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"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - September 2012
Best of Show __________________________________________________________________________________

Mohammed Haddad (Bahrain)Tarafa, album, is the musical interpretation of the life of poet Tarafah ibn albd (543-569AD) and his psychological transformation with his lover, relatives, faith and his painful and mysterious death at the hands of King Amr ibn Hind. With a Western piano in one hand and an Eastern lute in the other, Haddad attempts to bridge the gap between the two worlds. Haddad is a Bahraini musician, a leading composer of Bahraini films scores and music critic. He is best known for his work on the soundtrack of the critically acclaimed Bahraini motion picture A Bahraini TaleLINK  
Awards of Excellence __________________________________________________________________________

Boston College - Ralf GawlickBerlin Suite, original score for documentary film, for string quartet, was commissioned by the German Embassy and Boston College for the documentary, Writing on the Wall: Remembering the Berlin Wall. The score unfolds in eight distinct, dramatic musical reflections that parallel the images and segments of the documentary that honor the liberation from Communist oppression. LINK  

Christiane Kenney - Celestial RecordsCeili, instrumental performance in a group, features music by Christiane Kinney on piano. The performance is part of her album, Metamorphosis, which was on the Grammy entry nomination list for best contemporary folk album and best instrumental composition for Ceili. Kinney is currently touring to promote her band Riddle the Sphinx's latest album, Professional Pretender, which was released worldwide in 2012. LINK  

Dave Pierce (Canada)Arab Games Cauldron Lighting, show music, for the 12th Arab Games Opening Ceremony as a live spectacle from Doha, Qatar, broadcast to a television audience of 1.1 billion viewers. Under the music direction of Canadian composer Dave Pierce the Arab world was introduced to the first hybrid presentation of their music combined with traditional Arabic instruments, symphonic orchestra and modern Western music driving the rhythm section. LINK  

Federico Ferrandina (Italy)Pardigma, composition, played by classically trained guitarist Ferrandina. He is composer and producer of diverse music that also includes jazz and pop/rock. Ferrandina's compositions have been used in films and television including HBO's Big LoveLINK  

Jade Yeh (Canada)Europa, album art/graphics are an exquisite 24 page hard cover limited edition of beautiful original photography by the designer. Each page illustrates and enhances the experience of listening to the companion songs on the album. LINK  

Jeremy Soule - Max Steiner AgencyGuild Wars 2 Soundtrack, video game music, the sound track represents years of development. Soule says, the heroic and the tragic elements of the saga have brought forth my own inner struggles with harmony, rhythm and melody. Soule's soundtracks receive critical acclaim as the best in the video game industry. Often Soule's music is electronic and is frequently indistinguishable from live music. LINK  

Jonathan BeardThree Days (of Hamlet), original score, stands as one of the flag-bearers of an emerging generation of young composers who have grown up deeply steeped in worlds of both orchestral and electronic sound. The score will soon have a big screen theatrical run as part of the independent film, Three Days (of Hamlet), starring Richard Chamberlin and Stefanie Powers. He is a faculty member at UCLA in electronic music. LINK  

Juan Fourcade (Spain)The End, original soundtrack, composed by FourcadeThe End is the story of the relationship among a writer and his character, and the music develops along this fantastic thriller, in occasions psychologically. This is the second award to Juan Fourcade this year for original soundtrack. LINK  

Moritz Schmittat (United Kingdom)Shady Lady, composition, is music for the epic documentary about the B-24 Liberator aircraft called, Shady Lady. The sound track was recorded by the Horsham Symphony Orchestra under conductor Steve Dummer. Schmittat has scored two cinema released features, seven television documentaries, various television commercials and approximately 40 short films. He is a graduate of the Royal College of Music in London. LINK  

Ron Korb (Canada)Europa, is an album of original flute music that takes us across Europe and back into history. Some of the music is inspired by Bach, Beethoven and Mozart while others express the flavor of a region or culture. LINK  

Stephen P. BrownTapestry Tampa Bay, original score, is an affectionate tribute to the distinct wonders of the Tampa Bay area, from the beaches to the local arts scene to the inexplicable number of churches. He even included a movement called Grouper in honor of the fish that strikes him as funny. Brown's career spans more than 30 years performing and conducting music in Europe, the United States and Africa. LINK  

Swara Sisters (Malaysia)Vrnda, vocal group, are classically trained musicians and are established performers in the Malaysian music circuit. They have their own brand of vocal, reggae-fused Carnatic music. Carnatic music is written to be sung, even when played on instruments it is meant to be performed in gyaki (singing) style. The Swara Sisters are 100% Malaysian although the origin of their music is the classical musical tradition of Southern India. LINK  

Awards of Merit ______________________________________________________________________________

Anna Schulze, 6-String & Me, student songwriter LINK

Christiane Kenney - Celestial RecordsLoch Lomond, female vocalist LINK

Dave Pierce (Canada)Arab Games Opening, creativity/originality LINK

Federico Ferrandina (Italy)What We Are, song LINK

Gernot WolfgangTheremin's Journey, composition LINK

Ian HoneymanThe Philly Kid, original score LINK

Jeremy Soule - Max Steiner AgencyGuild Wars 2 Soundtrack, song (Fear Not This NightLINK

Jonathan Beard, Three Days (of Hamlet), soundtrack motion picture and television LINK

Michael Z. GordonOuter Limits, song LINK

Moritz Schmittat (United Kingdom)Shady Lady, soundtrack motion picture and television and sound editing/sound mixing LINK

Riddle the SphinxWithin Reach, songwriter (Christiane Kinney) LINK

Ryan McQuinnA Look into Christopher's Mind, soundtrack motion picture and television LINK

Sanjay Wandrekar (India)Indian Dusk, experimental LINK

Stephen P. BrownWind Quintet 1, composition LINK

Wayne State University - Russell MillerSuite Justice: A Jazz Setting of the Beatitudes for Big Band and Chorus, composition and choral music LINK