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Entry Deadline 01 March 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Current Winners
Gold Medal Winner
Robin Spielberg
By Way of the Wind
Contemporary Classical - Composer
United States
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Joanna Estelle
Contemporary Classical - Composer
Gold Medal Winner
Gao Hong & Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde
Alondra (Skylark)
Duo - Creativity/Originality
Argentina - United States
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement____________________________________________________

Aaron Alter, Earth Cantata for Chorus and Chamber Orchestra, composer
Afarin Mansouri (Canada), Dancing With Love, world music, composer, female vocalist
Akikazu Nakamura (Japan), Close Your Eyes, song, concept, and Luna, progressive rock female vocalist 
Amy Zhijun Ye (Canada), California Rain, music video
Anda Anastasescu Gritten (United Kingdom), Constantin Silvestri Avant-Gardist, Master Improviser, Homme Passionné, instrumental performance solo LINK LINK
Andree-Ann Deschenes (Canada), Wanderings, solo piano, instrumentalist
Andrzej Ślązak (Poland), Bach - Goldberg Variations, classical, instrumentalist
Anna Maria Mendieta and Jeremy Cohen, Al Colón, composition, instrumentalist
Antoine Dunn, October 7th, music video
António Oliveira, Schumann & Rachmaninoff, classical LINK
Assembly Quartet, (Re)Mix, contemporary classical, producer LINK LINK
Barcelona Clarinet Players, Panamericano, classical, instrumentalist
Carles M. Gómez (Spain), Tramonto sul Lungomare, composition LINK
Carolann de Leon, The Moon and the Mirror, album
Carsten Seyer-Hansen, Vocal Group Concert Clemens, Hugo Distler: Die Weihnachtsgeschichte, op.10, choral music
Ching-Shan Chang, Because Here We Stand, composer
Christopher Jessup, Kühn Choir of Prague, When I Heard the Learn'd Astronomer (SATB Choir, a cappella), classical
Christopher O'Hara, Fantasie, classical
Colorificio Mario, Statues, composition, band
Dan Flanagan, The Bow and the Brush, contemporary classical, instrumentalist
Dave Pierce (Canada), Four Pillars, world music
David Heymann (Germany), Lamento, composition
Douyé (Nigeria), The Golden Sèkèrè, jazz LINK
Ed Bazel, Soaring, composition, instrumentalist, and In My Life, instrumentalist
Egidija Medeksaite (United Kingdom), Purusha, contemporary classical
Fanya Lin, Theodore Kuchar and Polish Wieniawski Philharmonic Orchestra, Rhapsodic, classical
Francesco Traversi (Italy), Golden Water Mirror, composer
Galeet Dardashti, Monajat, concept
Gavin Libotte (Australia), Journey, album 
Gang Wang, Meizi Wu, Yun Vivian Fei (Canada), The Spring Rain, sound editing/mixing
Georgia Kombou (Cyprus), Nostalgia, Greek music
Guy Klucevsek, Guy Klucevsek: Hope Dies Last, composer contemporary, classical
Harini Srinivasa Raghavan, Magizhini, Indian fusion
Ian Gindes, Rachmaninoff: Piano Works, classical
Ignacio Salvatierra P. & Jennifer Moya (Panama), Si Estuvieras Conmigo, bolero pop
Ingrid Carbone (Italy), Music Beyond Borders Granadinas by Leoncavallo, live performance, instrumentalist LINK
International Symphonina Orchestra and Budapest Scoring Orchestra, Introducing the Symphonina: Spreading the Joy of Symphonic Music to Young Audiences Around the World, symphonic, producer
J Edna Mae Tjomas (United Kingdom), Waves, female vocalist
J. Eduardo López (Mexico), Sands of Aura, game music, composer LINK
Jarryd Elias, Beverly Hills Exorcist, composer, original score
Javier M. Medina (Spain), Monument, classical, instrumentalist
Jeremy Wilson, Aurora, classical, instrumentalist
Jose Ruiz, Ramirez Reimagined: Misa Criolla & Navidad Nuestra, global choir, album
Kavitha Jayaraman, Varnams Reimaged, Indian classical, emerging artist LINK
La Viva Fiamma (Poland), Il Viaggio, early music, band
Lana Green, I Still Believe, female vocalist
Leo Zhou (China), Imperial Art, sound editing/mixing
Lis Addison, Songs from the Mara, neo-classical
Maite Boza and Paula Asmussen (Spain), Nostalgia, alternative LINK
Marcel Barsotti (Puerto Rico), La Línea Imaginaria, original score
Marco Schirripa, Digital Dances: Marimba Music of Marco Schirripa, composer, instrumentalist LINK
Marina Kapuro, CEASE FIRE NOW!!, protest music LINK
Marius Noss Gundersen (Norway), Chamber Music by Marco Pereira, Latin music, composer
Matthew Phillip Nelson, All Your Diamond Tears: Recent Clarinet Works by Marc Satterwhite, new release
Mega Ran, Buddy’s Magic Toy Box, children's music
Michael Whalen, Walk in Beauty, Like the Night, new age, composer, album
Michelle Cann & Thomas Mesa, Our Stories: Contemporary Works by Black & Latinx Composers, chamber music
Myroslav Levytsky & Rens Newland (Ukraine), Keys to Peace, new age, composer
Nagavalli, Numinosum, female vocalist, creativity/originality
Nevada Wind Ensemble, Reed Chamberlin, Ave Maris Stella, classical
Nick Dukas, It's Christmas Time Again, holiday music
Nikaleo, Su Questa Sedia, music video, listener impact
Rae Howell and Sunwrae, Bee-Sharp Honeybee, contemporary classical
Ritesh Das (Canada), To Begin With, world music, producer
Sanjay Swamy (India), Aum, global fusion, producer
Sarah Wallin-Huff, Shards, classical, composer
Svitlana Telbukh (Ukraine), Requiem for Larissa. Goodbye world., music video
UNLV Wind Orchestra, Thomas G. Leslie, Joseph Alessi & Boston Brass, Joe's Tango: Concerto for Trombone & Other Works, contemporary classical
Vivienne Aerts, Typuhthâng, alternative jazz, female vocalist
Ziya Tabassian (Canada), Remembrances, world music

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Ala Bahrami (Turkey), Negahe Shishei, composition, male vocalist
Andrew Huang (Taiwan), In Quest of Love, concept
Annier Lee (Taiwan), One Day, ukulele fusion, instrumentalist
Antonia Sinibaldi, My Dreams, lyrics/songwriting LINK
Aurelien Durand (France), DIVA Orchestra - Time in a Bottle, music video
Aydin Kazemizad (Iran),  Hajastam o Vajastam, children's music, composer
Bailey Jordan-Neil (Canada), Theft, folk-pop LINK
Ban Brothers, Nothin' Gets Lost, alternative pop LINK
Behnam Khodarahmi (Iran), Bezan Tar, Persian classical
Bette Korber, D614G: An Evolutionary Tale, music video
Boys'N'Barry, In The In Between, rock
Bozena Buinicka (Lithuania), Agnus Dei, composition
Brooke Josephson, Good Kinda Tired - 2023 Remaster, pop, female vocalist
Carolyn Barela, Celestial Lullaby (Organic), contemporary classical LINK
Carter Fox, Lost Signals From Outer Space, electronic, producer
Chase Bethea, On the Peril of Parrots, game music, composer LINK
Christina Rusnak, Voices of the Land, contemporary classical
Cindy Zhang, Time Machine, music video
Colin Gordon-Farleigh (United Kingdom), Gallon of Whiskey, bluegrass
Dana Cohenour, I Am Brave, children's music, and A Place to Call Home, album LINK
David Michael Harris, You Loved Me Then, jazz
Dena Miller, Mysterious Origin, female vocalist
Diip Silence, The Ten, experimental
Dili Ki, OnE, world music
Douglas Heil, Friends, listener impact: entertainment value
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Emily Anderson (United States), and F-M Cossey (New Zealand), Evergreen, lyrics/songwriter LINK
Emily Anderson (United States), Evergreen, female vocalist LINK
Federico Santini (Italy), Quest for Feilong, original score
Girlie Vasallo (Canada), Forgive Me, listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Grace Garland, Woman He Should Be With, blues
Holger E. Metzger (Germany), Man by the Window, music video LINK
Jeff Pifher, Somewhere, listener impact: content/message delivery
Jingfei Wang (China), Identity V - Reach High, game music, and Identity V - Midnight Carnival, game music
Joaquin Lichtle, Death in Training, composer, original score, and Sacred Wars, composer
Jose Luis Echave Moratilla (Spain), The Journey of the Guardians of the Wind, composition LINK
Joy Shannon, Karen's Judgment Day, original score
Juju Xu, Daniel James (China), Snowland, original score, game music
Katherine Farnham, Noche de Paz, holiday music
Kluane Takhini (Canada), Infinitesimally Insignificant, music video
Kristel Birkholtz (South Africa), Still The Rain, composition
La La Musiq, Dim My Light, gospel LINK
Leslie Brockett, Nothin 4 Something, music video
Liesbet Leroy (Netherlands), Calming Rain, new age LINK LINK
Liuyan Liu, Culture is the Body IV - Toward the Ground, composition LINK
Louis Colaiannia, Gentle Touch, instrumental
Lynne Swaney, Alright, funk
Merrie Klazek (Canada), Dance Around the Sun, world music, new release
Nicoleta Carpineanu (United Kingdom), Interbeing, concept
Nina Assimakopoulos, The Legend of SkyWoman, experimental
Pete Calandra and Straight Up, Neon Beach, jazz, composer
Reynaliz Herrera, BIKEncerto: a Concerto for Solo Bicycle and Orchestra, composer, contemporary classical LINK
Rhonda Head (Canada), Time Goes On, female vocalist
Rodrigo Landa-Romero (Mexico), Piano Waltzes, composition
Roger Scannura (Canada), Anjelica, Latin music
Ronald Adamat (Philippines), We are One, song
Roxana Line, GloomyVerse, musical theater, creativity/originality
Santiago Kodela, The Distant Shepherd, contemporary classical
Shanti Inga Lindmark (Denmark), Grounding, meditation music LINK
Shujie Liang, Lovebrush Chronicles - Heart of Jewelry, game music
Silvia Blaser (Switzerland), Serenity, new age, song
Snugglzs, Occupy All Sheets, music video
Somdatta Pal, We Rise, female vocalist, music video LINK
STUDEO (Australia), When It's Over, pop/rock
Terry Mack, The Wind Weaver (Canada), Wild Threads, instrumental
ThreeStyle feat. Magdalena Chovancova, Robert Fertl, Damon Dae (Croatia), Oh! It’s Christmas, christmas music
Timothy Wenzel, The Gale II, listener impact: entertainment value
Totalfat (Japan), Fireworks, music video
Wu Alex, Helliquary Boss - Butterfly, game music
Xiaoyue Liu (China), Rise to the Clouds, game musicx
Zixiao Ye, Silver Lining, new age LINK
Gold Medal Winner
Carlos Cano & Hernán Milla
20th Century Spanish Music for Flute and Piano Vol. 2
Classical - Duo - Spain
Gold Medal Winner
Winifred Phillips
Ancient Heroes
Composer - Album
United States
​Gold Medal Winner
Chandrika Tandon
Ammu's Treasures
Children's Music
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Marvin Camacho & UCR Coral
Cantata Negra
Contemporary Classical
Costa Rica
Gold Medal Winner
Yulia Petrova
Best Wishes
Smooth Jazz - Album
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Stanley Grill
Die Erste Elegie
Classical - Composer
United States
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