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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - May 2019
Gold Medal Winner
Aaron Nigel Smith
In Our America - Album
Emerging Artist - United States
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Matej Meštrović - Parma/Navona
3 Rhapsodies For Piano And Orchestra
Composer - Album
Gold Medal Winner
Taylor Castro
I Got You - Female Vocalist
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Matthew Carl Earl
Tencent - Hexany Audio 
Arena of Valor - Composer - Game Music
Gold Medal Winner
O-KAI Singers - Wind Music
​Some People Say - Album
Cappella Group - Taiwan
Gold Medal Winner
Sihasin - Jeneda & Clayson Benally
Fight Like A Woman - Album
Protest/Liberation - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Nadia Shpachenko-Gottesman
​​The Poetry of Places - Composer - Album
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Kevin Riepl
Batman vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Film Soundtrack - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Žibuoklė Martinaitytė - Starkland
In Search of Lost Beauty - Composer
Album - Lithuania/United States
Gold Medal Winner
Pacho Flores - Gramophone 
​​Fractales - Instrumentalist - Album
Gold Medal Winner
Gustavo Casenave - Fula Records
Balance - Composer - Album
Uruguay/United States
Gold Medal Winner
Ralf Yusuf Gawlick - Musica Omnia
Imagined Memories - Composer
Album - Germany/United States
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

Aaron Alter, Solar Rays-Jazz Big Band Version, composition/composer (arranger: Gene Pritsker) LINK
Across the Board (Canada)Wild Ones, rock, album and lyrics/songwriter LINK
Adam Moses (Australia)Big Cat Tales, composition/composer and soundtrack for movie trailer LINK
Alan WilliamsThe Craftsman, soundtrack film and television
Anaya Kunst (Brasil)Isalc”Li: A Love Odyssey, album and new age
Andrew EdwardsCamp Wedding, soundtrack film and television
Anton RomashevTonik Slam x Tha Chill (CMW) - White Russian, rap/hip-hop and song
Bearheart Kokopelli (Austria)Vision Quest, album and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Brian Kelly, From Nowhere (feat. Eric Crystal), composition/composer
Bruno Vallelunga , Brian Vallelunga, Amanda Vallelunga (Canada), Holiday Blues, pop holiday song, female vocalist (Léonie Gray), and lyrics/songwriters 
Calvin Standing Bear, Fly Eagle Fly, contemporary Native American flute music and album LINK
Carmen TraubSuper God, music video LINK   LINK
Chiara Cipelli (Italy)Bettinelli Piano Music, contemporary classical
Christian Maucery (France)Happy Ending, folk/blues and album LINK  LINK
Christopher LeslieTo the Point, instrumental/instrumentalist (euphonium) and album
Clark FordThe Smallest Act of Kindness, adult contemporary and male vocalist
Cliff Beach featuring the MBsConfident, funk/soul LINK  LINK 
Craig MorrisThree Pieces in the Shape of a Square, instrumental/instrumentalist and album
David Lumsden and FriendsHues of Blue, blues
David PeoplesAll Appears Real, Though a Dream, album (featuring Benjamin Schoening)
Davide Caprelli (Italy)Rwanda, original score/soundtrack film and television
Eitan Kenner8Ball City, progressive rock/jazz
Eleazar MoraJavier Solis Una Orquesta y Una Voz, Latin music and male vocalist (tenor)
EncatreSenteur, electronica and album
Franco NannucciSimply the Truth, listener impact: content/message delivery and protest music
Gabriele Saro (Italy), SensationS, composition/composer and album
Gabrielle HelferInto the Night, composition/composer and original score
Golden Era Productions, Africa The Winds of Change, album and world music and beats
Grace GarlandGrace Garland-LADY G!, album
Graeme Drum (Canada)Eclectic Album, world music and beats LINK
Grant Kirkhope and Ryan McQuinn (Portugal)Interstellar Space Genesis OST, game music soundtrack
Gregroy HarringtonWithout You, album and instrumental/instrumentalist (violin)
Guymon EnsleyMeditative Grooves, new age
Henryk Iwan (Poland)Castle Clash OST, game music and composition/composer
Ibrahim Shamel (Kuwait)No Music in Al-Ahmadi, soundtrack film and television and composition/composer
Igor KalninRecital at Luther College, live performance/recital and duo (Duo MemDi: violinist Igor Kalnin and pianist Rochelle Sennet)
Iwona Glinka (Greece)Two Minutes for Two Flutes, contemporary classical, album and instrumental/instrumentalist (flute)
J Edna Mae (United Kingdom)Perfect Imperfect, singer/songwriter
Jennifer BowmanPiano Palettes, instrumental/instrumentalist and composition/composer LINK  
Jordan SiwekSun Inside You, album and lyrics/songwriter
Judah EarlUntold, original score and composition/composer
Kare Strong and Josh GoforthBeneath the Cherry Tree, family music, lyrics/songwriter and album LINK
Kelly Triplett, Neon Bible, emerging artist and listener impact  LINK
Kendra KesselSongs for a Healthy Mind and Body, children's music and album
Kenny SmithHead Pounder: Kenny “Beedy Eyes” Smith & The House Bumpers, album, vocalist/drummer and blues
Kiran Biswa (Australia)O Warriors!, world rock fusion and composition/composer
Kris Berg, Adventures, large jazz ensemble and composition/composer
Laura SuarezAnother Once Upon a Time, lyrics/songwriter, album and emerging artist
Le Vent du Nord Quintet (Canada)Territoires, folk progressive and band
Lis Addison, Zadaka, dance music
Lukasz Wójcicki (Poland)Landscape of Saxophone, classical and composition/composer
Maiya KenickMantra of The Circle, new age
Marta Szlubowska and Svetlana BelskyMyth and Romance: Works for Violin and Piano by Polish Composers, instrumentals/instrumentalists and album
Martin Zalba (Spain)Trail Documentary, soundtrack documentary
Mehdi Rajabian and other Middle Eastern artists (Iran), Middle Eastern, album (artists: Mehdi Rajabian, Arslan Hazreti, Yousuf Alluwaihi, Soroosh Nematollahi, Basem Hawwar, Sakhnini Brothers, Yarub Smarait, Mohamed Saed, Hussain Alhaddad and Omar Teymoorov) LINK  LINK
Michael KollwitzSerenity III - More Peaceful Music on The Chapman Stick, album and instrumental/instrumentalist (Chapman Stick) LINK
Michael Peloso an Natalie JeanLost & Found, lyrics/songwriter and song
Michele D'AmourHeart of Memphis, album, female vocalist and band (The Love Dealers)
Milana Zilnik (Canada)Notte – Nite, composition/composer and album
Mili Chang, Flutist Mili Chang, flutist and emerging artist
Nate KimballZenith's Flight, composition/composer and original score
Nick DukasOnce and Forever Love, album; and Mr. Moon (Take It Away), song and duo (Nick Dukas and Jennifer Day Morrison)
Norm Brunet (Canada)Let Me In, country/pop
Olga Solovieva & Dmitrii Khrychev (Russia)19th Century Russian Cello Music, duo and album  LINK  LINK
Paco FralickLetting Go, album, breakthrough artist, lyrics/songwriter and listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Paul Messina and Mark R. HarrisThe Bigger Picture, jazz and album
Pekka Lunde (Sweden)The Ballet Girl, composition/composer
Peter CalandraCarpe Noctem, neo classical/new age, album and instrumentals/instrumentalists
Peter DavisonWhen I Go Inside, new age and album
Philip HowardConnected, album and composition/composer
Rafael Corpa (Spain)Wild Hunters, soundtrack film and television
Robert Stefanski (Poland)Nowe Oblicza Klarnetu (New Faces of Clarinet), instrumentals/instrumentalist (clarinet)
Rosa María Rodríguez Hernández (Spain)Como el Viento, composition/composer and album
Rudy Pérez and Kyng DavidBe Strong and I Got You, lyrics/songwriter
Ryan Richko, Flexibility and Beyond, soundtrack film and television
Sarah Wallin-Huff, Legend Seekers, composition/composer LINK
Shirley Choi (China)Now or Never, composition/composer and original score
The SkepticsWoodmancy Road, folk LINK
Tim BishopI Call It Love, country Americana and male vocalist
Todd OxfordDesert Waves, Wilderness of Water, instrumental/instrumentalist (alto saxophone)
Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band (Taiwan)In Our Blood, Afro-Cuban jazz and album LINK
Weihao XiaoLying Drunk, song
Weiru Sheng and Erdong LiHistory of Tango, album, duo and instrumentals/instrumentalists
Xijun Liu and Yan Qiu - Tencent TIMIAudio (China)The Invisible Guardian, song (The Waiting of the Abyss)
Yun Meng Ze and Joshua R. Mosley - Tencent TIMIAudio (China)Honor of Kings 2.0, game music and compositions/composers
Zheng Wu and Yaqi MaoPeople Forget, lyrics/songwriter and song LINK  

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

​AG WeinbergerReborn, blues
AL Jazeere, OG Bobby Part 2, music video
Alexander Kaminer and Leti SorianoLift, original score/soundtrack film and television (Leti Soriano)
AM DandyTu, Paradiso, composition/composer
Amy BarberaMake Me a Butterfly, music video LINK
Ani Karu (Australia)Be About Now, lyrics/songwriter
Aniesha Hunt, Until We’re Free, emerging artist, song and protest music
Anna BeatrizTrilha Sonora, world music
Anne-Sophie Bine (United Kingdom)Prufrock Blues, music video (Junny Yap: producer) LINK
Antonio Minelli (Italy)Happy Kitten Dancing Waltz, folk waltz
Avery BlankNot Over, Christian LINK
Catherine Duc (Australia)Ben Hobbs - Blind to You (Catherine Duc 'Till the Daylight' Remix), downtempo/chillout
Cecil Abhishek (India)Agnostic's Parable, lyrics/songwriter
Christopher KamButterflies, music video
Claus Jahn (Germany) Dark Diamonds, album
Clement ReidTheater Piece #1 (Monologue) for Cello, contemporary classical
Colin Gordon-Farleigh and Greg Scheer (United Kingdom)Forever Friend, lyrics/songwriter
Cyndi SalataStamitz Flute Concerto in G Major, instrumental/instrumentalist
Dale HeadCriminal, music video
Danielle HazeltonThe Silence Between, original score/soundtrack film and television
David Penades-Fasanar (Spain)El Ritual del Fuego, symphonic poem for wind orchestra and composition/composer
Debé GunnMadre Mia, lyrics/songwriter
Demi DavisI Gotta Let You Go, pop/dance
Dumb ValleyDumb Valley, hard rock, production/producer (Jonathan Cresci) and band (Dumb Valley)
Dwayne Feris (Canada)The Old Man Down the Old Back Road, country gospel and listener impact
Elena Greandia (Spain)Las Alegrías de Mi Querido Papaito, creativity/originality
Eric BaumPizza Girl, original score/soundtrack film and television
Ewelina Zawiślak (Poland)Fletowe Impresje, album
Georgia Kombou (Cyprus)Chora 1, traditional Greek folk music
Glenn Perry (United Arab Emirates)Aloha, emerging artist
Greg Wells (Australia)Turn into the Storm, lyrics/songwriter
Günther Brück (Austria)Entre Amigos, composition/composer
Hattie Ellis (United Kingdom)Rituals, original score/soundtrack for film and television
J.J. BirdBorn in the Sticks, student singer/country music
Jacob Eder (Austria)Global Sign, composition/composer
Jarryd EliasEnchanted, LLC, soundtrack film and television and composition/composer LINK  LINK
JC RodriguezThe Collective Unconscious, emerging artist and album
Jean Michel Marie-Julie (Netherlands)Along the Road, album
Jiiniikwe Medicine Bird, Infinite Web, composition/composer
Jim Kroft (Germany), The White Arrow, original score/soundtrack for film and television
Jon Ausman, Requiem for Individuality, music video
Jon Bourne (United Kingdom)Blood Means Nothing, original score/soundtrack film and television 
Jonathan GallandThe Ribbon, original score/soundtrack film and television LINK
José Benjamín Falces Vaquero (Spain)Suite of Nothing, contemporary classical and composition/composer
Juan Gimenez Cerezo (España)Agatha Christie on Stage, classical crossover and composition/composer LINK
Junny Yap (United Kingdom)Mrs. Prufrock, music video (Junny Yap: producer)
Katie NorisI Will Be Your Home, pop
Kimberly RobertsWide Open, music video
Lady of the ShallowsRegnava, female vocalist and creativity/originality  LINK
LeahBeth Evans, I’m Afraid of Her, country and duo (Frost Duo)
Lukasz Wójcicki (Poland), Fletowe Impresje, album
Marq Andrew SpeckWhen I Tell You (I Love You), contemporary Christian
Meg Williams, Take Me as I Am: The Muscle Shoals Sessions, rock/blues
Miguel Berzal de Miguel (Spain)No News, original score/soundtrack film and television (Javier Berzal de Miguel)
Nancy StaffordDelerian's Midnight Rider, original score
Nix (Canada)Playing with Fire, pop LINK
Oscar Navarro (Spain)Survivors, rock ballad and composition/composer
Oscar Pascasio (Spain)Magia, new age
Ramesh Lellapalli (India)Take It Easy, world music LINK  
Randall SauerI Like to Dance, children's music
Riya Sokół (Poland), Awaken as Love, music video and female vocalist
Rhiannon Bahree (Australia)Fire, Colorsrun, Crystalline, female vocalist and lyrics/songwriter
Robert Homer MollohanBallad of Ben, lyrics/songwriting
Rodrigo Simoes (Canada)Jazz Brésilien, Brazilian jazz and album  LINK
Ronald ClingenpeelOn My Way Home, contemporary folk and lyrics/songwriter
Sagweba (South Africa)I-Singal (Mama Madikizela), folk music (Maskandi) and emerging artist
Sandrine Rudaz, Moonlight Grief, composition/composer
Sean Hogan (Canada), Seanster and the Monsters - Stripes with Platypus, children's music
Shani Hafees (India)Her Rebirth, music video
Sofia Vaina (Greece)I Wanna Have the Power, song LINK  
Steph Carse, Awesome, music video and song
Tasos Petsas (Greece)Mother of Mine (Anna), concept and creativity/originality
Tom Phillips, Vietnam Aftermath, listener impact of sound/film music: message delivery (Brad Pelzer)
Uga Carlini (South Africa)17 Shots, music video
Vaniah Tamara KingNo More, gospel music
Vincent PasternakEulalia's Happy Day, world fusion
Vishwa GaneshHey Adi, fusion
Walter AparicioAires Indios: Piano Music of Bolivia, world music
Winnie CooperIf You Don't Mind, country
Zhao NiuCastle of Legends, game music and sound editing/mixing