carter at LINK.

Another thoughtful note, this time from Gary Joe Mitchell (30 July 2015)

"Dear Dr. Baker. I must say that I am somewhat beside myself regarding your contribution to my project. As you well know, that as we weed through multiple sites, emails, posts etc., there is always that little bit of doubt that runs through the mind as to those sincere or maybe not so sincere in their convictions when it comes to the music industry. I want to thank you. You are obviously full of "GOOD", are passionate and have nothing but good intentions. People such as you are few and far between. The simple fact that you have made a donation to a project that I am passionate about, & without knowing me, is more the reason I want to be a part of what you have going on. Today, my faith, once again, in the human race, has been restored. I love you for your unselfishness. I look forward to getting started on the remaining rhythm tracks for this project & getting them sent to you to check out. I feel you will be pleasantly surprised. I will keep you in the loop as things progress. I am getting ready to send you an mp3 of one of the unfinished tracks on the album, Walk In The Woods to your email address. Please keep in mind, that this song is not finished, you will be hearing a scratch vocal track and the levels on the instrumental tracks, of course, are not what they will be with the finished product. All instrumental tracks have been done by me, on keyboards, with the exception of our drummer's tracks. The lead guitarist will be laying down his tracks next month. Thanks again. Sincerely, Gary" LINK

Nice note from Gold Medal winner Tri Nguyen (29 July 2015)

"To the esteemed judges at the Global Music Awards. When I first thought of creating the music for my album, CONSONNANCES, I reflected on how my homeland's music was unknown to many people, and was even neglected by young people in Vietnam. My desire was to break through those boundaries and bring this beautiful, ancient, fragile music to contemporary listeners, and fuse Vietnam's ancestral music with a modern western classical string quartet. 

Needless to say, I never had any idea that my music might receive ANY award, but Global Music Awards has exceeded my wildest dreams in awarding CONSONNANCES a Gold Medal!!! NOW, Ancestral Music from Vietnam is no longer neglected or exotic, it truly exists for an international audience! You cannot even begin to imagine what this means to me, to my country, and to my homesick soul. You have brought me pride and comfort; THANK YOU" LINK

Nice note from Silver Medal winner Manel Gil-Inglada (28 July 2015)

“Hi Tomas! Very excited to receive the Silver Medal Award in the Global Music Awards. An international recognition that adds to the score of the Sleeping Death already received. Very happy to share with all my fans and friends. While waiting for my next project be finished in the USA, the score of Hullabaloo, an animated film directed by James Lopez and a team of animators from Disney, Pixar, etc... and share it with you. Best Regards !!!" LINK

Alynda Lee Segarra & Hurray for the Riff Raff granted our Heretic Award for Protest/Activist Music (27 July 2015)

We urge you to read the article LINK we just posted honoring Segarra and Hurray for the Riff Raff with our annual award for protest/activist music. You must watch The Electric Body videos posted on their website. There are two The Electric Body videos, i.e., the top video and the bottom video at the following link. LINK Our congratulations and thanks go to Segarra and her band for their contributions to human rights and social justice.

Another nice note; this time from Bronze Medal winner Brian Watson (27 July 2015)

"Dear Thomas Baker. Thank you kindly for awarding me two Bronze Awards for the Song, ‘We Do Nothing. It really is a thrill to get these accolades. Take it for granted that I will market this news widely, here in the UK. I’m already getting a stack of ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on Facebook. It’s nice to have a worldwide window of visibility to display our talents. Thank you. Kindest regards, Brian Watson." LINK

Nice note from Silver Medal winner Taras Groves (27 July 2015)

“Thank you so much for awarding us and my composer the silver award! We are absolutely thrilled and he was delighted (it was a surprise!) So thank you very much. We are all honored to have won such a prestigious award." LINK

Wow! Gold Medal winner Ron Korb name among top ten flute players in the world. Congratulations (24 July 2015)

Wow! Ron is thrilled to be included in this list of top ten flute players in the world, courtesy of Living Chords online magazine. LINK

Nice Note from Silver Medal winner Alexander Leon (24 July 2015)

“Dear members of the Global Music Awards: Thank you so much for giving me two silver medals as well as the Mentoring Prize. I cannot express the extent of my appreciation. I was speaking to the president of MSR Classics, and he wrote to me ‘I absolutely love this music. I am not sure what I am hearing, such is the fascinating harmonies and turns of melody. Is it impressionistic? Is it jazz? Is it new age. It is everything. Really, this is just gorgeous, thoughtful music.’ I have decided to release the recording that won the awards at Global Music Awards independently, and the album is now available for worldwide through iTunes, Amazon, Google Music Store, Youtube, etc. Is there any way you could help me spread the word? I would be immensely grateful!!” Alexander Leon (In keeping with Alexander's request, we're blogging here and posting to Facebook and Twitter.) LINK

Latest winners announced; be sure to vote for your fan favorites (22 July 2015)

Congratulations to the latest winners. LINK Vote for your fan favorites. LINK

Sure Fire Soul Ensemble has released new album titled Sure Fire Soul Ensemble (14 July 2015)

The album can be purchased in hard copy via the Colemine Records LINK or you can buy it digitally LINK.

Gold Medal winner Pet Rodriguez featured in Billboard Magazine (02 July 2015)

Congratulations to Pete Rodriguez for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Feedback Please: Exploratory project relating to social justice and climate change music. (24 June 2015)

This is an exploratory project relating to social justice and climate change music. The goal is to determine if there is adequate interest among award-winning Global Music Awards musicians to launch crowdfunded performances and/or an album of anthems supporting social justice and climate activists. This project represents the first step to determine level of interest and to gather ideas.

Please respond with your interests and ideas to [email protected].   

Global Music Awards winner Giuseppe Devastato work performed in China and Spain (23 June 2015)

On 28 May 2015 at Shanghai Symphony Hall the Italian pianist Cristina Cavalli presented in World Premiere Devastato's last composition Toccata, and in Spain on 1 June 2015 at Eutherpe Concert Hall in Leon the Italian Duo Ausonia (Gennaro Cardaropoli - Violin and PierCarmine Garzillo - Piano) presented in European Premiere the Sembazuru FantasyLINK

Gold Medal winner Marco Claveria in Billboard Magazine (12 June 2015)

Congratulations to Marco Claveria for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Online magazine accepting submissions of music for feature articles (12 June 2015)

Up and coming online magazine Musical Seduction is accepting submissions of all genres for potential features on their site. LINK 

Gold Medal winning band Wake the Sun featured in Billboard Magazine (10 June 2015)

Congratulations to Wake the Sun for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Disc Maker Prize Given to Global Music Award winners Debra Gussin & Thanai Phornphong (05 June 2015)

Disc Makers is generously providing this prize to two Global Music Award winners at the end of each judging cycle. Each selected artist receives: 

•100 Single-song CD-Rs with Full-Color Printing
•Custom, Full-Color Printed Jackets
•Single-song Mastering from Disc Makers’ SoundLAB
•UPC bar code
•Mega Distribution Bundle
•Custom Framed Commemorative Wall Plaque
•100 Download Cards to Giveaway to Fans

Debra Gussin & Thanai Phornphong have been honored with this prize.

Fan Favorites named: The vote is in (03 June 2015)

The fans have spoken. Global Music Awards Fan Favorites from the last round of judging are:

Damien Dematra (Indonesia), One Love For All, female vocalist (Natasha Dematra)
Heidi Brende Leathwood, The Color Twilight, instrumental performance solo
Hicks (Sweden), Mamas Kitchen, male vocalist and song

Congratulation to the new fan favorites. Job well done! LINK

Comment from Gold Medal winner Martin McCain (26 May 2015)

“My prize, a display in Billboard Magazine did help me get signed to two artist rosters. I was added to the Reunion Blues artist roster and signed to Cubides Artist Management. Although I contacted them, I feel that the visibility that Global Music Awards gave me definitely helped out.” Martin McCain LINK

Nice Note from Gold Medal winner Todd Oxford (21 May 2015)

“I really appreciate what you are doing with Global Music Awards and making an opportunity for artists to receive recognition in Billboard Magazine. The recognition has resulted in a spike of hits on my website and online CD sales. Being able to say I was featured in Billboard Magazine is now a part of my professional biography and credentials listed on websites, resumes, etc. that I use from today forward.” Todd Oxford, Saxophonist, Gold Medal winner. LINK 

Nice Note from Geraldinho Magalhaes, Manager for Gold Medal winner Lia Sophia (21 May 2015)

“We're using the award and the Billboard display on her social media, website and it certainly brought more prestige and upgraded her profile in the show business. I'm one of the curators of the Brasil Summerfest where Lia Sophia will be there performing on August 7 & 8 at the Meridien23 Club. We're using these promotion to help her presentation towards the media and the general public.” LINK

Gold Medal winner Pete Rodriguez's album has been released (20 May 2015)

El Conde Negro is official out! Pete Rodriguez said, "Today is a very important day for me, this album has been in the works for many years. Taking on my father's music was extremely intimidating, but ultimately highly rewarding. The hard work paid off, and the album was honored with the Gold Medal-Best of Show Award in the Global Music Awards. I am extremely blessed and fortunate to have recorded with such great musicians and human beings who helped me honor my father's legacy and take it in a totally new direction!" You can purchase a copy at: LINK  LINK

Music Gateway is now offering generous prize to Global Music Awards winners (19 May 2015)

The value of the new Music Gateway prize is $1500 each year, $150 per each prize given. Each time judging results are announced, two Global Music Award winners will receive a one year free $150 Pro Level Unlimited membership to Music Gateway, an online marketplace connecting the creative world and music professionals. Music Gateway’s unique and snazzy online platform allows you to create projects to hire and work with skilled people on your projects, as well as pitch your projects for a number of work opportunities. Imagine a dating site but matching musicians to other creative people, allowing you to make the right connections and build relationships to move your career forward. Entering and being honored by Global Music Awards is not a guarantee that you will be invited to participate in this prize. LINK 

Silver Medal winner  Romu Agulló gains press attention in Spain about his awards (15 May 2015)

We are pleased to observe that Silver Medal winner Romu Agulló is receiving media attention in Spain for the honors he received at Global Music Awards. LINK

Nice note from Silver Medal winner Matt Milan (15 May 2015)

"I am grateful for your recognition of hard working, sweat and team spirit. I really appreciate your implication to value the work of songwriters and composers. I wish the GMA, long life and to award many other talented musicians out there." LINK

Gold Medal winner FAE Duo to play in Boston, MA & Peterborough, NH (15 May 2015)

The FAE Dui, with Chi-Chen Wu on piano with Nicholas DiEugenio on violin, will play at the Boston Early Music Festival Fringe Concert Series in Boston, MA, on June 10 and at the Monadnock Music Festival in Peterborough, NH, on August 01. LINK

Check out recent live performance of Global Music Awards Gold Medal Winner Juan Luis Nicolau (07 May 2015)

Juan Luis Nicolau played the Concerto for guitar and plectrum orchestra at the University of Alicante (Spain) with the Nicolau as the guitar soloist and the Plectrum Orchestra La Paloma". LINK 

Global Music Awards Gold Medal winner Mathias Melo performed at MusExpo (29 April 2015)

He certainly charmed the audience! LINK 

Fan Favorites named: The vote is in (21 April 2015)

The fans have spoken. Global Music Awards Fan Favorites from the last round of judging are:

Anna Louise Ekman (Sweden), Atlantis, pop/jazz
Cheryle Correa, Too Busy To Be Lonely, country
Gwendolyn Barriac, The Fallen Phoenix, composition
Juan Luis Nicolau (Spain), Concerto for Guitar and Plectrum Orchestra, composition and guitarist
Julius Galacki, All Things Chicken, original score/soundtrack
Luigi Pulcini, Just Love, album
Marq Speck, Foot of the Cross, rock
Romu Agullo (Spain), Flores de Mariola, instrumental new-age ambient

Congratulation to the new fan favorites. Job well done! LINK

Gold Medal winner Miran Vaupotic featured in Billboard Magazine (17 April 2015)

Congratulations to Miran Vaupotic for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Gold Medal Winner Malek Jandali continues his support of the Syrian people (17 April 2015)

Malek Jandali who received Global Music Awards Humanitarian Award for his support of Syrian people during his tour schedule. LINK 

New Mentor Phil Mershon welcomed to Global Music Awards' mentoring program (14 April 2015)

Each time judging results are announced, one or more Global Music Award winners are offered an the opportunity for direct, personal contact in the form of a mentoring session with a top music industry insider: record label executive, A&R official, publisher, film music supervisor, public relations or social media expert, radio executive or highly experienced artist manager. This is rare and valuable opportunity to seek advice, guidance and feedback from top echelon of industry insiders. This week we welcome and thank Phil Mershon for agreeing to be one of our mentors. Phil is a social media expert and Director of Events for Social Media Examiner. He is also a very talented jazz saxophonist and songwriter. LINK 

Disc Maker Prize Given to Bronze Medal winner Jay Blahnik (07 April 2015)

Disc Makers is generously providing this prize to two Global Music Award winners at the end of each judging cycle. Each selected artist receives: 

•100 Single-song CD-Rs with Full-Color Printing
•Custom, Full-Color Printed Jackets
•Single-song Mastering from Disc Makers’ SoundLAB
•UPC bar code
•Mega Distribution Bundle
•Custom Framed Commemorative Wall Plaque
•100 Download Cards to Giveaway to Fans

Jay Blahnik is one of the Global Music Award winners we honored with this prize.

Gold Medal winner John Daversa featured in Billboard Magazine (11 April 2015)

Congratulations to John Daversa for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Nice Note from Silver Medal winner Juan Fourcade/QuasarSonic (10 April 2015)

"Hello. First of all, I want to thank GMA for this Silver Medal award. It’s a privilege to be an award winner in the Global Music Awards. In my case, I’ve participated 4 times and I have been honored of being an award winner in each of these times, always in the category of film soundtracks. I’m very proud of this achievement. But being a 4 times winner doesn’t attenuate the special sensations that I’ve felt with this last award for the music that I’ve composed for the soundtrack of the sci-fi short film PIXEL THEORY: PANDORA’S BOX. It's really supporting the effort made. Thanks so much for let me feel this sensations again." LINK

Malek Jandali, world-renowned composer/pianist, receives Global Music Awards' Humanitarian Award
(07 April 2015)

Each year Global Music Awards honors a musician with its Annual Humanitarian Award for music dedicated to social justice, humanitarian causes or environmental issues. The 2014 award goes to Malek Jandali for his contribution to peace and justice for the Syrian people.

Jandali's latest album Syrian Symphony was released on January 31, 2015 during his Carnegie Hall performance in New York City where he premiered the latest chamber works for piano, cello and oud. It has been described by Thomas Ludwig of the London Symphony Orchestra as a “new symphonic mastery that was clearly not brought about only by a reaction to contemporary events, but also by sustained contact with the well-springs of polyphonic elegant music.” His causes go beyond those of humanitarian activism, as he is regularly recognized by and invited to speak to key academic audiences at Harvard University, Duke University and the United Nations headquarters.

Mr. Jandali was the recipient of the 2011 Freedom of Expression Award in Los Angeles and was recognized in New York City with the 2012 Arab-American Cultural Achievement Award. He was honored with the 2013 GUSI Peace Prize for his dedication to the peace and humanitarian causes featured in his 2013-2014 world tour The Voice of the Free Syrian ChildrenLINK

Disc Maker Prize Given to Bronze Medal winner Pedro Contreras (07 April 2015)

Disc Makers is generously providing this prize to two Global Music Award winners at the end of each judging cycle. Each selected artist receives: 

•100 Single-song CD-Rs with Full-Color Printing
•Custom, Full-Color Printed Jackets
•Single-song Mastering from Disc Makers’ SoundLAB
•UPC bar code
•Mega Distribution Bundle
•Custom Framed Commemorative Wall Plaque
•100 Download Cards to Giveaway to Fans

Pedro Contreras is one of the Global Music Award winners we honored with this prize. LINK

Gold Medal winner Omar Sosa has announced US tour schedule (06 April 2015)

If you've not hear Omar Sosa's music now is your chance. Tour schedule at LINK.

Comment by Mentoring Prize winner Alexander Leon (06 April 2015)

"Thank you again for the opportunity, and sorry for not responding earlier. We did indeed speak over Skype, and Mr. Wayne Martin spoke in a very open honest and helpful manner about what he thinks I should be doing in order to move forward as a commercial composer. He immediately set up a conversation between Paquito D'Rivera and myself, and I hope to gain insight from the acclaimed and experienced Latin Jazz/Classical composer. Mr. Wayne Martin was very generous with his time, and inclusively offered to continue conversing with me in time to come, and I am sure his guidance will help me as I pursue the film composer track." LINK

Our thanks goes to generous mentor R. Wayne Martin, Founder, Martin Artist Management. a thirty-year veteran of the music industry including inside Warner Brother's Records, CBS Records, Sony Music, Shanachie Entertainment and the Knitting Factory. LINK

Gold Medal winner Todd Oxford featured in Billboard Magazine (03 April 2015)

Congratulations to Todd Oxford for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

We just received word that Gold Medal winner Karen Walwyn named a Steinway Artist (30 March 2015)

Congratulations to Karen Walwyn, Duke Mellon Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor at Howard University, for being named a Steinway Artist. Wonderful achievement! LINK

Checkout NPR's review of Gold Medal Winner Omar Sosa's new album (25 March 2015)

National Public Radio recently published a review of Omar Sosa's new album, IleLINK

We're attending Social Media Marketing World in San Diego this week (24 March 2015)

We're excited to be participating in the world's largest social media focused convention. Our purpose for attending is to gather social media tips that relate to musicians to share with you in our blog posts and via YouTube videos. Obviously social media is a key way to build and keep in touch with your fan base. Over the next few weeks we'll share what we learn. We also hope to find some social media experts willing to act as mentors for musicians. Stay tuned! LINK

Nice note from Gold Medal winner Juan Luis Nicolau (20 March 2015)

"Dear Thomas, Dear Friends. With this short note, I would like to express my gratitude for the opportunity you have given me. I have seen that I have been awarded the Gold Medal for composition. I am totally excited and more than elated. The bliss and the glee that I feel now is, simply put, ineffable. Certainly, this award will encourage me in the task of the constant search for grace, souplesse and flair that music creation inherently requires and involves. Thank you ever so much! With kindest regards, Juan Luis"

Gold Medal winner Omar Sosa featured in Billboard Magazine (19 March 2015)

Congratulations to Omar Sosa for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Live Radio Performance Scheduled For Gold Medal Winner Carmine Miranda (19 March 2015)

Carmine Miranda will have a live performance and interview on March 23rd 11:00 am EST on Classical 101 FM WOSU, Columbus, Ohio.

Vote for Fan Favorites (17 March 2015)

Please vote. The artists who receive the most votes will receive the designation "Fan Favorite" at the beginning of their listing. When label A&R executives and booking agents look for talent they are most likely to look at Fan Favorites first. LINK

Latest Global Music Award Winners Announced (17 March 2015)

We are very proud to announce the latest winners. We had a strong field of submission and thank all who participated.

Our Best of Show Gold Medal goes to Croatian conductor Miran Vaupotich for his album Sensations. The album features Italian composer Roberto Di Marino’s Bandoneon Concertos and Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla’s Five Tango Sensations recorded with the Croatian Philharmonic Orchestra. This amazing orchestral work explores the sensual qualities of the bandoneon in the hands of Italian virtuoso Cesare Chiacchiaretta. Maestro Miran Vaupotich drives syncopated rhythms and breathtakingly melodies that tug at the heartstrings. LINK

There are also many other outstanding Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal winners. You'll find all those we honored at: LINK.  

A Kind Note from Gold Medal Winner Carmine Miranda (04 March 2015)

“After finally receiving the GMA Gold Medallion, I want to let you know how beautiful and detailed this medal is. It truly is a work of art and I'm proud to own it.” Carmine Miranda

Gold Medal winner Lia Sophia featured in Billboard Magazine (Feb 27, 2015)

Congratulations to Lia Sophia for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine. LINK

Very interesting interview with R. Wayne Martin, artist management (25 Feb 2015)

This is an by MusicConsultant.Com article with R. Wayne Martin is the founder of Martin Artist Management, a boutique artist management firm based in New York City. In the article Martin says, "I think success in the current market as a manager is about being able to navigate a paradigm shift. Artists have gone from careers that are based on sales royalties to having careers split between publishing, touring, licensing, covers, merch, label advances, studio time, co-writes and anything you can do to earn a living. Succeeding in the current industry means not relying on one income source. Instead of having one source that used to make up 75-80-percent of your earnings, you now have five, to eight sources of income contributing 10-15-percent of your total earnings each. You just have to be a little scattered. That doesn’t mean you have to be less focused; it just means you just have to take a shot-gun approach when it comes to revenue specifically. The shot-gun approach means investing time into all the different opportunities that you can create for your artist as a manager rather than relying on the record company to create the main line and then expecting whatever else falls to be gravy. Nothing is gravy anymore. That is how I’ve put what I used to do in the old system into action in the new one. I think that’s where we all are today in the industry." Sage advise from the 30+ year veteran of the music industry. LINK

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (23 Feb 2015)

Indie104/iRadioLA, a popular internet radio destination, is now inviting independent artists to submit their music for broadcast on its Indie Artist Spotlight Series. There is no charge for submitting. They are seeking high quality, well mixed and mastered music of any genre. For details visit their website. LINK 

Gold Medal winner Melissa Aldana featured in Billboard Magazine (Feb 19, 2015)

Congratulations to Melissa Aldana for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine.

Some of our favorite musical quotes (Feb 18, 2015)

“Jazz is smooth and cool. Jazz is rage. Jazz flows like water. Jazz is abandon.” Nat Wolff

“When words leave off, music begins.” Heinrich Heine

“Music is forever; music should grow and mature with you, following you right on up until you die.” Paul Simon

“My music had roots which I'd dug up from my own childhood, musical roots buried in the darkest soil.” Ray Charles

” Music is well said to be the speech of angels.” Thomas Carlyle

“Music is only love looking for words.” Lawrence Durrell

“Music is the shorthand of emotion.” Leo Tolstoy

2015 Malek Jandali International Youth Piano Competition (Feb 16, 2015)

Malek Jandail has announced the 2015 Malek Jandali International Youth Piano Competition. Open to pianists of any nationality up to age 18 years or younger. This year we have selected Yafa as the required piece. All qualified talents are encouraged to apply! LINK

Gold Medal winner Martin McCain featured in Billboard Magazine (Feb 14, 2015)

Congratulations to Martin McCain for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine.

We just received an email from Gold Medal winner Malek Jandali's manager (09 Feb 2015)

"As you may have heard, we just wrapped up Malek's Carnegie Hall debut performance. It was a wonderful event, sold out, at which he premiered new trio works and released his new album "Syrian Symphony" which was recorded in London with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra." Debbie Smith, Manager/Agent. We want to add: At Global Music Awards we not only admire Malek's talent but also his humanitarian work on behalf of the Syrian people.

Talking Piano with Global Music Awards Winner Catherine Gordeladze (09 Feb 2015)

Catherine is featured in a recent article in FanFare Magazine. "Reading Catherine Gordeladze’s online bio is like encountering a fairy tale rise to fame in the former Soviet Union." LINK

Gold Medal winner Carmine Miranda featured in Billboard Magazine. (Feb 07, 2015)

Congratulations to Carmine Miranda for being featured this week in Billboard Magazine.

New Prize: Disc Makers’ Hit Single Package Prizes:Total Value = $1,000+ ($500+ each prize) (30 Jan 2015)

Releasing a single? Release it right with this killer package. Disc Makers is generously providing this prize to two winners at the end of each judging cycle. The artists selected are at the sole discretion of the competition organizers. Each selected artist will receive: 

100 Single-song CD-Rs with Full-Color Printing
Custom, Full-Color Printed Jackets
Single-song Mastering from Disc Makers’ SoundLAB
UPC bar code
Mega Distribution Bundle
Custom Framed Commemorative Wall Plaque
100 Download Cards to Giveaway to Fans

The musicians who receive this prize can provide the artwork for disc and jacket at no cost or can pay extra to Disc Makers’ Design Studio to prepare the designs. The musicians who receive this prize are responsible for any paying taxes and shipping costs. Entering and being honored by Global Music Awards is not a guarantee that you will be invited to participate in this prize.  LINK

Gold Medal Winner Omar Sosa to release new album, "ilé" soon (29 Jan 2015)

Since he emigrated from Cuba in 1993, Omar Sosa has forged a distinctive musical path, fusing an array of jazz, world music, hip-hop, and electronic elements with his Afro-Cuban roots. Omar's newest recording, ilé, marks a homecoming for the 7-time GRAMMY-nominated pianist and composer to the Latin Jazz influences of his formative years in late '80s and early '90s Havana. During this period, Omar savored the music of Pancho Quinto, Lázaro Ross, Rubén González, Machito, Benny Moré, Ismael Rivera, Arsenio, Cachao, Lili Martinez, Peruchin, Chucho Valdés, and Irakere. Ilé means homeland in the Lucumí tradition of Cuba, derived from the Yoruba language of West Africa, and it is to the Latin Jazz roots of his native Cuba that Omar returns for inspiration on this new studio recording. 

Joining him on the project are three musicians with whom Omar shares a close connection: fellow Camagüeyanos, Ernesto Simpson on drums, and Leandro Saint-Hill on alto saxophone, flute and clarinet, and Mozambican electric electic bassist Childo Tomas - collectively known as Quarteto AfroCubano. These musicians speak the same musical language, using their Cuban and African traditions as a springboard for creative freedom. LINK

Big News: New Prize: Mentoring (28 Jan 2015)

Each time judging results are announced, one or more Global Music Award winners will be offered an the opportunity for direct, personal contact in the form of a mentoring session with a top music industry insider: record label executive, A&R official, publisher, film music supervisor, public relations or social media expert, radio executive or highly experienced artist manager. This is rare and valuable opportunity to seek advice, guidance and feedback from top echelon of industry insiders. The invitation to participate is at the sole discretion of the competition organizers. Entering and being honored by Global Music Awards is not a guarantee that you will be Invited to participate in this prize. 

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (27 Jan 2015)

Tom Hess who mentors musicians online to develop their professional music careers thinks a big mistake made by many musicians is not having a compelling image that is congruent with their music. Most musicians (and bands) severely underestimate the importance of their image. Yes, music is about 'music', but music business success is about a total package that includes music, image and visual stage show among other things that need to be fully developed and integrated in a congruent way. We agree! LINK 

Gold Medal winner Lori Bell will be at Croce’s in San Diego (26 Jan 2015)

Last time Lorie played at Croce’s the audience loved her. She’ll play again at Croce’s on Monday, February 16th, 6 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. LINK 

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (26 Jan 2015)

Pound for pound email is still the best online marketing platform for promoting bands and their shows. A good mailing list is crucial for building a fan-base who will buy concert tickets, merchandise, patronize venues and buy beer (when age-appropriate). A list of fans cultivated for your band newsletter is more dependable than fans, follows, and likes on other platforms like Facebook, tumblr or Twitter. One method for getting people to sign up to your email list is via a sweepstakes. You can give away tickets to future shows, merchandise, or downloads of music or videos. LINK

We just received an email from Gold Medal winner Ramon Garcia i Soler (23 Jan 2015)

"(Regarding being name a Fan Favorite) I think that this could be a very important step in my career. Many people in Spain don't know a lot about the GMA, but I will try to change it. Tomorrow I will go to an interview on TV and I'm going to speak about the award and about the success with all the votes of Fan Favourite." LINK

Fan Favorites named: The vote is in (21 Jan 2015)

The fans have spoken. Global Music Awards Fan Favorites from the last round of judging are:

Anna Beatriz, Beautiful Ride, Latin jazz LINK
​Carmine Miranda, Emerging Artist - Instrumentalist - Cello, Venezuela - United States LINK
Julia Pajot (France), Pas de Deux, soundtrack for short film LINK
Malek Jandali, Emessa - Album, Composer/Pianist - Syria LINK
Ramon Garcia i Soler, Composer - Spain LINK

​Congratulation to the new fan favorites. Job well done!

Talk about a career boost from being honored by Global Music Awards (21 Jan 2015)

We recently received an email from Gold Medal winner Ramon Garcia i Soler that said, "I am very pleased to have obtained the Gold Medal in the GMA, sure it will be a big boost for me and my works. The award has been widely publicized in Spain in both traditional media and digital newspapers and social networks." Here are a few of the links to the publicity that was generated after winning Global Music Awards: LINK     LINK     LINK     LINK     LINK    

Music-News.com has issued a notice soliciting music to review (21 Jan 2015)

 Music-News.com is a leading independent content publisher featuring news, reviews, interviews, competitions, the latest releases and all the gossip from the worldwide music scene, covering a broad spectrum of genres.Having firmly established Music-News.com as one of the webs biggest independent music news sources with over 1,200,000 regular uses, their independent focus continues to grow stronger. They are seeking music to review. Direct contact:  Marco Gandolfi, [email protected]

Three Creative Album Release Strategies for Artists at Any Level (21 Jan 2015)

Strategy #1: The Constant Release: This strategy isn’t an "album release" as we traditionally know it, but many musicians these days – especially those in the early stages of their careers – are putting it to good use. Instead of releasing one album once a year, shorten the cycle to just one song release once a month, every two months, or whatever you can manage. Each individual release will have its own mini-marketing plan that’s executed online with social media, your website, your email list, and your connections with bloggers and other influencers.

Strategy #2: The Secret Release: For this strategy to work, you need to have a large, engaged, and dedicated fanbase that will share the news. Without these elements in place, your secret album release could remain entirely a secret with absolutely no one knowing about it or buying it. We’ve seen many established artists pull off the secret album release strategy recently. Perhaps the most famous was Beyoncé’s self-titled album, which was released on iTunes in December of 2013 without any build-up. As the name implies, you release your album with no pre-promotion or marketing. If you want to turn it into a bit of a mystery or scavenger hunt, you could release a few cleverly hidden hints on social media.

Strategy #3: The Exclusive Preview: It’s pretty common to release a single as a preview to your album before the official release date. You can step this up a notch, however, and make that preview exclusive to help drive engagement. You can choose to make it secret by hiding it in a game or app, or hosting a secret show previewing the album to drive word-of-mouth and social media engagement. On the other end of the spectrum, you can use the album preview to drive revenue to your live show. This is a strategy that both established artists and those who are just starting out can utilize. If you’re in the early stages of your career, you can still use exclusive previews, but you may need to simplify your approach. For instance, The Wild Feathers released their album early at their live shows in the week leading up to the official release. On top of that, each album sold at their live shows included two CDs – one to keep and one to share. This strategy incentivized fans to buy tickets to the show and buy the album – that’s hitting two different revenue streams with one stone! You could work with bloggers to exclusively release your album, too. Target bloggers that write about artists at your career level.

Source: Excerpts: Dave Kusek on SonicBids Blog LINK

Management agency with ties to the Grammy®, radio, and television accepting artists to represent (21 Jan 2015)

Sweet Sounds is an independent booking and management agency that prides itself on hard work and
dedication to their artist and industry. Sweet Sounds knows what it takes in this ever changing world of music and entertainment to advance their clients and their goals. Berman says "It's All About The Music". Direct contact: Ron Berman, [email protected]: Berman is CEO & an Associate Member of Recording Academy®.

The real meaning of the vinyl upswing (21 Jan 2015)

In the face of an unrelenting decline in album sales, vinyl has made a second coming of sorts. The sales of vinyl albums rose 52% bringing revenue up to 9.2 million copies (up from 6.1 million in 2013). For the seventh consecutive year, more vinyl albums were sold than any other year since Nielsen began keeping record of music sales in 1991. While this uptick has turned some heads in the industry, and not to be negative about the trend, it is still a tiny fraction of vinyl sales in the 1970-1980s. What we love about vinyl at Global Music Awards is that vinyl is hands-on and requires active listening. 

A recent email from Bronze Medal winner Olufunsho Adeshina (12 Jan 2015)

"Greetings! I would like to thank every one at GMA. The standards are nothing but GREAT, and it's a good way for us musicians to keep reaching high. We appreciate you. I gladly accept this Award/Medal. Cheers! LINK​

Progression Magazine is seeking music to review (21 Jan 2015)

Progression Magazine, the world's foremost authority on art-rock and all other sub-genres of progressive music, is seeking artists to review. Each edition of the magazine exceeds 112 pages and showcases exclusive, in-depth interviews with progressive artists. Direct contact: John Collinge via [email protected], or call 800-545-7371.

Big News: New Partnership with Billboard Magazine (19 Jan 2015)

Beginning with the February 07, 2015 issue we reached agreement with Billboard Magazine to feature Global Music Award winning artists on their “emerging artists” page. This is a very special opportunity for the artists we select and will provide high-level exposure to industry insiders. We will feature one of our top award winning artists about every two weeks. The first of our winning artists who to be featured is Carmine Miranda. Look for Carmine in the February 07 issue of Billboard Magazine.

Here is a comment we recently received from Silver Medal Winner, Julia Pajot (France) (15 Janc 2015)

In her email Julia said, "I have many music records agencies following me since the wins; it is cool!" LINK

At Global Music Awards, We are Charlie Hebdo (14 Jan 2015)

Musicians will not be silenced. An ensemble of over 150 string players gathered in London's Trafalgar Square to pay tribute to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris. LINK  

Darwin's Finches Singing (14 Jan 2015)

A couple of posts back we mentioned hearing Darwin's finches singing. One wonder of the Galapagos Islands is the absence of machine noise. What one hears is the sound of the waves, barks of sea lions and songs of the finches, frigate birds, boobies, warblers, and doves. LINK 

In the Amazon: Native music of the ancestral Kichwa community of Anangu (14 Jan 2015)

While in the Amazon we listened to ancestral tribal music. Note the locally-crafted instruments. LINK

Traditional Music of the Andes (14 Jan 2015)

In the last post we mentioned traditional music of the Andes. During our travels we met musician Rodrigo Pineda of the group Samy. A warm and wonderful man. LINK 

We're Back after the Holidays (14 Jan 2015)

We're back, refreshed and ready, with your help, to shake the world of music! During the holidays Dr. Baker, CEO, Global Music Awards, traveled to Ecuador, the Amazon and Galapagos Islands. He had the pleasure of listening to traditional music of the Andes, native music of the ancestral Kichwa community of Anangu, and to the songs of Darwin's finches. Those of us at Global Music Awards hope you had joyful holidays and a happy new year.

Holiday Schedule for Global Music Awards (16 Dec 2014)

Our offices will be closed from December 17 to January 12 for a much needed vacation. We will still be accepting online entries and statuette and medallion orders but will be unable to send acknowledgment until we return to our offices. We wish you all very joyful holidays and happy new year.

Vote for Fan Favorites (17 Dec 2014)

Please vote. The artists who receive the most votes will receive the designation "Fan Favorite" at the beginning of their listing. When label A&R executives and booking agents look for talent they are most likely to look at Fan Favorites first. LINK

We just received this email from Best of Show Winner, Carmine Miranda (15 Dec 2014)

"I want to take the time to personally write to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing award. 
As a musician all I hope is to reach people's hearts and make the world a better place. I thank you for believing in my performances and will carry this award with great pride and honor. A big thanks from me, my label Parma Recordings and everyone involved in the production of my Piatti: 12 Caprices for this great honor." Carmine Miranda. LINK 

A Holiday note from Global Music Awards Winner, Megan Makeever (14 December 2014)

“Thanks you so incredibly much for your contribution to my Nashville trip and your support of my music. … I have always marched to the beat of my own drum as an artist and realize I need to continue to do so rather than conform to the latest trend. … I hope you know how grateful I am for the support from Global Music Awards, for it has helped me launch further in my career. Megan Makeever  LINK

New book by Global Music Awards Winner, Gabriele Haefs (13 December 2014)

Gabriel Haefs has issued her latest music related book, Chinese Transvestites And Other Irish Stories, via Songdog Press. It’s an interesting collection of short stories about the Irish music scene by several writers including Global Music Award winning singer/songwriter Mick Fitzgerald. We’re taking it with us to read during the holidays. It would make an unusual and excellent book to your friends as a holiday gift. LINK 

Here is a note we recently received from Gold Medal Winner, Roger Meyers (12 Dec 2014)

Just a small note to tell you my GMA medallions arrived yesterday and look amazing! ... Congratulations on their design, it was worth all your effort! All best, Roger LINK  

Gain Exposure/Interesting Blog: Old School Record Review (12 Dec 2014)

Old School Record Review grew out of a nearly two decade long conversation about pop music had by a group of friends, who now live all across the world. This blog is meant to be a vehicle for continuing and for cataloging that sometimes silly, sometimes contentious, sometimes revelatory conversation. Old School Record Review includes content such as traditional record reviews from any era, recent or remote; top 10 lists, original music; podcasts; highly personal confessions, and whatever else they feel inclined to include. 

This is a great opportunity for pop based artists to gain exposure through the Old School Record Review audience. Submission: [email protected]

Latest Global Music Award Winners Announced (12 Dec 2014)

We are very proud to announce the latest winners. We had a strong field of submission and thank all who participated. Our Best of Show Gold Medal goes to Venezuelan/American cellist Carmine Miranda as emerging artist for Piatti: 12 Caprices for Solo Cello. Miranda is receiving rave reviews from music critics around the world. There are also many other outstanding Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal winners. You'll find all those we honored at: LINK.   

Note Sent to us by Global Music Awards Winner, Muriel Anderson (10 Dec 2014)

"I'm feeling thankful this holiday season, and would like to share that happiness with you. Nighlight Daylight won 10 national awards and was named 'Most Impressive Gift for Holiday Giving.' I'm giving away my Harp Guitar Christmas CD with orders. Also, for you guitar players, I'm giving free sheet music/tab to the beautiful El Noi De La Mare (Child of the Mother) from my Harp Guitar Christmas CD (details and links for both below). Thank you all for the wonderful reception to my CD and recent tour. Ohio is this weekend, then CA, GA, and FL. Hope to see you soon!" You can order Muriel's Nightlight Daylight album which was honored with our Gold Medal at LINK.

Global Music Awards Fan Favorite, Lia Sophia (08 Dec 2014)

Lia Sophia was recently named Fan Favorite at the Global Music Awards, which offers artists the opportunity to have their music heard around the world and provides them with a platform in which to grow in the music industry.

Lia fell in love with the Amazon style and was easily convinced to begin pursuing music as a means to support herself. Quickly, she began playing in local pubs and began to develop quite a following. When she purchased a pub of her own, that she owned for four years, she learned that she also had a special talent as a composer as well and was able to open the door for many other talents who played in her pub.

Most recently Lia Sophia has released her 4th album and has been named one of the best singers of the generation. There are 14 tracks on this album and they each feature a piece of Lia that she wants the world to hear.

Her love of music offers fans a unique look at the Amazon rhythms as well as the Caribbean and Latin roots that she has become so fond of. Her music is composed by Lia herself and there is a portion of her history and heritage that has been placed inside each one of them.

One of the best things about her music is that it was not created for the intent of being marketed. Instead, it was written by someone who truly loves music and places her heart and soul into the pieces that she creates for herself and her fans. LINK

Global Music Awards new Fan Favorite, Davide Caprelli (04 Dec 2014)

Talented and determined to succeed, Davide Caprelli’s music has captured thousands of ears and stolen just as many heart. Creating amazing music for your soul, the music composer who hails from Italy, recently won two Global Music Awards, a Bronze Medal for composition with his Senna Saw God and a Silver Medal for the soundtrack. He was also voted as a fan favorite, which solidifies that his music resonates with fans and leaves them wanting more.

With music in his heart from an early age, the 42-year-old composer perfected his craft while attending Conservatory B Maderna in Italy, earning recognition for piano and composition and choir conduction. But he also wanted to take his music career to new heights and attended jazz school. 

Thanks to his two Global Music Awards wins, Davide’s work is now reaching millions of new ears, as the awards continues to celebrate original music, unique voices and emerging artists. LINK 

The Daily Vault is Seeking Music to Review (02 Dec 2014)

The Daily Vault seeks to serve the widest possible audience, reviewing music of all genres from classical to metal, from unknown indie artists to global superstars, and from all eras. Its eclectic mix of coverage, including album reviews, concert reviews and artist interviews, attracts music fans and writers from all over the world. Contact: [email protected]

Global Music Awards Gold Medal Winner, Hozier (Ireland), vocalist, is on the latest Billboard “Top Tracks” chart. (02 Dec 2014)

Hozier released the EP Take Me to Church, with the title track becoming his breakthrough single after it went viral on YouTube. It reached number one on the Irish iTunes singles chart and number two in the official chart. Hozier followed up Take Me to Church with the new EP From Eden, and a number of festival tour dates and television appearances in the United States. He recently released his self-titled album, HozierLINK 

Fan Favorites (02 Dec 2014)

Our web poll to decide Fan Favorites from the last round of entries received over 25,000 votes. Fan Favorites include:

Gold Medal Winner - Lia Sophia (Brazil), album, singer, Amazon sonority/pop music LINK; Gold Medal Winner - Paolo Pizzi (United States), Blue Marble of Joys and Sorrows, music video LINK; and Silver Medal Winner - Davide Caprelli (Italy), Ayrton Indimenticabile, soundtrack movie & television LINK

5 Ways to Thank the People Behind Your Musical Success during the Holidays (02 Dec 2014)

“The only people who know and understand how challenging a musician’s career is are the ones who stand directly behind them. These are the people who have supported you all along the way. There only reward may be your success. Small gestures go a long way in maintaining these relationships.”

1. Goodie Basket : “Instead of mass ordering gift baskets, choose one depending on what each person likes. There's a basket for everyone, ranging from indulgent toiletry sets to gourmet food selections. Goodie baskets are especially meaningful to those on tour with you as they likely miss the luxuries of home. Present them to people like your manager and key sound crew with a hand-written note. In your note, mention why they are an essential part of your trip and how their support is essential to you.”

2. A Weekend Trip: “Think of the number of weekends and holidays your crew has spent working with you and gift them some much needed time off. Sponsor a nearby weekend getaway for them and their family. This is a beautiful way to let them know how much you appreciate the time they put in to making you a successful artist.”

3. Stationery: “Personalized stationery is a great way to tell people how much you value them. This is a gift that will be treasured by anyone. Try some of the beautiful paper and design options from stationery studio Papyrus.”

4. Memorable Experiences: “Depending on personal preferences, you could gift the key members of your team indulgent experiences like dinner at a nice restaurant, a massage or even a hobby class they could attend with their partner. Experiencing what it would be like to be a fighter pilot for a day or riding in a hot air balloon are memorable experiences most people would not think of unless it were presented to them.”

5. Framed Pictures: “A beautifully framed picture of the two of you is a meaningful memento to gift someone. Pick a picture that encapsulates the closeness of your relationship. For team members who you are not so close to, frame a group photograph with a personalized thank you attached.”

To be able to show them you pay attention to what's going on in their lives is the best way to show them you care.

Source: Excerpts: Mackezie Carlin: LINK

Speaking of Holiday Gift Ideas: Two GMA Winners have Released new Holiday Albums (02 Dec 2014)

Best of Show Winner/Gold Medal winner Alan Williams’s new album is The Christmas Carol Collection. Williams is an award-winning composer and conductor with more than 100 motion picture and television credits. LINK

Gold Medal winner Muriel Anderson’s new holiday album is Harp Guitar Christmas. Muriel is thoughtfully is including a wooden harp guitar Christmas tree ornament tucked into the liner notes of each CD. LINK  

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (02 Dec 2014)

Be genuine. Fan expectations have changed. Being aloof and above your fans does not cut it. Talk about your life and what you believe in, as well as your music and career. Open yourself up, so that people can get to know you. It’s amazing (or sad?) how much interaction you can generate with your fans by posting a funny picture of your dog.

Here is a note we recently received from Global Music Awards Winner, Ruth Weber (21 Nov 2014)

"Thank you very much for your help with this! Here is the San Diego Jewish Men's Choir's blog posting. We have gotten a lot of recognition through our win with the Global Music Awards, and are so grateful for this.
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sincerely, Ruth Weber- Director, The San Diego Jewish Men's Choir
Silver Medal Winners 2014"

Fried Chicken Baby Food (18 Nov 2014)

Check out Global Music Awards winner Jeremy Nathan Tisser tune, Fried Chicken Baby Food, recorded for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. It was recorded by LNJO-Late Night Jazz Orchestra, and orchestrated by our own Dave Richards for ZombieZC. LINK  

GMA winners Susan Merdinger and Steven Greene in consideration for Grammy (18 Nov 2014)

Also, listen to Global Music Awards winners Susan Merdinger and Steven Greene's beautiful music in also in consideration for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, French Fantasy and Soirée. Jean-Yves Duperron, Classical Music Sentinel, said about Susan’s music, “She always seems to know exactly how much emotional weight to give each and every phrase. Best of all is that the quality behind her interpretations seems spontaneous and instinctive, and never fabricated.” LINK   

Experienced Label Seeking New & Classic Blues, Jazz, Country, & Rock Artists for Representation (18 Nov 2014)

SRI Label Group offers the opportunity for established artists with completed albums to be distributed and retain ownership of their masters. We also produce and distribute recordings by talented new artists. Submissions: For established artists, SRI offers partnership agreements for artists with finished albums. These recordings can be either studio or live albums. For new artists with completed albums SRI offers a royalty rate In addition to being an active record company, through SRI Entertainment, SRI produces concerts and tours. Make direct contact with industry veteran Shelly Liebowitz: [email protected]

Ponder this: Downloading Music Is Quickly Going Out Of Fashion (18 Nov 2014)

According to the Huffington Post, “First records died, then cassette tapes, then CDs and now, downloads. That's right, we're all but officially in the age of streaming services.” LINK   

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (06 Nov 2014)

Your success as a musician directly relates to the quality of your music and keeping in close touch with your fan base.

Here are 4 lessons from Joan Rivers sure to aid in your music career (06 Nov 2014)

Diversify Your Music Portfolio – Joan Rivers was a comedian, television personality, Broadway performer, writer, a fashion critic, voice over artist, as well as appearing in many films. How does this pertain to you as a musician? It is simple, diversify your talents.

Success Takes Hard Work - Joan Rivers once said her greatest fear was having a day with nothing on her calendar. An entire day with nothing to do scared her to death. That is why it was not uncommon to see Rivers performing her comedy act at some hole in the wall town. It was not that she needed the money or fame, but rather she knew it would help perfect her craft.

Do Not Be Afraid To Fail - Those who have achieved success in the music industry will tell you, they have failed many times. The key is to learn from those failures, and use them as the fuel to power your future successes. In the face of every career rejection, she got up, dusted herself off, and kept fighting for what she wanted.

In The End, It Is All About Business - As a professional musician it’s always a plus to have well connected in the business. Just as important is remembering, that just because you have connections does not guarantee anything. As Joan puts it, “I have learned from my dealings with Johnny Carson that no matter what kind of friendships you think you have with people you’re working with, when the chips are down, it’s all about business.”

Source: Condensed from Music Clout

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (06 Nov 2014)

Capture details of fans whenever possible. If you forget to do that, you make it easy for them to forget you. Unlike social media, capturing and sending emails is a reliable way to reach and keep in touch with your fans.