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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - May 2018
Gold Medal Winner
Giuli Mendizza
India Guarani - Female Vocalist
Latin Pop - Paraguay
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Lin Ma and Zhen Chen
On & Between - Album - Instrumentalists
China/United States
Gold Medal Winner
Iwona Glinka
Aleph - Classical  Flautist  - Album
Gold Medal Winner
Earl Louis Stewart
​​Homage to Swing - Composer
Counterpoint Classical/Jazz - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Ensemble for these Times
​The Hungarians: From Rozsa to Justus 
Album - Classical Ensemble - United States
Gold Medal Winner
John Haines-Eitzen
Spanish and Italian Music for Solo Cello
Album - Cellist - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Martha Reich
Brave Bird - Female Vocalist
United States
Gold Medal Winner
 Across The Board 
Sonic Boom - Alt Pop Rock Band
Gold Medal Winner
Pablo Cohen
La Casa - Album - Classical Guitar
United States/Brazil/Argentina
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

​Akemi TakayamaCarl Roskott: Works for Violin, composition/composer, orchestra (Paul Kim conducting Shenandoah Conservatory Symphony Orchestra), instrumentalists/instrumentalists (Akemi Takayama, violin, Silvan Negruţiu, piano) and album
Alan StoreygardThird Time's a Charm, album
Andrea Montalbano (Italy)Eagle's Flight, composition/composer and original score
Annelle Gregory and Alexander Sinchuk, Rachmaninoff: Complete Works & Transcriptions for Violin & Piano, emerging artist (Annelle Gregory) and album (Annelle Gregory & Alexander Sinchuk)
Béatrice BeerBéatrice Beer and Robert McFarland sing Joseph Beer: A Tribute to One of the Great Forgotten Composers, soprano and emerging artist
Ben RauchThe Emoji Song, music video (Ben Rauch and Christina Bianco), lyrics/songwriter, song and male vocalist
Bernadeta Urbonaite (England)Metamorphosis, composition/composer
Clement ReidNorthwest Fanfare Orchestra, contemporary classical
Danae Vlasse and Misca LefkowitzSolstice, duo (Danae Vlasse, piano and Misca Lefkowitz, violin) and album
Daniela D'IngiulloSymphony N.4 Nezahualcoyotl Icuicahuan by Juan Trigos, contemporary classical and female vocalist
Danilo GossainSalsa Chill, album and new release (Come Together song by Natalie Jean)
David Yonan (Germany)Sonata Nr. 1 op. 5 No. 2 for Violin and Piano by Italian/Canadian Composer Sandro Fazzolari, composition/composer (Sandro Fazzolari) and instrumental music (duo: David Yonan, violin and Ulugbek Palvanov, piano)
Deborah OffenhauserSoundscapes, contemporary instrumental LINK
Ensamble 7/4Welcome to America, band and instrumental/instrumentalists
Ensemble 365Eastern Currents, ensemble and album
Jeff Broadbent Matthew Earl and Zhao Hongfei (China)Arena of Valor (AOV), game music and album
John GibsonTraces, composition/composer (electroacoustic/digital music)
Joseph L YoungEvery Moment, album, composition/composer and instrumental/instrumentalist LINK
Joseph SpaniolaDreamscapes, classical and composition/composer
Katherine FarnhamDreams (feat Denny Jiosa), adult contemporary jazz and emerging artist
Katherine HooverCanyon Shadows, trio (Dreamcatcher), album and composition/composer (Katherine Hoover) LINK
Kathy MurrayPremonition of Love, blues and lyrics/songwriter
Katie GaribaldiUnhappy Holiday, music video
Katie Hardyman (Australia)Somebody's Someone, ballad and female vocalist (Amalia)
Kattam Laraki-Côté (Canada)Kattam and his Tam-Tams, children's music and emerging artist
Kevin RieplAtropa, soundtrack film and television and composition/composer
Kim CameronShare My Pillow, dance music
Kitty PaeSynesthesia, album and originality/creativity
Layal Watfeh (United Arab Emirates)Ten Sins, hybrid orchestral music and composition/composer LINK
Leon Gurvitch (Germany)Poetic Whispers, modern classical
Lia Scallon (Australia)Song of the Sidhe, new age and female vocalist LINK
Lili HaydnCaravan, world music
Manel Gil-Inglada (Spain)Unsolicited Special Honor, overall body of work as a composer
Marc-André Pépin (Canada)Tempus Fugit, neo-classical and album
Martin Zalba (Spain)In an Imaginary Country, album and composition/composer
Mary DawoodNostalgia, album
Merv Nickleman (Ireland)Bright Eyed in The Mornin, easy listening folk
Miss TaraRemedy (feat. Simms), song and female vocalist
Morris NorthcuttGabriel's Oboe, instrumental/instrumentalist, listener impact and clarity of expression
Natalie JeanThe Letting Go, music video
Oscar Martín Leanizbarrutia (Spain)Red de Libertad OST, soundtrack for film and television and composition/composer
Pabs DadivasYour Love Will Set Me Free, rock ballad
Peter Davison, Iris - Bringer of Dreams, new age
Rachel LaFond (New Zealand)Encounters of the Beautiful Kind, album
Rahul MukerjiMa De Re Sha, album, composition/composer; Train Ride from Siliguri, song; and Ma De Re Sha, song
Ramon Garcia i Soler (Spain)Oryza, contemporary classical for symphonic orchestra and composition/composer
Santiago Trigueros (Spain)Fields of Dreams, contemporary classical
Sierra DuoSierra Duo, duo (Matthew Bengtson, piano and John Haines-Eitzen, cello)
Suad Bushnaq (Canada)The Road to Jenin, original score, composition/composer emerging artist
Surin SongClassics, Myths & the Wild, world beat, composition/composer and album cover/graphics
Svetlana Belsky - EStrella Piano DuoThe Rite of Spring, duo and instrumental/instrumentalist (Svetlana Belsky)  LINK   LINK
Tanzeal Rahim (Australia)The Lockhearts 'Little Eden', music video
Titas Petrikis (Lithuania)OST - Owl Mountain (2018 dir. Juzenas), soundtrack film and television
Trine Opsahl (Denmark)Add Colours to my Sunset Sky, new age and album
Vicente AvellaRising, album and composition/composer
Virginia FigueiredoSeule: Music for Clarinet Alone, instrumental/instrumentalist
Zhihua HuMusic of Zhihua Hu, composition/composer, instrumental/instrumentalist and emerging artist

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Adam TedescoStay, music video
Agustín Manuel Martínez (Spain)Caricias Desde el Alma, ballade LINK
Albert TatmonMurality, hip-hop and album LINK
Bob James (Canada)Illicit Carnal Nights of Lust, song
Brooke JosephsonSexy N' Domesticated, music video and lyrics/songwriter LINK
Caterina Ross (Spain)All My Life, song
Cecil Abhishek (India), Maverick's World, emerging artist and original score
Craig SailerNow You're Gone, rock
Daniel Lee (United Kingdom)Imagine, electro house, creativity/originality and emerging artist
Dwayne TyreeIt's Your Time to Party, deep house
Elena MaroDocumenting Stories, Documenting Lives, soundtrack collection and composition/composer
Flora ChengBlue Skies on Mars, soundtrack for film and television
Giuseppina Torre (Italy)Il Mio Cielo, contemporary classical and composition/composer
Halvdan (Genio) Engen (United Kingdom)Paul Gauguin, music video
Heidi Christiansen – 2USband (Norway)Heart on Fire, rock
Jeff EdwinsMidnight Mood, jazz
Joe Hoster (Switzerland)Jeu de Scène, composition/composer
Karen OlsonPromising Hope, instrumental/instrumentalist
Kayla SilvermanOutside Looking In, music video
Ken Madson and the Moonshine BanditsMoonshine Bandits – HellRazor, outlaw country and music video
Kenneth Thompkins, Sonatas, Songs and Spirituals, instrumental performance solo and album
Kerry JenningsIn My Memory: American Songs and Song Cycles, male vocalist (tenor)
Kim CameronLiving Without Me, music video
Laura AinsworthWhere Did the Magic Go, easy listening
Leo Zhou (China)Sakya Muni Mantra, electronica/chill-out
Lourissa WrightWilderness, country
Luca Donati (Italy)Instrumentalist Pianist, classical
Mark Alan StansberrryLa Da - Begin Each Day, song
MasaDeep Down, contemporary instrumental music and composition/composer
Matteo Bertolina (Italy)B-E Bagatella Ecatombea, composition/composer
Michael Bush (Germany)Your Amber Eyes, instrumental pop
Michael Knöfler (Germany)Out, music video
Mikael ManleyBy the Way, Brazilian jazz
Milana Zilnik (Canada)The Snow Queen Waltz, female vocalist and song
Millie McKinneyWe Can Be Brothers, contemporary crossover (Taylor McKinney John Robert Murphy and Stephen Thomas)
Monika RyanNow, female vocalist and protest music (This Land)
NickyI Love You on My Own, blues and emerging artist
Paolo Mazza and Davide Boario(Italy)Piume d'Aquila, original score for wind band and voice
Paul de Metairy (France)Organ for All, organ music
Paul MessinaCygnus 2022, jazz
Paul WorrallI'm Your Man, adult contemporary
Queen OfirHigher, pop and dance & electronic; and Ella Rompe Ventanas, Latin
Ramses Escalante Soberanis (Mexico)No Se De Ti - I Do Not Know About You, Latin ballad pop and emerging artist
Ryan RichkoMeditation 101, original score
Simonne DraperFinesa, composition/composer
Songwriting ShaneHearts for Peace, music video
Sophie Keats (Canada)Danny Boy, singer
Stefano Proietti (Italy), I Should Have Kissed You, pop song (composer and arrangement)
Stephanie Tingler and Martha ThomasAmerican Art Songs and Their Poetry, album and listener impact: content/message delivery
Steven DarlingDualities, album and instrumental solo performance
Suraaj Parab (India)Lilies of Remembrance, new age instrumental
Tigran ArakelyanOff The Podium Music Podcast, music podcast 
Vernay Thomas (France)Ice Teens - Maud Geffray, music video