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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - March 2020
Gold Medal Winner
Gao Hong and Issam Rafea Duo
From Our World to Yours
Album - Instrumentals
United States - China
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
The Solutionary Manifesto
Album - Socially Conscious Rap
Uganda - United Kingdom
Gold Medal Winner
Ruth Maria Rossel
Back 2 The Ruth - Album
Gold Medal Winner
Douglas Knehans
Backwards from Winter - Album - Composer
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy
Autumn Monsoon - Album & Duo
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Abdolhossein Mokhtabad
Az Sharm Dar Hejabam
Male Vocalist
Gold Medal Winner
Benedetta Orsi
La Voix de L'Amour
Album - Mezzo Soprano Vocalist
United States - Italy
Gold Medal Winner
Duo Manibe'
Landscape - Album - Duo
Jazz/World Music - Italy
​Gold Medal Winner
Nada Kolundzija
Breathing In Breathing Out: A Little Anthology of Piano Music 1914-2014
Album - Instrumentals - Serbia
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

ABC (Italy) - Begin Again, musical group (Sebastian Marino, Jacopo Ferrazza, Luca Fareri)
Ahmad Mirmasoumi (Iran)Caressing the Moments, album and composition/composer
Alan WilliamsHidden China, concept album
Alexandra Carlson - Luna Classic RecordsParallax, album and duo (Alexandra Carlson and Daniela
Amanda AbizaidMy Hero, female vocalist and song
Amir John Haddad (Spain)Andalucia, flamenco and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Anastasios Petsas (Greece)The Libra Sessions, album
Angelica Dresp, IGNiTE, EmoTripPoP
Anna Kijanowska - Romeo Records (Poland), Lush, album and instrumentals/instrumentalist (piano)
Antonio Basanta PerezHavana Fairfax Connection, television host musical programming
Armin Kandel (Germany)Salsa Picante, Latin traditional and composition/composer; and Leaving Jerusalem, contemporary classical and composition/composer
Art TawangharShe Is Everything featuring Roxane Genot, Elan Noelle and Elise Lebec, new age (melody composed and performed by Art Tawanghar)
Axiom BrassFirst Impressions, album and brass quintet
Brendan EderTo Mix With Time, album and composition/composer
Brian KellyInto the Garden, composition/composer
Brian Richard Earl (Italy)Brian Earl Website, symphonic and chamber music and music website
Carlo Corazza (Italy)Dreamer’s Landscape, album and composition/composer
Charu SuriThe Book of Ragas, emerging artist and creativity/originality
Chazz Alley, Endlessly, song
Chris Edgar, Ghost in the Gun, original score/soundtrack film and television
Christian SaglieConnect: Sonic Branding Theme for Flyedubai, corporate theme music and composition/composer
Clement Reid, Short Stories for Guitar and Piano, contemporary classical
Cliff BeachConfident, music video
Cody JohnsonVanitas: For Spoken Word & Orchestra, spoken word and protest music
Cristina HuangAutumn Waltz, instrumentals/instrumentalist (Cristina Huang, viola soloist, original score (Sean Kim), new release and production/producer (Shao-Ting Sun and Cristina Huang)
Cynthia ScottDream For One Bright World, album and female vocalist
Danny VashJudgment Day, rock
David Whitman, Soul Flow, album, jazz, composition/composer and audio (Steve Genewick, Eric Boulanger and Jett Galindo)
Ekaterina Skliar and Anna KislitsynaConcert Triptych "In Spanish Style", classical crossover and instrumentals/instrumentalists (Ekaterina Skliar, mandolin and Anna Kislitsyna, piano)
Eleazar MoraGema, male vocalist
Ensamble 7/4 & Ines SchuttengruberFestfanfaren für Bläser, Schlagwerk & Orgel, album, ensamble (Ensamble 7/4 & Ines Schuttengruber) and instrumentals/instrumentalists (Ensamble 7/4 & Ines Schuttengruber)
Eva Ausín (Spain)Una Vez Mas, musical theatre
Frank Bey, All My Dues Are Paid, blues
Gernot Wolfgang - Albany RecordsVienna And The West, album and composition/composer
Greg TardieHey Dad, lyrics/songwriter; and Twitter ID, lyrics/songwriter
Hakan Ali Toker (Turkey)Taurus Mountains, album
Iwona Glinka (Greece)Two Minutes For Solo Flute, contemporary classical
Jamie OusleyThe Lost Melody, New Songs for Old Souls, album, trio and jazz
Jan Michael Looking WolfRising Moon, album
Jarryd Elias, Or (Someone) Else, score film
Jessee Clarkson, Let's Get Stoned featuring The Weadon Boys, music video and concept
Johnny Summers (Canada), Baker's Dozen: Celebrating Chet Baker, album, musical group and instrumentals/instrumentalists
Jonathan SproutIce Silver, climate change music
Josue Vergara (Spain)Parany, soundtrack film and television
Joungmin LeeSanctuary Tree, composition/composer
Juan Francisco Tortosa Esteve (Spain)Concert for Piano and Orchestra, classical music and composition/composer
Judah EarlWehre Direh, original score and listener impact
Katherine FarnhamBesame Mucho, female vocalist
Kathryn ShipleyThis Will Always Be My Town, music video and female vocalist
Kathy and Tim CrosbyRise, album and lyrics/songwriter
Kilo WattsATTENTIONSPAM: The Ballad of Muhammad Chang, sound editing/mixing
Kirsten Agresta CopelyAround the Sun, new age
Kobi AradCompassion, ambient jazz
Kristhyan BenitezNosotros, album and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Krsna Solo (India)Smash: Chidi Balla, original score/soundtrack film and television and listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Kurt RosenbergHighland Home, music video (Dan Schaefer) and production/producers (Kurt Rosenberg, Brent Rogers, Zach Stevens and Dan Schaefer)
LuQa LQ, She Wants Control, pop
Machado Quartett (Germany)Viergefühl, album and quartett
Mao Ya - Rhymoi LabelMoon over City Ruins, world music (East Asia)
Mary Jo CurryFront Porch, contemporary blues and female vocalist
Matthew Adam MetheneyBack To Memories, Americana
Max Highstein, Gratitunes, album and composition/composer
Michala Petri - Our RecordingsBach: 6 Flute Sonatas BWV 1030 – 1035, album
Mike VaccaroThe Chamber Music of John Scott...And Other Delicious Morsels, album and composition/composer (John Scott)
Miki PurnellMidnight Bloom, album and female jazz vocalist
Monochromatic Duo (Spain)One to One: Monochromatic Duo, album and duo (Joe Chafer and Slawormir Cichor)
Myles McLeod (United Kingdom), To Find A Harpy, original score/soundtrack for film and television
Nacre (Canada), Whales at Dawn, song and female vocalist
Natalie JeanMother Earth, music video and environmental protest music
Olga Solovieva (Russia)Stanchinsky: Complete Works For Piano 1, album and instrumentals/instrumentalist LINK  LINK
Pam Price (Canada), Lost Children, lyrics/songwriter and listener impact: content/message delivery
Paul Adams and Elizabeth GeyerAll That I Am, new age jazz and creativity/originality
Pekka Lunde (Sweden)The Poster Man, instrumentals/instrumentalist (theremin)
Piera Van de Wiel, Come Back Home - Abaco Relief Song, Abaco Relief song and listener impact
Powei Su, Anpu – Zoea, music video
Robert DenhamEchoes from Tilden, compositions/composeRonald Erickson II, Happy Sad Face, album and psyche pop
Ronald Erickson IIHappy Sad Face, album and psyche pop
Ruth WeberKokwanda Bay: Ruth and Emilia, children's music
Ryan CassataDaughter, music video
Ryan Middagh Jazz OrchestraLive From Nashville, jazz and jazz orchestra
Salar ZamanianAs Aras, album and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Samuel Alexander Barbour (China)Streetsleeper, folk/protest/liberation music
Shane BurkeNothing, singer/songwriter and folk/rock
Sherrie Davis, The Journey Home, album and Native American flute
Shimmer Johnson (Canada), Breaking (Dasco Radio Remix), electronic dance music
Sina Alam, Kamanehro, album and world music
Steven and Larisa ElishaDuo Virtuoso: Works for Violin & Cello, classical duo and instrumentals/instrumentalists
Steven Newton (United Kingdom), Standing Circles, new age LINK
Stevie Thompson Jr.Kesler, original score film and television
Susan MerdingerThe Classical Style II, album and instrumental/instrumentalist
Tatiana Mikova (United Kingdom)esCape Town by Tatiana Mikova, soundtrack film and television and composition/arrangement
Tony Marino, Gary, jazz and composition/composer
Trio Accento - Albany RecordsExtant Blues, album and trio (Limor Toren-Immerman, Garik Terzian and Nora Chiang Wrobel)
Two4Piano (Germany)Evocation of Dance, album and duo (Katerina Moskaleva and Alexey Pudinov)
Valentina Ciardelli (Italy)Music from the Sphinx, instrumentals/instrumentalist and classical 21st century
Vassilis Bakopoulos (Greece), Apollo String Quartet, contemporary classical
Veronica Bell, Midnight Affairs, album and female vocalist
Vibhuti KavishwarDoor Mera Meet Hai, female vocalist (Hindi) and composition/composer (Lakshman Chausalkar)
Victor Mimbrero Dominguez (Spain), Invocation, instrumentals/instrumentalist (piano)
Virginia Costa Figueiredo - Centaur Records, Intuicion: Music for Clarient and Piano by Latin-American Composers, album, instrumental performance in a group and album art/graphics (Carlota Terenas)
Zinovy Shersher, Remembrance, original score

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Anaya Kunst (Brazil)The Cathedral, music video
Bill WrenSide Step, smooth jazz
Bomin Park, Classical Meets Jazz, album and classical/jazz
Caio MakakoTools of Evolution, instrumentals/instrumentalists and new release
Carla Biset (Belgium)Wallpaper, music video
Cecil Abhishek (India)December, contemporary classical and composition/composer
Che-Kang Chang (Taiwan), s7910681, instrumental music
Christian Maucery (France)Curtainless Window, song LINK  LINK
Dale Griffiths StamosRadio Man, song (lyrics/songwriter)
David Rivas Domínguez (Spain)Delirium Tremens, album and composition/composer
Elizabeth Usher (Australia)Your Aloha, song (Penny Pettigrew) and lyrics/songwriter (Elizabeth Usher and Penny Pettigrew)
Evon Rose (Austria)Something More, music video
Flo LoganJust Get Up, music video
Flora ChengSolitary, composition/composer and sound editing/mixing
Francois LarosaHaterz, creativity/originality
Gabriele Saro (Italy), Missa Solemnis "In Gloria Dei", sacred music
Garrett Schmidt, Prairie Tales, album
Ginés Martínez Vera (Spain)Ravel in Tunisia, classical music
Hamed Hafezi (Canada)From the Leaves (az Bargha), Iranian traditional music and instrumental/instrumentalist (solo santoor)
Ingrid Carbone (Italy)Franz Schubert: L'Enchantement Retrouvé - Four Impromptus D. 899; Six Moments Musicaux D.780, instrumentals/instrumentalist (piano) LINK
Jahkeel Robinson, Count The Small Wins, composition/composer
Jason WasleyStole My Heart (Charlie Hager), music video (Producer)
Jeremy and Christine Stork (Australia)You're The One, adult contemporary pop
Jonathan Reichert (France)Never Alone, chill ambient
Jesse Cook, Imagined Conversations: Modern American Music for Trumpet and Piano with Percussion, album and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Jose Benjamin Falces Vaquero (Spain), Two Preludes, Interlude and Hidden Fugue 226, composition/composer and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Juan Martin Torruco (Canada)BlackStar, experimental
Justin Yau, Sweater, world music
Kam FranklinEverything Here featuring The Suffers, music video
Kayla BohanThe Climb, pop song
Kenneth BarnumEssence of Feeling, computer/electronic music and creativity/originality
Korey Smith - Smoothly Dun Records, You Wrong feat. RPD Soss, JC - The Truth, rap
Maria SkakunCarly Lind - All Those Nights, music video
Marq SpeckWhen I Tell You I Love You, lyrics/songwriter
Mustafa Ayoob (Kingdom of Bahrain)Shkran, composition/composer
Nicol EilersLittle Beast, music video
Pam Price (Canada), Music School--Psycho Style, lyrics/songwriter
Philip Curcuru - The Atomik Age ProjectWild One: The Ballad of Brando, song
Pino Cariati (Italy)Perché Ho Bisogno Di Te, singer/songwriter
Ramesh KottappurathRising Sun, music video
Ricky Persaud, Jr.Who Am I, pop
Rivita Goyle (India), Someone Else's Arms, female vocalist and emerging artist
Ryann LieblLet’s Get Lost featuring Wil Seabrook, music video
Sandeep KulkarniDreamscapes, rock and original song
Sara AlessandriniBlack Dust, music video
Sergei Jiang (Taiwan), Loving You, smooth jazz LINK
Scott RoederFive Muses: Scott Roeder, Tuba Marcha Saywell, Piano, classical and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Shahin Yousefzamani (Iran)Morning, composition/composer
Shane ReevesHey You (Pink Floyd), instrumentals/instrumentalist
Steven PierceThe Sound, music video
Terri CannDance, music video
Tobias Ohlsson (Sweden)Charlie Cunningham – Bite, music video
Tommy GravenThunder Rolling Down The Mountain, Native American flute
Tyler JohnCrowded Thoughts, Empty Places, album and indie rock/alternative rock
Ugo Raimondi (Italy)Cantammo, song LINK
Valeria AlamedaRevolution, composition/composer and original score
Steven Washington, Throughout My Struggles, album and hip hop