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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Gold Medal Winner Melissa B.

The advantages of being an indie artist are that you set the rules to who you are! You create what you want when you want and don’t have people telling you when it has to get done. We’re not seeing dollar signs. We are just being creative to heal the world with love and light. Total Freedom of expression. 
Melissa B. is an electric pop music artist who is driven by technology, putting her in a lane of her own. Melissa sets herself apart by not only having the vocal chops of a great music artist but also intertwines technology as an artist. She is capable of not only expressing her passion for the computer science world, but can vocally break down the barriers between music and technology. This is why listeners love listening & dancing to Melissa B.'s music.

Melissa B. is an American recording artist, songwriter, and a rising star in the global music scene. Her music is energetic, and international, blending the best of the gritty glam pop, club, and even that classic live band feeling. While Melissa is a girl geek by day, she's a powerhouse singer and actor, with an undeniable talent for crafting melodic, catchy pop songs.

Melissa B. was kind to respond to Global Music Awards' request for an interview:

Your unique art resides at the juncture of voice and technology. Why is voice and technology a good marriage? What are the upsides and what are the downsides of that marriage?

Combining voice and technology in our world today is not just singing it is the combination of social media, wearable technology and augmented reality. In my world, I am, by day, a network engineer who loves designing computer infrastructure and learning how to improve communications with technology and people.

I would love to see us take it further with recording across the internet, with a studio and sound. There are many variables in order for us to record with other artist around the world. That is the next step that we need to focus on and that could change the industry. Technology also enables the creation of new music instruments. Unlike traditional instruments, which produce a particular range of sounds and are designed to be played a particular way, technology allows us to be flexible with new music instruments and formless, taking shape only when its players decide how they are going to use them. That in itself is amazing and innovative.

The limiting factor is the fact that we need faster connections with others on the internet, but with time we will get there. With respect to our musical family around the world it is currently hard to collaborate unless you in the room with that person or one has to fly to their city in order to get work done. As an artist I want to be an advocate for women in technology by showing it is not just a job, but it is actually cool to be doing what we do. I want to inspire the younger generation of girls that it's cool to think outside the box. 

What is it about your song Maria that strikes such a strong cord with your fans?

The reason why I think "Maira" strikes a strong chord with fans is that people can relate and it reflects what is going in our world today. "Maria" is dedicated to women across the globe fighting to break poverty, hunger, violence and inequality. Much is going on in the world were women need to provide a voice for women whom cannot speak for themselves.

I agree with Obama, “Obama said: “Treating women as second-class citizens is a bad tradition: it holds you back. There’s no excuse for sexual assault or domestic violence, there’s no reason that young girls should suffer genital mutilation, there’s no place in a civilized society for the early or forced marriage of children. These traditions may go back centuries; they have no place in the 21st century.” His quote holds true to my song “Maria". That's why it is hitting the heart for so many women and they can relate to the core of my song.

Tell us about your work with your non-profit Girl Geek Dinners NYC.

Girl Geek Dinners NYC was founded by me and my two other partners, Emily and Jennifer. We decided to start this movement of inspiring young women in New York with computer science. Our first dinner, sponsored by ThoughtWorks, had 95 women showing up! That was an amazing moment. We thought only like five women would show up! We outdid ourselves and once we saw the impact of more women wanting to be a part of a community of girl geeks, we kept going. This is what drives us to show that women in the field of technology come in all forms, even artists like myself. I have even spoke at Google on International Women's Day because of our Girl Geek movement. I also find that I combined both of my worlds, technology and music, as we are currently living the cyber-pop culture.  

If your music is a gift to your fans, what do you must want them to say about that gift?

I want people to love again and enjoy music the way it used to be. Music is supposed to heal and help. That's what I want to say through my music. With my music I love to be that artist that can pull the cords of emotions. I love for a song to have you happy one minute and then have you thinking deep stuff that you would never think about. 

What inspires you to write lyrics and music?

To be honest, I use to hate writing lyrics, but while working with B. Howard he forced me to get into my feelings and write. He would just stick me in the booth and would be like, "Write something meaningful". It's gotta hit people to the core. Once I finally open up it is like a floodgate; you can't shut it off. It's wonderful! With music, it is things I hear that inspire me. I just go with my feelings and what my spirit vibrations give. These are the emotions I am giving you in order to make you feel what I am feeling. That's what music is supposed to do. It's magical.

Tell us a bit about your artistic background. When did you first start singing?

My background consists of me starting to sing at the tender age of five years old. I was classically trained in opera. Growing up my parents put me in pageants and that is how I really got the taste of the stage, being in front of people, and being able to perform. My father and my mother both pushed me to live out my dream and to never give up on my goal. As a little girl all I wanted to do was sing! I didn't know how I was gonna get to where I am now but I just kept going and believe in myself.

My goals as a little girl were to always share my gift of singing to the world. I have a vibration I want to share. I always wanted to tour the world and just heal the world with my voice and music.

Melissa B. has been considered for three Grammy nominations for her song Maria which was up for song of the year, best new artist, and best pop solo performance. She was honored with Gold for as emerging artist" from Global Music Awards. She won best pop song for Maria in Hollywood Music Media Awards. She also was nominated for the underground music awards. She was also picked as singer of the month by Singer Universe.

Melissa is also an activist with her non-profit organization Girl Geek Dinners NYC where she helps inspire young women about computer science and technology.

She is working closely with her engineer/music partner Mike Ashby from Krematorium Studios, building her sound.

Expect big things to come from this pint-size beauty with the big voice. 

Lean more about Melissa B.: LINK