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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - March 2019
Gold Medal Winner
Do U Care 4 Me - Soul - Female Vocalist
Emerging Artist - United States
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Tim Brady
Tim Brady: Music For Large Ensemble
Contemporary Classical - Composer
Album - Canada
Gold Medal Winner
Shudong Braamse
Sueños de España
Operatic Coloratura Soprano
Album - United States/China
Gold Medal Winner
Tatiana Mikova
Two Nonets - Composer
Contemporary Classical - Czech Republic
Gold Medal Winner
Big Little
​Skibidi - Band
Gold Medal Winner
Neal Acree - Tencent
Honor of Kings
Game Music Composer - China
Gold Medal Winner
JoJo Worthington
​​Stablize- Indie Pop - Emerging Artist
Gold Medal Winner
Jan Michael Looking Wolf
Beautiful - Album
Native American Flute - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Jeff Jarvis
Requiem - Composer
Lifetime Contribution to Jazz and Jazz Education
United States
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

Aaron AlterLo Lanu Ha-Shem, composition/composer
Alan WilliamsHidden China, concept album
Amy CatronOriginal Works for Cello, instrumental/instrumentalist (cello)
Anaya Kunt (Brazil)Aligned in the Universe, album and new age
Andrea Montalbano (Italy)Green Dream, composition/composer and original score
Andree-Ann DeschenesThe Ovalle Project, album and instrumentals/instrumentalist
Art Phillips & Bev Klingsick – Art Phillips Music DesignAll Along, songwriters/music and lyrics
Bernadette O'Neill (Australia)Encore: Saoirse, album; and O'Reillys Lament, folk/protest
Brendan McConvilleUn D'Annunzio Nuovo, album, modern classical and composition/composer
Casey Crosby (Switzerland), November, new age LINK
Ching-Shan ChangJupiter's Moon, soundtrack film and television
Christian Maucery (France)Strut Your Stuff, folk/blues and creativity/originality LINK
Clement ReidDreams, Improvisations - for Piano, contemporary classical
Colin Gordon-Farleigh (United Kingdom)We All Need Our Heroes, lyrics/songwriter
Dan CrisciAsked and Answered, jazz
Danny VashViking Warriors, hard rock
David Pedroza (Venezuela)Concierto Para Violin y Orquesta, composition/composer and original score
David PeoplesLooking for Utopia, album
Dawn AveryBeloved, album, lyrics/songwriter and female vocalist
Ekaterina SkliarThe Mountain King, instrumental/instrumentalist (domra solo)
Elise LebecSaqaara Rising, world music
Eric FunkBeyond Time, classical and creativity/originality
Eugene MarlowBlue In Green: Original Compositions by Eugene Marlow Inspired by the Jazz Poems of Grace Schulman, spoken word poetry and jazz LINK
Fang Wen and Liu Lijun – Tencent (China)Battle Through the Heaven, song (game music composer: Fang Wen; lyrics: Liu Lijun)
Farhan Qureshi (Pakistan)Tear Trails, fusion
Gabriel Malancioiu (Romania)Song of the Avadhut, classical contemporary music and work for soprano and violin LINK
Ganga Jala BandLive at the Scottsdale Arts Festival, world music
Gary PowellKyrie Eleison, choral music and composition/composer
Giovanni De Chiaro and Kermit PolingConcierto De Chiaro, instrumental/instrumentalist (Giovanni De Chiaro) and composition/composer (Kermit Poling)
Giovanni Ephrikian (Italy)Marco Polo, concert for piano and orchestra and composition/composer
Guillermo Ruano (Spain)Gladium, contemporary classical and composition/composer
Hossam Yousry (Kuwait)The Perfume of the Soul, soundtrack film and television
Ibrahim Shamel (Kuwait)Ghoson Fel-Wahl, composition/composer and soundtrack film and television
Jim HendricksSonata for Piano, instrumental/instrumentalist and composition/composer
Josef PatchenTranslation, album
Juan Francisco Tortosa Esteve (Spain)L'Alfas Del Pl, composition/composer:
Julia Pajot (France)Poursuite Mortelle, composition/composer and concept; Chute du Ciel, composition/composer and concept
Katherine FarnhamGood Morning Heartache, jazz/blues song and female vocalist
Kerani Kerani (Netherlands)Small Treasures, album and neo-classical new age
Kevin NordstromJ.S. Bach Suite for Solo Cello (Viola) in C major, BWV 1009, instrumental/instrumentalist
Kris Berg and The Metroplexity Big Band, Footprints, jazz  and band
Lisa Ann WrightMy Daily Bread, song
Martin Zalba (Spain)The Dance of the Fairies and the Prince, composition/composer
Mary BowdenRêverie, album and instrumental/instrumentalist
Mehrzad Khajeh Amiri (Iran)Athnasia, new age
Michele Josia (Italy)Getting Home, soundtrack film and television
Mikael ManleyTrippin Over You, smooth jazz
Mikuskovics Baum (Austria)Timeless, album
Morefun Audio – Tencent (China)The Outcast, game music
Morris NorthcuttShare My Yolk, instrumental/instrumentalist and listener impact
Natalie JeanWhat Would You Do For Love?, female vocalist social impact
Noshir Mody, A Burgeoning Consciousness, album, group (Noshir Mody: guitar; Mike Mullan: alto/tenor saxophone; Benjamin Hankle: trumpet/flugelhorn; Campbell Charshee: piano; John Lenis: bass; Yutaka Uchida: drums)
Peter DavisonBlooming Memories of Spring, new age
Polygon (Russia)Polygon, band
Renee MicheleThe Space Within, album, instrumental/instrumentalist and composition/composer
Richard and Mary ByfordTouched By the Hands of an Angel, lifetime achievement in music and inspirational
Robert DenhamConcerto for Bass Trombone (tuba) and Wind Ensemble, composition/composer
Robert Thies and Damjan KrajacicBlue Landscapes III: Frontiers, new age and duo 
Samer FanekGuide Me, contemporary instrumentals and composition/composer
Sergio PereiraNu Brasil, Brazilian/Latin jazz and album LINK
Skys (Lithuania)Singing Tree, rock band
Snow Owl (Austria)The Horde, heavy world music
Suraaj Dawgeek (India)Voyage, new age instrumental
Svetlana Belsky, Ferruccio Busoni: The Late Works, album and instrumental/instrumentalist LINK
Tiffany Pollack and Eric JohansonBlues in My Blood, album, blues/rock and female vocalist (Tiffany Pollack) LINK  LINK
Trio Artus (Poland)Trio Artus, album, chamber music and trio
Viviana GuzmanLet There Be Flute, contemporary flute and album
Ziggy deVoight (Australia)Nostradamus, light opera music (Daun Eastman under the pen-name of Ziggy deVoight)

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Adaora NwokoyeCome and See, gospel world music
Andrew ColyerChristmas Time, album/new release and holiday music
Ben RauchI Can Feel Phil Collins In The Air Tonight, male vocalist and emerging artist
Binelly DonLow the Youths, reggae and emerging artist
Carla Rose Kelly (Canada), Peace, healing music/meditation
Che BlaqThe One, male vocalist and emerging artist
Daniel Bellegarde (Canada)Anba Tonèl, Caribbean roots heritage
Deepti Sharma (India), Amber, music video 
Dwayne Ferris (Canada)Sea of Life, country music LINK
Eclettica Matrioska (Italy)Passion, composition/composer
Enry Johan Jaohari (Indonesia)Cakra Buana, original score/soundtrack film and television (Enry Johan Jaohar: composer/songwriter)
Gene MurdenAllow God In, contemporary gospel
Georgia Kombou (Cyprus)Moments, ballad
Giovanna Nannoni (Italy)Oggi E Un Giorno Bellissimo, song LINK
Hudson HenryWar Paint, electronic pop
Javier Lobe (Spain)A New Beginning, composition/composer
Jayoung HongSamuel Barber Piano Sonata Op.26 IV, piano solo
Jeremy & Christine Stork (Australia)Can't Stop Loving You, adult contemporary/pop
Jesi TerrellCome Get This Love, R&B/soul
Joshua CedarGroovalegre, instrumental Latin jazz
Karen AtkinsWild Wild Nights, easy listening
Ken KovelettCountry Aria, folk/jazz and composition/composer
Konrad Aksinowicz (Poland), Dasfurtenfaf, experimental
Lauren RathbunMy Almost Lover, country music, female vocalist and emerging artist
Levi CobyMama's Time, male vocalist
Mark Anderson, Watching the World Go By, duo and album
Michael RourkeJesus On My Lips, Christian gospel
Min HeMy Dearest Freaks, rock/pop (Min He: composer)
Olgierd MinkiewiczLeading Me Straight, music video
Rene' Soler Pedraza (Greece)Kiki Cha', Latino rock
Rhonda Head (Canada)500 Years, protest music
Roxanne AkhterCountry Out, country music; and Mystical Love, lyrics/songwriter
S. J. Jananiy (India)Believe in You, emerging artist and song
Sandrine RudazAurore Boréale, composition/composer
Seung Hyuk YANG (China)Naruto OL Mobile - Next Generations, game music
Seyon QuartetSeyon Quartet, quartet
SihasinStrong Together, music video
Stones in PocketsDreams of Kali, alternative music and song LINK
Tasos Petsas (Greece)Bliss (film version), dance and electronic and concept
The SkepticsSouth Beach, punk power pop LINK
Tracy CollettoChocolate Happy Cake, album and lyrics/songwriter LINK
Trevor PowerYou Ain't Acting Right, blues
Ugo Raimondi (Italy)Adagio Variato Ed Allegro Strano, composition/composer LINK
Volodymyr VlasenkoI Have No Home, music video
Yuchen SunEmpty Me, composition/composer