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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: November 2022 Winners
Gold Medal Winner
Roc Flowers, Fabrizio Bosso, Max Ionata
Jazz - Album
United States
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Dom Salvador Trio, featuring Gili Lopes and Graciliano Zambonin
Latin Jazz - Brazil - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Dr. Man-Ching Yu Donald, Ph.D.
Unraveling for Orchestra
Contemporary Classical - Composition
 Hong Kong SAR
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

Abdolhossein Mokhtabad (Iran), These Moments, composition, male vocalist
Alan WilliamsSerengeti: A Journey to the Heart of Africa, original score/soundtrack
Albert ChangOnmyojazz · life, game music
Alessandro Orlandi (Italy)In a Tamasic World, music video LINK
Alexander Suleiman & Yi Zhong (China)Impressions of China, instrumentalist, chamber music
Andrzej Kosendiak (Poland)Zebrowski: Vesperae in visitatione beatae Mariae Virginis, group album
Anna Urpina (Spain)Baroque / Modern, instrumentalist, emerging artist
Arman Manshaei (Iran)Homeland, experimental
Armando Bernabeu (Spain)Música Para Banda 2012-22, marching band
Artur Pereira (United Kingdom)Poemas do Monte, classical LINK
Ban Brothers, Tomorrow's Gonna Rain, alternative rock LINK LINK
Bjarke MogensenAlbum for Astor, tango
Bruce BabcockBe Still, composition
Camilo Valencia, Richard Bravo and Alex SinoFunkeando, instrumental performance in group LINK
Cecilia Tsan, Chamber Works of Eric Tanguy, contemporary classical
Che-Kang Chang (Taiwan)Battlefield, original film score
Chris Andrew (Canada)Home, jazz LINK
Chris Combest, Mosaic, instrumentalist, album
Chris SheltonSerpent Mound, contemporary classical
Cory MixdorfSongs & Elegies, instrumentalist
Damon Smith (Australia)Skeletons Skeletons Skeletons, blues
Dan Flanagan, Trio SolanoEhrlichia, Rhapsody in Discomfort #6, composition trio
Darlene Koldenhoven, The Grand Piano Spa: Legacy, classical crossover, and Cheerful Mohana, music video
Davide Caprelli (Italy)Libera Nos - il Trionfo sul Male, original score/soundtrack
Debra KayeIkarus - duo for Binya, contemporary classical, composition, and Ikarus Among the Stars, composition, creativity/originality
Devan Ekambaram (India)Brindavan, album
Doc HolidayWildflower, country
enhakē, Child's Play, chamber music album
Emilio TeubalFuturo, world music
Eugene MagalifFOG, flute ballad
Francesca KhalifaElevation, album
Gaurang NarasimhanNo Longer Isolated, composition
George VoukanosTerra Olympia - A, composer
Grace GarlandGot To Be Sure, jazz fusion
Holiday & Luckie, Do It Right Now, inspirational/gospel
Iluminada Pérez Frutos (Spain)My Small Paradise, children's classic
Ingrid Carbone (Italy)Ruggiero Leoncavallo: Pour Piano, from opera to piano, instrumentalist LINK
Irina MorelandDebussy, Preludes, Book 2, classical, album LINK
Ivan Sintsov (Thailand)Flight of the Witch, composition LINK
Jan Michael Looking Wolf with Robin GentlewolfAcceptance, instrumental
Jessica Silber, It Hurts to Love a Woman, lyrics/songwriting
Johnny Summers (Canada)Let's Do It Again, This Christmas, male vocalist, lyrics/songwriter
Jon Altham (United Kingdom)North Star, composer, original score, and Eyes Wide Open, with Blanco White, folk music, lyrics/songwriter
José RuizRompiendo Fronteras (Breaking Boundaries), with Shawn Perkinson & Alex Acuña, funk fusion, and Embarkation: The Resiliency of Humanity Amid COVID-19 with Bruno Miranda, contemporary classical
Joseph MetcalfeThe King's Daughter, original score, film soundtrack
Katharina Nohl (Switzerland)Rhapsody Spices, composer, creativity/originality LINK
Katherine FarnhamO Holy Night, Christmas music
Katie Garibaldi, Dear Universe, song
Khajehnoori BandSweet Dreams, instrumental fusion, instrumentalist, and Rain, original score
Kim Sherman, Quiet Poems, composer, and Four Moods, composer
Kobi Arad, Childish Dreams / Far India, jazz children's album
Kwun Pang (United Kingdom)Supernatural, music video
Lars HannibalMirror of the Past, composer
Leokane PryorLanihuli, album
Lisa Cullum (United Kingdom)I Loved You, neo-classical
LiTing Chiu (Taiwan)Crossing Parallels, jazz, composer
Lyia Meta (Malaysia)You Think About Me, album
Manel Gil-Inglada (Spain)Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, original score/soundtrack
Marc Miner (Austria), The Path of His Spirits, original score/soundtrack
Marcelo Fernandes MaccagnanNight Tales, band, creativity/originality
Mark LaughlinPoulenc: Improvisations and Nocturnes, classical, album, and The Music of Enrique Granados, classical
Matej Meštrović (Croatia), Mysteria Mossoriana, ambient, composer
Meg Pfeiffer & Luca Stricagnoli, Machine, song
Michael BorowskiGardens Of Zion in the Rain, solo piano composer
Michael ColemanEastern Shore Rag, composition
Michele D'Amour and the Love DealersHot Mess, blues, band
Michele Josia (Italy)I Follow You, original score
Mina Samy, Light and No Heroes, composition LINK
Mt Boi, 4 You, afrobeats LINK
Mustafa Yazicioglu (Turkey)New Cycle, game music
Nadia ShpachenkoInvasion: Music and Art for Ukraine, composer, album
Natalie JeanI Can't, Americana
Oscar Leanizbarrutia (Spain)Petra de San José, film soundtrack
Our Piano Trio (Taiwan)Heart Queen, composer, trio
Pablo Cohen, 4:00 am, classical guitar, instrumentalist
Paola Samoggia (Italy)27 dollari, DAYDREAM, composition
Pigi Likoudi (Greece)Makrigiannis-Pigi Likoudi-A.Sikelianos, composition LINK
Rachel BurckardtMount Auburn Requiem, classical, composer
Rafael SerralletSpanish Serenade for Ukraine, instrumentalist
Robin Spielberg & Louis Anthony deLiseIreland: An Orchestral Portrait, classical crossover, orchestral arrangement
Roc FlowersAlways Searching For Freedom, jazz/hip hop, album
Rochelle SennetBach to Black: Suites for Piano, Volume II, instrumentalist
Roger AdamsOld and Gray, country LINK
Ryan CarterThe Setup, hip-hop, lyrics/songwriter LINK
Sergio Pastor Gonzalez (Spain)Generations, instrumental LINK
Shahin YousefzamaniWomen, Life, Freedom, classical
Shenyi Shen (China)Tian Xia 3: Dangerous Voyage to the North Sea, game music
Shinji EshimaZheng, composer
Sonny MorganJohn Deere Steering Wheel, male vocalist
Spina-Benignetti Piano Duo (France)Schubert's Music for Piano Four Hands, classical
Stanley GrillCanciones de la Tierra, classical
Stephanie NhanNice to Meet You, children's music
Tess Remy-Schumacher, Kitt Wakeley: ASA for cello solo, instrumentalist, and Remember Me, instrumentalist
Tim NeumarkOpus 8, solo instrumental, album, and 24 Improvs, solo instrumental, album
Van Zeng (China)Jade Dynasty, original score
Wenkai WangRight Now, Wrong then, music video
Yuko Kawasaki, City Counterpoint, jazz
Yulia PetrovaWhy Did It Come Out That Way, smooth jazz, instrumentalist LINK
ZiChong He (China), Light from the Other Side, game music, and Aria of Stars, game music

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Ala Bahrami (Turkey)Kouchehaye khis3, instrumental
Albert ChangAbove the Castle Theme, game music, original score, and Beyond the Sky, game music
Allen Ling, A Name in Your Book, adult contemporary, emerging artist
Alyssa KuangMusic at Sunset, instrumentalist
Andrea WardAwake at Night, song
Andrew Huang (Taiwan), In Dream, concept
Anna RudolphOne Two Three, song, sound editing/mixing LINK
Anthony Frizzell, Insegnante Teacher, male vocalist
Asta (Taiwan)Feast of the Soul, RnB, production/producer LINK
Beni Garrido (Switzerland)Earth (ARDA), music video
Carla Rose Kelly, Love You Baby Lullaby, music medicine
Cecilia SuhrAscend, contemporary classical
Christine WhittenUkraine, Ukraine (Half The World Away), creativity/originality
Clement ReidWorld Beat for 3 Ukeleles, contemporary educational
David CobbBright Quiet Things, folk music
Dawn KarimaGod on the Mountain (Live), bluegrass gospel
Dawn RixTennessee Miles, modern country, female vocalist
Dimitris Nezis (Greece)Wasting My Time, male vocalist LINK
Elizabeth NaccaratoA Southwest Story, instrumental, composition/composer
Everton Roy CollinsThey Used to Be Mine, reggae
Jared M. Lane, The Shepard's Portrait, original score/soundtrack
Jeff EisenbergSizzling Sand, original score
Jenn Dashney Longbine, We Fall Down, lyrics/songwriter, female vocalist
Jiaxuan Tao (China)In Search of Dragons, game music
Jingfei Wang (China)Identity V Halloween Theme, game music
Jingru Gong (China)Marvel Superwar, game music
Jocelyn Pettit (Canada)Wind Rose, instrumentalist, and Silk and Spice, composition, folk music
Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira (Canada)Across the Western Ocean, duo
Judith Lynn StillmanWomen Trailblazers in Music, listener impact: content/message delivery, and Essential Business, listener impact: content/message delivery
Juju XuA Way Out, composer, game music
Justine BlazerTears of Blue, female vocalist, blues
Katie GaribaldiThis and That, original score/sound track
Khajehnoori BandFreedom, instrumentalist, and Galaxy, sound special effects
Kike Ega (Spain)Salve Regina, new age LINK
La La MusiqWarrior, inspirational music LINK
Luis Alberto Naranjo (Spain)Alzando el vuelo, composition LINK
Luis Enrique, Leonid Agutin, Alex Sino and YADAMAsi de Lento, Latin music
Lyn_SeyYou're Gonna Miss Me, R&B LINK
Mary Beth OrrEspana-Spanish Mary, instrumentalist, emerging artist
Megan MorrisonDevil Said Roam, music video LINK
Mia Delamar, Cool, lyrics/songwriting, song
Michelle LockeyWho Hears the Broken, song, and I Should've Done Better, lyrics/songwriter LINK
Michelle RoseMidnight Moon, emerging artist, music video
Mikael MusixLet's Go Out, Latin jazz LINK
Murielle McCarthyLittle Story, solo piano LINK
Nina Feric (Croatia)People, Places, Moments, instrumentalist, emerging artist LINK
Peter ZasulyTalent is Timeless, listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Ratko Delorko (Germany)12 Treasured Tattoos for Piano, composer
Rene Soler The Cuban WayCuba Mia, Latin music
Renee' MicheleGOODBYE, instrumental, composition
Robert PriceMoons For Eyes, alternative
Rochelle & The SidewindersMy Baby Came Back, blues
Sal Salgado (Germany)Happy Christmas Everyone, pop
ShuJie Liang (China)Love Letter, game music
Siddharth Nagarajan (India)Rudra (Feat. Naveen Kumar & Guy Bernfeld), instrumental performance in a group
Storms Storms (India), Always Here, world music, producer
STUDEO (Australia)Find Your Destiny, adult contemporary
Tim NeumarkOn Fire - Original Score, original score, composer
UF & NCSU Collaborative Music Entrepreneurship EnsembleUnveiled Wonder, multi-genre
Ugo Raimondi (Italy)Il culto del dio Fujin, composition LINK
Walter HollandEvent Horizon, electronic music
William E. Simpson IIWe Are The Wild Horses, listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Yola NashManhattan Whispers, new release LINK
YueKun Zhao (China)And Night Falls Upon Middle Earth, game music
Yulia PetrovaGoodbye, smooth jazz LINK
ZiChong He (China)Sailing to Tidal Afterglow, game music
Zijian Tang (China)Hyper Front - Aim Higher, game music

Gold Medal Winner
Miao Miao Flow
Szu-Chien Lu
Composer - Album
Gold Medal Winner
Egidija Medeksaite
Contemporary Classical
Lithuania - United Kingdom
​Gold Medal Winner
Music Video
Gold Medal Winner
Roman Miroshnichenko
My Best Songs
Instrumental - Album
Gold Medal Winner
Nati Boldominos
Mi Mundo Interior
Female Vocalist - Concept
Gold Medal Winner
Gao Hong & Kadialy Kouyate
House of Friendship - Terry Kunda
Duo - Instrumentalist
United States - United Kingdom