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Entry Deadline 6 September 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - November 2019
Gold Medal Winner
Brian Tarquin
Orlando In Heaven
Charitable Purposes Album - United States
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
YK Band - Wind Music
Arcaron - The Rise of a Myth
Album - Creativity/Originality
Taiwan - Spain
​Gold Medal Winner
Cindy Shea de Mariachi Divas
Asi Es Una Mujer
Band - Mexico
Gold Medal Winner
Javier Arnanz
Barbacana - Composer
Gold Medal Winner
Susan Merdinger
American Melting Pot - Album
Instrumentalist - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Danilo Gossain Ricci & Eduardo Díaz
Francisco Cabanzo & Juan Sebastián Rojas
Caminolargo - Ethnomusicological Album
Gold Medal Winner
Michail Travlos
Night Visions - Album - Composer
Gold Medal Winner
Antara Nandy
Aayi Re Badraa - The Monsoon Song
Singer/Writer - Emerging Artist - India
Gold Medal Winner
Sylvie's Songs & Amanda Sullivan
Roots Run Deep - Lyrics/Songwriter
Female Vocalist - United States
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

Alan WilliamsDays of Harmony, original film score
Alejandra Torres (Spain), Cuatro Estaciones, album and duo (Alejandra Torres and Roberto Quintero)
Bill WrenEnchanted Kingdom, contemporary instrumental LINK
Carey Missler and Megan Freedman (Canada)Roots & Wings, music video
Christopher NicholsAlmost All American : 21st Century Works for Clarinet, album and solo instrumental performance
Cindy Shea (Mexico)Asi Es Una Mujer, female vocalist (Stephanie Martinez) and audio engineer (Salvador Chava Sandoval, Oscar Villa, Alex Carballo)
Clement ReidSeascape #2 for Harp, contemporary classical
Costa&Casanova Piano Duo Da Vinci Publishing (Italy)Costa&Casanova Piano Duo - CD Da Vinci Classics, album
Cracow Duo - Warner Classics (Poland)Polish Music Experience, album and duo (Jan Kalinowski, cellist ; and Marek Szlezer, piano)
Daniel Carneiro, It's a Goal, music video
Dee Daniels (Canada)The Promise, album, contemporary gospel and female vocalist
Douglas Thunder Horse, Sacred Journey, album and instrumentals/instrumentalists (Douglas Thunder Horse, Robin Gentlewolf and Jan Michael Looking Wolf)
Egidija Medeksaite (Lithuania)Textile, album, composition/composer and minimal contemporary music
Elia Cmiral, Safe Inside, soundtrack film and television
Elizabeth Usher (Australia)There's No Place for a Uke on Halloween, humor/humorist, lyrics/songwriter and song
Fiona Ross (United Kingdom)Fierce and Non Compliant, jazz and album (written, arranged and produced by Fiona Ross)
George Kontogiorgos - Naxos (Greece)Dancing with Centaurs : Stories for Saxophone, album and composition/composer
Graeme Drum and Lenka Lichtenberg (Canada)Patience, female vocalist (Lenka Lichtenberg) and song (Graeme Elchuk - producer)
Harbey Urueña Band (Columbia), Harbey Urueña Band, band and instrumentals/instrumentalists (Harbey Urueña, trombone; César Zerrate, percussion; Eduardo Rincon, saxophone; Cindy Gómez, tiple; Flavio Cuta, electric bass)
Ignacio Salvatierra (Panamá), Es Navidad, holiday song and music video
Jan DaleyBroadway Memories : On the Street that I Love, album and female vocalist
John Airey (Canada)Time To Say Goodbye, music video and listener impact : content/message delivery LINK
John CarelliTwo Hearts, One Soul, duo (John Carelli - tenor and Stacy Gabel - soprano) and song
Jon Altham (United Kingdom)The Last Dance (From the motion picture The Divisible motion picture), composition/composer (soundtrack for the motion picture The Divisible)
Jorge SalmaySecond Chance, original score and composition/composer
Jozsef TerekTarogato Innen es Tul - Tarogato and Beyond, album and instrumental/instrumentalist
Juana LunaOcean Avenue, Latin music and album
Judith Lynn StillmanA Woman's Place Is In The House, listener impact
Julia Pajot (France)Coulées de Lave dans les Ténèbres, concept
June Bisantz and Alex Nakhimovsky, Love's Tango, album and lyrics/songwriter LINK  LINK
Karen Bentley Pollick - Toccata ClassicsHermann Grädener : Orchestral Music, Volume One, album and instrumental solo performance
Katherine FarnhamNight of Romance, song and lyrics/songwriter
Kathleen Supové – StarklandEye to Ivory, classical contemporary and instrumental/instrumentalist
Kathryn Shipley and Songwriter Chuck ThomasGod Gave Me All I Need, modern country music) 
Kevin McAleean (Northern Ireland), I Won't Go Back, soft rock
Khaled Al Kammar (Egypt)Qabeel, original score and composition/composer
Kobi Arad, Segments, album and band (Kobi Arad, Ray MacNaugh, Henoc Bazelais Montes)
Kristian Sensini (Italy)KuartetS, classical and composition/composer
Krzysztof Kaczka (Poland)Lukasz Wos : Works for Flute and Piano, album and instrumental/instrumentalist
Lisa SnidermanKeep Shining, music video LINK
Magdalena Chovancova (German)Threestyle, smooth jazz (Magdalena Chovancova, Robert Fertl and Gabriela Chovancova)
Makichi (France)Error, band song LINK
Martone DanielsErogenous Zone, electronic dance music
Masoud RezaeiUntil, world music and album
Melissa BaileyPermission To Love, song (Melissa B., Spencer Battiest, Cheri Yielle) and production/producer (Melissa B. & Michael Ashby)
Michael Guinn (United Kingdom)Todesfuge - Death Fugue, spoken word poem with music (Paul Celan) and creativity/originality LINK
Michael Kollwitz and Walton MendelsonThe Stick EWI Project: (Chapman Stick & Electronic Wind Instrument-EWI), instrumental music
Mikhail VolchoklBurlesque for 15 Instruments, composition/composer
Mikuskovics Baum (Austria)Lux Natus Est, album
Monica WilliamsYou are Compassionate, new age
Nacre (Canada)Nacre - Sitting on the Mountain, female vocalist (Nacre)
Natalie JeanNostalgia de Navidad, holiday song (Natalie Jean - arranger, producer, and vocalist, Bruno Vallelunga and Danilo Gossain - songwriters)
Nick DukasSomebody Loves You, song and trio
Nima DelnavaziFrom Ray to Tisfound, album and instrumental/instrumentalist
Pabs DadivasMother, environment protest song
Pearl Yim (United Kingdom)The Mermaid's Odyssey, composition/composer LINK
Peter DavidsonOn the Edge of Now, album and new age/neo-classical
Peter XifarasSketches, instrumental/instrumentalist
Pin-Yi Fan (Taiwan)Indigo Soul Children, duo (Pin-Yi Fan and Martin "Musa" Musaubach) and female vocalist
Ricky Persaud, Jr.I'm Done, pop and Equality, protest music
Rita D'Arcangelo (Germany), Inspired by Rita D'Arcangelo, classical album and instrumental solo performance
Santina Vendra (Canada), The Rime of the Ancient Mariner : The Musical, lyrics/songwriter
Sara Costa and Fabiano Casanova - Da Vinci Classics (Italy)Russian Music for Piano Four Hands, album, instrumentals/instrumentalist and duo
Sharon FendrichRed Sky Prairie, album
Suraaj Parab (India)So Close So Far, contemporary classical
Susy Rottonara (Italy)Dolasila's Love (L'amur de Dolasila), contemporary opera and composition/composer (Susy Rottonara : soprano and composer) LINK
Todd MosbyOpen Waters, concept album and contemporary instrumentals
Tony MarinoTango Silhouette, album and composition/composer
Wayne DouglasHey Dad (Wayne Douglas), folk
Yan Shen, Fantasy/Sonata/Elegy, instrumental/instrumentalist
Yelena YelizarovaLittle Blue Dragon Lullaby, children's music and lyrics/songwriter

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Amir Hedayah (Egypt), Apocalypse, soundtrack film and television
Andonia Gischina (Germany)Out of Line, experimental
Andrew Markus - 4 Score And 7 MusicRing of Faith Score, original score and sound editing/sound mixing
Andrew WatkinsStorm, jazz large ensemble arrangement
Angelo David PaleologosTrigger, music video
Caren MessingSwimming Upstream, music video (M. West) and creativity/originality
Carlos Hurtado, The Taste of Me - Sabor a Mi, music video (Los Panchos, composer, Eydie Gorme, singer)
Caroline WilliamsLovely, concept
Cristina HuangThe Color of Amour, romantic music and instrumental/instrumentalist LINK
David Johnston (United Kingdom)The Odd One Out, original score
David S. Goldman, Going to America, listener impact : motivational/inspirational
Dinah BianchiAnaphora, original score and composition/composer
Dulce Joya Léon (Germany), Devotion, album
Ehsan Matoori, Nostalgia, composition/composer
Elly Kellner (The Netherlands)Mountains of Men, song LINK
Giorgi Gachava and Merab Mamulashvili (Georgia)The Enemies, original score/soundtrack film and television (Merab Mamulashvili, composer, and Giorgi Gachava, producer)
Guy Renardeau (The Netherlands)A Royal Love Extended, original score LINK
Helena Hilario and Gabriel DibUmbrella, original score/soundtrack for film and television
Jaimie PanganFarewell, composition/composer
Jennifer BowmanChristmas Colors, classical crossover and instrumental/instrumentalist
Jeremy and Christine Stork (Australia)It's All About You, adult contemporary
Jerry & JoySomething Better, vocal funk fusion and singer/songwriter LINK
John EvergonConstellation of Thoughts, album and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Jonathan Galland, Shadow of the Day (feat. Danica Lipetsky), trailer arrangement
Joseph Stephens, Misbehavin', lyrics/songwriting
Justin YauSailing Against the Tide, composition/composer
Kayla BohanRight Here For You, female vocalist
Leea Nanos (Australia)Set Me Free, R&B/pop
Licia SantonastasoDum Dum, music video
LilyWash, rock n’roll (Lily - band)
Louis ColaianniaBelieve In Peace, new age
Luke Bradford (England)Can't Go Back, music video
Mark EtheredgeResonance, contemporary jazz
Massimiliano LombardoBeam OST, soundtrack film and television
Miguel Nájera (Mexico)Tetlalli : The Place of Stones, music video
Mikael ManleyIn All My Wildest Dreams, smooth jazz
Morgan Gullett and Heather MaeSmoke Signals, music video and listener impact : motivational/inspirational
Natalia Carolina Martinez Gomez (Spain)Moon, composition/composer
Nathan Witte (Canada)Denied, music video
Pascal ThiamAmerican Trails, Americana and emerging artist
Renata VontobelStellar, lyrics/songwriter
Ricardo AlvesPara Onde Vão os Anjos Quando Morrem? experimental
Sal CensopranoA New Beginning, pop
Shahin YousefzamaniFragrance, world music
Sherrie DavisWisdom of the Ancestors, Native American flute music and emerging artist LINK
Sora Dietzinger (Germany), Piano Solo, romantic music
Tatiana MikovaThe Christmas Sneeze, original score
Tom Foster MorrisComanche Moon, country
Tony BufordI Don't Wanna Be Lonely, R&B
Valeria Alameda, Emotional Freedom, composition/composer and original score
Victor Halfen (France), Marius – Ximun, music video
Wolfsheart and Robert Horak (Austria)Acoustic Ride, instrumentals/instrumentalists (Wolfsheart and Robert Horak)