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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: September 2023 Winners
Gold Medal Winner
Sangeeta Kaur 
Composer - Female Vocalist
United States
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
José Soto
The Ancestral Call
Costa Rica
Gold Medal Winner
Midya Farajnejad
Tar & History
Iranian Contemporary Folk - Instrumentalist
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement____________________________________________________

Ala Bahrami (Turkey), Paeezan, composition
Alan Storeygard, Favorites: The Music of John Barry, duo, instrumentalist
Alan Williams, Wild Window: California Skies, original score
Albert Chang, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened - Student Ball Vol. 2, instrumental, original score
Alex Hand, The Fast Crusade, instrumentalist, concept
Amanda Abizaid, Hold On My Heart Arabic Version, lyrics/songwriter, female vocalist
Andrew Huang (Taiwan), Troubador, album art/graphics
Anna Nicholson (Canada), Blink, lyrics/songwriter
Anthony Frizzell (Australia), I'm In Love, male vocalist
Anton Levin (Argentina), Frozen Souls, album
Avguste Antonov (France), An American Journey, classical piano
Avra Banerjee (Australia), Manoyatri, album
Borislav Slavov (Belgium), Baldur's Gate 3 Original Game Soundtrack, game music
Bruce Babcock, Springscape, composition LINK
Caroline Hernandez, Diablo Immortal Blood Knight Announcement Cinematic, game music
Charu Suri, Rags & Ragas, composer creativity/originality
Christopher R. Nichols, Transcontinental: Music Without Borders, trio, chamber music
Cicada (Taiwan), Seeking the Sources of Streams, instrumental
Daniel Burwasser, Flights of Imagination, contemporary classical, composer LINK LINK
Dario Savino Doronzo (Italy), Reimagining Aria, third stream, album LINK
David Colson, Conversing With Spirits, creativity/originality
Debé Gunn and Charu Suri, Jackson Square Waltz, alternative jazz, composition
Delirium Musicum, Seasons, chamber music, album
Derris Lee and José Valentino, In the Twinkling of an Eye, jazz fusion
E J Ouellette, Roll Over O'Carolan Carolan's Concerto, contemporary traditional music, producer
Emily Drennan, I Know Your Name, singer/songwriter LINK
Eric Klein, New Day Fanfare, contemporary classical, composition LINK
Evan Carydakis (Australia), Cherry Pops, song
Hando Nahkur, Sounds of Ukraine (Live at Estonia Concert Hall), contemporary, new release
Iasi Ensemble (Greece), Astis, album
Jakob Buchanan, Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Marilyn Mazur, Carsten Seyer-Hansen, Song & Wind, symphonic jazz
James Adler, That Star in the Picture, composer
Jim Hannah, The Signal And The Noise, music video, lyrics/songwriting
Joanna Estelle (Canada), Svyatyj Bozhe (Holy God), classical
Joel Astley, Seattle to Greaseland, blues
Jonas Frølund, Solo Alone & More, instrumentalist
Katherine Farnham, The Lord's Prayer, Christmas music
Kathryn Shipley and Lee Newton, I'll Be There, Christian contemporary
Kobi Arad, Raga Rag #1 - Piano Solo, jazz
Laura Puras, Chai, innovation in sound
Leti Garza, Mis Ojos Sobre Ti, Latin pop, song
Lisa Cullum (Singapore), Into the Light, classical crossover
Louise A. Adams, Come Dance With Me, folk LINK
Margaret Maria (Canada), Goddess of Edges, composer, creativity/originality
Maria Glassner, Sinking Stars, female vocalist LINK
Mark Cameron, Nasty Business, blues, album
Mark Laughlin, Debussy: Images and Arabesques, classical, and Franz Schubert: Impromptus and Dances, classical
Marko Stuparevic, (RE)Creation - Russian Piano Sonatas, instrumentalist, album
Matt B, Alkebulan, album, Gunjale, song, and Freedom, music video
Milana Zilnik (Canada), Metamorfosi, classical crossover, composer
Molly Gunner, Let it Ride, rock
Monika Dr Demmler, Princess, alternative rock LINK
Nate Wang (Taiwan), Aliisha - The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses, game music, composer, producer LINK LINK LINK
Nina Assimakopoulos, Bending Light: Sonic Prisms for Solo Flute, instrumentalist LINK LINK
Nonexister (Switzerland), How Do You Dare, music video, and Drowning in the Void, music video
Onorio Zaralli (Italy), The Bible Flute, solo flute
Pablo Esquivel Noel (Costa Rica), Spheres, classical
Paul Messina, Althea, alternative jazz, composer, producer, and White Roses for Althea, composition, alternative jazz
Peter Xifaras, While My Guitar Weeps For Mehdi Rajabian, instrumental, protest music
R!N/S-Future, Onmyoji Mobile, Words of Mine, song, game music
Roberto Tola (Italy), Under The Leo Sign, crossover jazz
Roman Miroshnichenko and Vadim Chebanov (Russian Federation), Frevo, live performance LINK
Ronnie LaMarque, Love Make the World Go Round, male vocalist, traditional pop
Rui Gama (Portugal), Caprichos, classical, duo
Sarah Hutchings, Cobalt, Jade, Amethyst, female vocalist, and d'Arc, female vocalist, album
Seredaw (Taiwan), Dreamscape, world music
Shaun Drew, Singularity, contemporary classical, composer, concept LINK
Shujie Liang, Lovebrush Chronicles - Civlized, game music, and Lovebrush Chronicles - The Misty City, game music
Sophia Agranovich and Rupam Sarmah, Love Serenade, concept, creativity/originality
Swapna Abraham (India), Loved, pop, female vocalist
Teresa Mitchell and Ranses Colon, Ponteios, classical/world music
The Ottawa Latin Jazz Orchestra (Canada), Welcome back from Varadero, composition
The Power of One Movement, Spread Hope Send Love Around The World, listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Thermo (Canada), Birdlike, jazz
Thomas Green, A Cry For The Ancients, instrumentalist, creativity/originality
ThreeStyle (Croatia), Adriatic Flow, smooth jazz
Tri Nguyen (France), Duos - Alone, world music
Virko Baley, Music for Emily Dickinson, contemporary classical, composer
Winifred Phillips, Joyful Folk, folk, composer, album
Ya-Ching Chang (Taiwan), The Hái-ang Paint II, contemporary classical
Yufan Xu, Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile - Legend of the Fox God Cutscene, game music
Yun-Han Su (Taiwan), Reverberating Sounds of the Pipa, instrumentalist

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

2tone, Cindy Horstman and Michael Medina, Remembering, instrumental LINK
AKISAI M (Japan), I am your Special One, creativity/originality LINK
Amirhossein Taei (Iran), Daftare Del, world music, male vocalist LINK
Andrew Huang (Taiwan), Heaven and Earth, concept, lyrics/songwriter
Anna Nicholson (Canada), Walking Wounded, Americana
Baba Kuboye, Cultural Canvas, afrobeat LINK
Ban Brothers, Move On, alternative pop-rock, and In My Dream, adult contemporary LINK LINK
Behnam Khodarahmi (Iran), Be YourSelf, classical
Carla F. Benedicto (Spain), Last Wishes, original score/soundtrack
Carlo Berton (Italy), Chat Noir, contemporary classical
Chris Beard, Pass It On Down, contemporary blues
Christina Gaudet, Blaze The Night Away, blues rock
Christine Manetta (Australia), One Woman One Day, lyrics/songwriter, female vocalist, and Who Are The People, lyrics/songwriter
Clement Reid, Mists for Three Ukuleles, contemporary classical
Delu Duan, DuelEdged, game music LINK
Dmitry Fesenko (Ukraine), Russian Doll, creativity/originality LINK
Esteban Le Comte (France), Remnants of History, composition
Fung Flow, Qi-Philo Flow, concept, creativity/originality, and Soulful Sages, concept, creativity/originality
Funmi Dominic Olaoye (Canada), I am Free, music video, female vocalist
GangstaR, Goryu, Stevie, Onmyoji Mobile, Bur, pop
Gary Matheny, Back Where I Belong, contemporary country LINK
Gloria Domina & Theresa Radtke, The Legend of Burbbles, production/producer
Go Go Machine Orchestra, Symbol, alternative
Graham Whorley, World Wrapped in Chain, creativity/originality
Hamed Dehghani, Habibi, pop
Israela Margalit, Screwed sp, a Comedy of Manners in Word and Song, lyrics/songwriter
Jake Hill, After Hours, smooth jazz
James Kahn, The Risin' of the Sea, folk, album
JayBird Byrne (Australia), Convergence, emerging artist, and Pups at Work, emerging artist LINK
Jeff Eisenberg, As Colors Fade, composition
Jingfei Wang (China), Identity V, game music
Juan Joaquín Cano Guirado (Spain), 38º 01' NORTH 20º 36' EAST, composer
Juan Ull (Spain), Invierno, contemporary classical
Julia Thomsen (United Kingdom), Eternal Love, contemporary classical, composition
Kelly Riley, Let's Jump in the Grass, female vocalist LINK
Key Loch (Australia), Starlight, pop, composition, song
Khanh & Dong Lan, Hỡi Người Nơi Đâu, song, music video
Lannie Battistini, Keys to the Groove, duo
Lin QianWei, Ashfall Main Theme, game music
Luis Alberto Naranjo (Spain), Molina Eterna, composition LINK
Lynne Swaney, Mrs. Right, country
Mahdi Attarian (Iran), Nostalgia, instrumental
Mahdi Vojdani (Turkey), Mirror in the Wind, composition LINK
Michael Bush (Germany), Beyond The Fog, soundtrack film/television
O-Kai Singers (Taiwan), Those Days, acapella
Pam R. Johnson Davis, Road Trip, female vocalist
Persia White, Vampire, music video
Peter Veteska & Blues Train, Full Tilt, blues
Raf n Soul, Turn it Up, house music
Ramin Hosseinpour (Iran), Video Art Of Sculpture, male vocalist, music video
Remy Lamont (United Kingdom), Cremantique, music video
Renaissance Heart, One World, world music, production
Renee' Michele, Life is a Wave, instrumental, composition
Rodrigo Simoes (Canada), Tre, Latin jazz LINK
Ronghui Zhu, Fantasy Westward Journey - Battle of the Black and White Skeleton Spirits, game music, original soundtrack
Samir Chatterjee, Samir Bodhi - Memories of Empathy, new age
Sarah Wallin-Huff, Tonal Eclipse, electronic
Sayakalnoue, Onmyoji Mobile, Wonderful Connection, pop, song
Sebastian Bauer (Germany), Hoplove - A Journey Through the Hop Year at Lake Constance, song
Silvia Blaser (Switzerland), Deep Journey, new age
Suting Han (United Kingdom), Ice Jams, contemporary
The Bluestone Sisters, Kwanzaa's Pure Light, holiday music, song
The Power of One Movement, Spread Hope Send Love Around The World, world music
Tom Sykes, A Long Hard Road, rock
Vanessa Delaine (Australia), Standing in Line, country blues
Wei Nie (China), Dahua2: Inner Chapters, original score, To Whom the Heroes Belong, song, and The Grandeur of Set Bells, song, production
William Hawkins, Second Chances, R&B
Yufan Xu and Xihao Wang, Fantasy Westward Journey Mobile - Legend of the Fox God Main Theme, game music
Yui Mugino, Onmyoji Mobile, Thorn Princess, pop, and Echoes in the Moonlight, pop
Yulia Ogbamiacel (Eritrea), Amor, music video
Zichong He, Duan'Wu Festival, game music, band, Winter Solar Term, game music, and The Echoes of Qing'Ming, game music
Gold Medal Winner
Sharif Awan
Music in Covid Times
Creativity/Originality - Album - Producer
Gold Medal Winner
José Valentino, University of Florida Wind Symphony, David Waybright, Ricardo Lorenz
Found Connection
Composer - Instrumentalist
​Gold Medal Winner
Yang Zhang 
The Touch Of The Surging Tide 
New Age - Composer
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Benedetta Orsi
Female Vocalist - Classical
United States
Gold Medal Winner
George Kontogiorgos
De Chirico
Classical - Composer
Gold Medal Winner
Emma Chenhua Lin
Voyage of Guzheng
World Fusion