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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Gold Medal Winner Gabriel Palatchi 

 Music is my life. Everything started with the decision of going to the adventure and find my own path. I like to say that what I do is World Music Fusion, trying to create a new sound and style of music. As a person and artist, travel is something essential for me, knowing that there is so much more to explore, discover, and much more music to learn, gives me great inspiration to keep going. 
Palatchi’s music is an original blend of different genres such as Latin Jazz, Tango, Funk, Klezmer, Gypsy, Rock, Reggae, Samba and Electronic, a representation of the many cultures which have influenced his music. This young Argentinian artist is a very talented pianist, composer and arranger.

For the last five years the band has toured throughout various parts of Argentina, Mexico and Canada, performing at important venues and international music festivals including the Quebec City Jazz Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival, Victoria Jazz Festival, Regina Jazz Festival, Waterloo Jazz festival, Kaslo Jazz Festival, Riviera Maya Jazz Festival, Sunfest, Robson Valley Music Festival, Folly Fest Music Festival, Starbelly Jam Music Festival, Caribbean Days Festival, Fiestaval Latin Festival, Puerto Morelos Music Festival ,Victoria Tango Festival and Coyote Jazz Festival among many others.

Palatchi was kind enough to respond to our interview: 

What most inspires you as a person and as a musician.

One of my biggest inspiration is to keep travelling around the world, to keep learning the different folkloric music from the places I visit so I can create my own sound fusing all the styles I absorb and adding, without forgetting, my original roots of Argentinian, Latino and Jewish.
And also like the great Ruben Blades says I always keep FAITH that everything we wish can comes true.

You studied with the great Cuban musician Chucho Valdes. Tell us about Valdes and about the special experiences you had with him.

This experience was a before and after in my life. Beside all the technical things I learn with El Maestro, was a blessing to get to know him a little more, he gave me truly inspiration, motivation and spiritual guidance that I needed to keep going and following my own path in my life and in my music.

You said: Mine is not a traditional theme of jazz and swing. I like the fusion that is created between the genders. What do you mean by that?

What I mean is exactly that; my music has a strong background of jazz, but when I said jazz I'm not speaking about the swing, bebop style that many people know as jazz, I refer to the art of improvisation, there is a lot improvisation in almost all the songs but none of my songs are swing, bebop style. As I said before, the concept of my compositions has always been the fusion of the different genres that has influenced me since my childhood and the new ones I learn every day. I think that there is so much of the same music in this days, and I like to think that much more than that can be done. My ideal is to create a new and original sound that hasn't been heard before and can surprise the listener, and take them on a new musical journey. When I speak about influences I refer to Latin jazz (any Latin american genre fused with jazz) tango, klezmer/gypsy, funk, rock, and electronic, to name a few.

Tell us about your debut album, Travel Diary. What is the logic behind the album?

After all my experiences and the time I had in my second home, Tulum, Mexico, to explore my instrument and develop as a composer, lead me to create my first songs with the same concept that I compose in the present. I would say that this album has more Afrocuban influence since I was fresh arrived from Cuba, my Argentinian and gypsy roots. Also, the main difference is that in this and the second album, Caja Musical, I have invited many special guests. I included all the instruments I ever liked from Bandoneon to sax, trumpet, trombone, violin, accordion, Spanish guitar, flute, guitar, congas, percussion & singers.

Now tell us about Trivolution for which you received Global Music Awards’ Gold Level honors.

In this album we focus on taking the music to the next level of composing, with the help of my good friend and drummer/producer Chema Gonzalez. We spent four months in the Caribbean composing, producing and creating this songs, which was a great experience. One of the main difference with the other albums is that this a trio concept album; all the songs are composed for trio (bass, drums and piano/organ/synths). Yes, I did invited a few special guests but is this is definitely a trio album. With the exception of the bonus track song Vive which is a straight Afrocuban, salsa, timba-songo song. This song has an interesting background since this is the song I made for my graduation final thesis. And after almost ten years later I re-discover the song and decided to re arrange it. For me, Trivolution means the evolution of the trio.

What do your three albums have in common?

Well in the end, it has been always my essence. I did use the same concept of world music fusion in my three albums, but I think with every album you can hear an improvement in the composing and interpretation. I always try to overcome myself, being very critic of my music and learn what to improve, what to change and what to keep doing.

How do you manage to span the persona and musical bridge between so many cultures: Argentina, Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico and Canada?

After so many years this has transform in my life style. I spend the summer in Canada and winter in the Mexican Caribbean. Between this I visit my hometown and now I want to add Europe to my music/life agenda. 

If your music is a gift to your fans, what do you must want them to say about that gift?

Through the music I want to bring awareness and unification of the different cultures on this planet. We are one race part of this world and the music can unite people and leave the judgments and hates. With Faith there is no doubt.

Palatchi studied with Argentine Alvaro Torres and Ernesto Jodos and Uruguayan Ricardo Nole. Three notable teacher who supplemented teachings and helped him find his own style. But the Palatchi’s greatest master teacher was Cuban Chucho Valdes. Palatchi said, It was a spiritual encounter for me. It is one of my idols, thanks to him I discovered and fell in love with Latin jazz. While it helped me a lot in the technical, improvisation and I learned many tricks, he gave me a lot of strength and encouragement to my spirit.

Gabriel Palatchi Band was formed in Mexico in 2010 and since then has included in many talented international musicians from countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Canada, France, Uruguay, England, Russia, Peru, Spain, Serbia & Argentina who have collaborated and participated in the band.

To learn more about Gabriel Palatchi. LINK