Global Music Awards - Music Competition
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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: March 2023 Winners
Gold Medal Winner
Meriem Ben Amor
Tunisian Tale
Female Vocalist - Duo
Tunisia - Canada
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Anna Kijanowska
Ryterband: The Journey
Classical - New Release
Gold Medal Winner
Terry Blade
Ethos: Son of a Sharecropper
United States
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

Alan Williams, Soul of the Ocean, soundtrack film
Alessandro Orlandi (Italy), The Mystic Haddock, indie pop LINK
Alicia Edelweiss (Austria), When I'm enlightened, everything will be better, singer/songwriter
Allison Brewster Franzetti, Pianista, classical LINK
Ana Krstajic (Serbia), A Cross In The Desert, original score
Anita Lerche, Mil Mere Pritma Jiyo, female vocalist LINK
Anthony Branker, What Place Can Be For Us? A Suite in Ten Movements, composer, band, and The Door of No Return, jazz
Ban Brothers, Phire Elaam, world fusion LINK
Behdad Babaei, Insanity Route, world music LINK
Bruce Babcock, Time and Again, contemporary classical, and Alternative Facts for Organ, protest music
Charleene Closshey, ALIGNED: A Planetary Mantra & Gong Shower, new age, sound editing/mixing
Cory Barnfield, Song and Dance, instrumentalist, new release LINK
David Scott McLean, Te Canto Colores, flamenco, instrumentalist LINK
Dinah Bianchi, Pandora, composition, and Magenta Sunset, experimental
Doc Holiday, Thank You Jesus, God & Teddybear, Christian country
Duo Aznem (Belgium), Kalimat, classical LINK
E&E Duo, Ewelina Zawiślak & Ewa Rzetecka-Niewiadomska (Poland), Dedications, duo
Finn Elias Svit (Denmark), Schubert & Paganini, classical, and Guitar Treasures, album
Francesco Teopini (Hong Kong SAR), Mozart on Guitar: Transcriptions and Adaptations, new release, creativity/originality LINK
Franco Nannucci, Show me the Vision, music video
Gary Muszynski, The Journey Home, production, creativity/originality
Hana Beloglavec, Bayou Home, classical, album
Hiroko Numabe (Japan), Into the Woods, composition, instrumentalist
Huang WeiYu (Taiwan), Infancy, band, sound editing/mixing
Hugo Chinesta (Spain), Medina Elvira Symphonic Impression for Wind Orchestra, composer
Iasonas Psarakis (Greece), Missing Moments, original score/soundtrack
Irina Moreland, Irina Moreland Live, album
Ivis Cequea, Ignacio Salvatierra P. (Panama), A Mi Me Dicen Loca, female vocalist
Jakub Polaczyk, Union Square, composer, new release LINK
Joanna Estelle (Canada), I Am My Home, composition
José Ruiz, I Surrender All (O Come All Ye Faithful Silent Night), Christmas music, male vocalist
Juan Jesús Mena Carmona (Spain), Echoes of Liberation, composition LINK
Karen Salicath Jamali, Hope of Angels, composer, album LINK
Karim Baggili (Belgium), Ocho Manos - Tome 1, composer, album LINK
Katherine Farnham, What Child Is This, Christmas music
Kobi Arad, Coloring, jazz
Kristoffer Hyldig, Olivier Messiaen: Vingt Regards sur l’enfant-Jésus, classical piano
Lana Green, Last Lullaby: Dedicated to the youngest victims of the war in Ukraine, female vocalist
Lantana Trio, Crossing Barriers, trio
Luis I. Torres, Ignacio Salvatierra P. (Panama), Nuevo Amanecer, lyrics/songwriter
Luis Martelo (United Kingdom), Adeus Tristeza (feat. Dinis Silva), instrumentalist
Mathias Reumert & Anders Elten, Argumenta – Works by Philippe Manoury and Maurice Ravel, percussion
Matthew Carl Earl, Heartstrings (China), Honor of Kings - Chinese New Year 2023, album, game music
Michele Josia (Italy), I racconti della Domenica, original score
Mohammadreza Ajdari (Iran), Autumn Girl, instrumental
Musicians' House (Taiwan), Heroine, band, producer LINK
Nalini Vinayak, Ragamalika Based on Raag Kirwani, instrumentalist LINK
Natalie Jean, Heroes, Americana
Odin Eikenes (Norway), True to Your Desire, lyrics/songwriter
Oscar Pan, HÓNG, original score/soundtrack, and paris: nouveau départ, experimental
Pablo Cohen, 4:00 am, classical, instrumentalist
Peter Calandra, The Blue Light, album, ambient, and Bleecker Street, contemporary jazz
Poorva 181, Strolls, world music
Renita George (India), Prakasha Sundharam, music video
Robert Denham, Flute Concerto (piano reduction), composer
Robert Lee Balderrama, The Great Hall Of Smooth Jazz, smooth jazz
Robin Gentlewolf, Colors of Life, instrumentalist, album
Roman Miroshnichenko and Stas Namin (Russia), Fusion Raga, instrumental, producer
Ruben Talon (Spain), Seeking Lightness, instrumentalist, emerging artist
Scott Hagarty, Determination: Music for Trumpet, instrumentalist
Shane Reeves, Roundabout by Yes, instrumentalist
Shirley Choi, Judgment Day, game music
Stanley Grill, The Bridge, composer
Steven Newton (United Kingdom), Resurgence, new age
Sundeep Morrison, Your Love, music video
Suzanne Grzanna, Little Valentine XO, female vocalist
Tess Remy-Schumacher, Kitt Wakeley: Asa, innovation in sound
Texas A&M University - Kingsville Jazz Combos, Dendrology, jazz
The Indica Project (India), Time Travel, world music, production
Tim Brady, Symphony in 18 Parts, contemporary classical, instrumentalist
Titas Petrikis (Lithuania), Crime Solving For Beginners, original score
Trio Vivaldi and Venice Trio, Joseph Hayden: Trios With Flute, trio
Vahagn Stepanyan, Motion, jazz fusion
Velvet Chains, Last Drop, music video
Wiesław Ochwat (Poland), In Between, classical, album
William Mendelbaum, Live in Sunside (for the pianissimo Festival XVII), jazz, album
Wolfsheart, Flute Meditation, instrumental
Yenyu Chi (Taiwan), Nasi, composer, album, album art/graphics
Yoon Ho Kim (China), Honor of Kings - In the Name of Kendo, composition

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Ahmad Chegeni, Stand Up, experimental rock
AKISAI M, Welcome to EVAZ, music video LINK
Ala Bahrami (Turkey), Nagoftehaye Bi Maghsad, instrumental, and Soroude Alafzar, instrumental
Amirreza Ojaghi (Iran), Fall in Love, sonata LINK
Amy McAllister, Love Somebody Hard To Love, listener impact
Angel Faye Russell, Umma Make A Man Outta You, southern blues
Antonia Sinibaldi, Storm, song LINK
Antonio Minelli (Italy), 0:00 AM, solo piano
Ban Brothers, Imagination, folk pop LINK
Barbara Borowicz (Poland), Witold Friemann: Works for Clarinet & Piano, classical, album
Bill McBirnie & Bruce Jones (Canada), Song For Svetlana, instrumentalist
Camille Solari, Don't Pop My Bubble, music video
Carla Rose Kelly (Canada), Safe to Be Me, meditation
Carlo Berton (Italy), Tristan Da Cunha, solo piano, and Terre d'antan, solo piano
Corine, Human, female vocalist LINK
Cracow Guitar Quartet (Poland), Musical Landscapes, classical, quartet LINK
Daniel Rowland, Widening Circles: New Works for Tuba, instrumental performance solo
Daniel Siwek, At the End, folk
David Colson, Rise: Music in Times of Uncertainty, contemporary classical
Dawn Karima, Family Bible, classic country
Dean Pilling (Canada), 23, music video
Dustin Ray Thomas, Never Lookin Back, pop country
Emma Constance (United Kingdom), Run To You, emerging artist
Evan Carydakis (Australia), Movin On, composition, instrumentalist
Finn Elias Svit (Denmark), Animals in Music, classical, album
Frank Piombo, Luca's Groove (Radio Edit), jazz
Gil Basarab, Nothing is real, music video
Gualberto Ibarreto, Ignacio Salvatierra P. (Panama), Sueños, bolero
Jeff Eisenberg, Search On, original score, composition
Jeremy & Christine Stork (Australia), Right Now, pop rock
Jesus Molina, Cello Stories, jazz
Jing Zhang (China), Preface of Teng Wang Pavilion, instrumental, composition
Justin Rizzo, Between Two Worlds Soundtrack, lyrics/songwriting
Justine Blazer, Girl Singing the Blues, blues
Kathryn Cloward, Magic Between Me and You, Americana
Kevin Gullickson, Cast Out Your Light, alternative
Kim Soo Goodtrack, Spirit Girl, creativity/originality
Lady J Huston, Groove Me Baby, R&B, female vocalist LINK
Livio Ventura (Italy), Making Sense of Time, post-minimalism, listener impact LINK
Louise Bleasdell, Red Balloon Over Miami, female vocalist, and Red Balloon Over Miami (Japanese), creativity/originality
Luis I. Torres, Ignacio Salvatierra P. (Panama), 69 Mi Música De Siempre, rock/pop
Lusa Monllor (Spain), La Comunidad del Trombón, composition
Lyn_Sey, Southern to the Bone, southern rock, and I Hear You Callin', inspirational
Mahaboob Shaik, Yelo Yelo Telugu Christmas Musical, music video
Mahalakshmi Krishnan, Moksha - Liberation, female vocalist
Marc LeGrand, Gallo Pinto, instrumentalist, emerging artist LINK
Michael Ulliman, Can You Hear Me (On the Other Side)?, music video
Michał Pakulski (Poland), Thoughts, instrumentalist
Michele Osten (England), Lazy Daze, jazz
Michelle Bruski-Dumpert, Curious Adventures, soundtrack film/television
Min Eui Hong (South Korea), A Virgin Flight, composition
Mizz Kamaluddin, To My Love, music video
Nima Shahbazi Chegeni (United Kingdom), Lost Refugees, instrumental LINK
Niomisha Wilson, Hands On Me, music video
ODd (Taiwan), The Dream Is Too ODd, producer LINK
Olga Alex, Holdin' On (Love I Feel), electronica
Olivia Tsao (Taiwan), Folk Tale, female vocalist, producer
Pablo Esquivel Noel (Costa Rica), Butterfly Effect, classical
Paul Rudy, I am loveable, listener impact
Peter Michael Robles Jr, Don't Call It A Comeback, dance, production
Rachel Walker Mason, Illuminate The Night, listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Ralph Hepola, Ralph Hepola – Tuba, jazz
Raushni Srivastava, Don't Don’t, music video
Rebeca Malavassi & Jorge Castro (Costa Rica), Vamos Juntas - Official Song FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2022 Rebeca Malavassi & Jorge Castro (feat. Tony Succar, Isabella Castro Gámez, Franz Liszt Schule Women's Choir & FIFA Sound), Latin pop LINK
Red Scarus, Elected Girl, creativity/originality
Ronald Clingenpeel, Another Night, American roots
Rubio & Pablo Stipicic (Mexico), Dive, original score, creativity/originality
Rudy Strukoff, Love In Vain, music video
Ruth Royall, Patrizio Knight (China), Call of Duty Mobile - Glow, pop
Sal Censoprano, Scars in Heaven, male vocalist
Sammy Dale, Faster Than A Georgia Heart Beat, country rock
Sarah Wallin-Huff, Trusty Hatpin, composition
Shailendra Singh (India)One India My India 2.0, music video
Shinji Eshima, Hymn for Her, chamber music
Shirley Lynn, Elizabeth Usher (Australia), Let the Love Flow, lyrics/songwriter, female vocalist LINK
Sister Lucille, Tell the World, blues/rock
Sonny Morgan, It’s a Beautiful World, country
Stacey Jackson (United Kingdom), Flipside (Acoustic), lyrics/songwriter, female vocalist LINK
Stanislav Barantsov (Ukraine), Ambient Inspiration, ambient, composition
Susan Lim (Singapore), Synthetic DNA, song, creativity/originality
T.Bo Gawer, The Time, rock ballad
Tasos Petsas (Greece), Angel Of Mine, composition
Tess Remy-Schumacher, Kangwa Mundende Grace for the OTIS Trio, trio
Texas A&M University - Kingsville Trumpets, Out of the Blue, jazz
Walter Holland, Air, Earth, Space, Water, ambient electronic music
Wilbert Roget, II (China), Call of Duty Mobile - Conquest, composition, game music
Xeven, Lost Hotel, music video
Xiaoyu Yang, Anastasia Koss, You Better Talk, music video
Yulia Petrova, Two Rivers, new age, instrumentalist LINK
Zixiao Ye, Run Away from the Noise II, instrumentalist LINK
Gold Medal Winner
Dr. Qian Yin & Dr. Po-Chuan Chiang
Brahms & Franck: 
Sonatas for Violin and Piano
Gold Medal Winner
Nicole Pena Comas and Damien Lancelle
Classical - Album
​Gold Medal Winner
Jeffrey Derus
From Wilderness
Composition - Creativity/Originality
Gold Medal Winner
Marco Sinopoli Extradiction
Chromatic Landscape
Crossover Jazz
Gold Medal Winner
Javier Arnanz
Iberia, Naturaleza Infinita
Soundtrack Film/Television
Gold Medal Winner
Chia-Chen Chiang