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Entry Deadline 6 September 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - March 2017
Gold Medal Winner
Jose Gurria the Gurrisonic Orchestra
Constant Deprivation - Avant-Garde Band
United States 
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Farangis Nurulla-Khoja
Incandescence - Composer
Contemporary Music - Canada/Tajikistan
Gold Medal Winner
Joseph Beer
Holocaust Composer
Polnische Hochzeit -  New Release
Poland - Escape to France - 1908 to 1987
Gold Medal Winner
Lyia Meta
Slumber -  Rock Ballad
Gold Medal Winner
Darlene Koldenhoven
Until - New Age - Soprano Soloist  
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Militia Vox
Air - Alternative Metal - Female Vocalist  
Lyrics/Songwriter - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Mohamed Murbati
Winter Stories - Easy Listenting
Middle Eastern Dreamy Jazz - Bahrain 
Gold Medal Winner
Sophia Agranovich
Robert Schumann: Carnaval and Fantasie
Classical Piano Solo - New Release - Album United States 
Gold Medal Winner
​Trevor Sewell
Hollow Part 2 - Contemporary Blues
United Kingdom
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

Amanda ChambersLimbo, soundtrack for film and television (Richard A. Love & Erik Wright)
Andrea Marr (Australia), Force of Nature, soul
Antonio Tinelli (Italia), Méditerranée Clarinet Ensemble Ebanthology, instrumental/instrumentalist (Antonio Tinelli), clarinet ensemble and new release/album
Barry Anderson & The Barrun/Runes, Charge Forward Again, metal/hard rock and band
Chris McKhool (Canada), Parchan Shaal Panhwar, world music/beats
Damian Gorandi, Imaginario Eidetico, experimental music
David SanAngel, Tattered Journey, composition/composer
Davide Caprelli (Italy), Take Care of Her, composer/composition
Eileen Sherman, Perfect Picture, musical theater and album
Francisco Liberia (Spain), Sombras (Shadows), orchestral classical
Ginés Martínez Vera (Spain), Concierto para Piano y Orquesta, original score and composition/composer
Han Xiang Xu (Canada), Sonatas on Canvas, classical solo piano, emerging artist and album
Harbey Urueña (Columbia), Sin Pretensiones, instrumental/instrumentalist
Hugo Selles (Spain), Psychic Equalizer - The Lonely Traveller, art jazz/rock, composition/composer and album
Jason BergmanThe Lightning Fields, instrumentalist and emerging artist
Joe Garrison, The People Upstairs, jazz and album
John Slade, Big Man Got the Money, middle-class blues
Jon Campos and The Incurables, Tragic Tales & Lullabies, alternative rock, song and group (Jon Campos: Vocals & Guitar, Drew Gino Zollo: Bass Guitar & James Raub: Drums)
Juan Luis Nicolau (Spain)Concerto for guitar and symphony orchestra, composition/composer
Kiki Love, Illusion, R&B/easy listening and album
Kim Cameron, Moon on the Water, dance music
Kris Carlisle, American Evolution: Piano Preludes (Kris Carlisle at the piano), contemporary art music/compilation piano preludes album
Lena Natalia, Second Youth, modern classical piano and album
Maria Gabriella Mariani (Italy), Ravel Scarbo, instrumental/instrumentalist (soloist pianistLINK
Marisa Johnson, Your Time, female vocalist
Massimiliano Lombardo, 4 Bagatelles for Woodwind Quintet, chamber music and composition/composer
Matthew Earl, Moonlight Blade: Romantic Destiny, game music and composer
Michaël Resin (Switzerland), Praying for A Miracle, pop/rock electronic dance music and album
Mimi and Vivi of mimi DFT, Story to Tell, music video
Mirna Lekic, Masks, instrumentalist
Moonkyung Lee (South Korea), Tchaikovsky Works for Violin and Orchestra, instrumental/instrumentalist (violin) and album
Natalie JeanWill I, female vocalist
Pablo P. García (Spain), Four, original score
Pabs Dadivas & Ganga Jala Band, Spirit, rock and protest song
Patricia Surman, The American Album, classical
Paul Jerndal (Sweden), Falcor – Alive, music video
Raining Yu (Taiwan), The Lost Memory, new age
Romu Agulló (Spain), Atardecer en el Mediterraneo, instrumental/instrumentalist
Sekyeong Seong, Late Romantic and Contemporary Classical, instrumental/instrumentalist (piano)
Shamir Tandon (India), Sab Rab De Bande, song and concept
Sharif Awan (Pakistan), Story of Gulsher, music video
Stefania Passamonte, The Tempest, classical music
Stephen Yip, The Legendary Phoenix, contemporary classical
Steve Condon, Still Lots of Country in The Boy, country and song
Steven Gluzband, HOT HOUSE @ street level, Latin jazz and band (Hot House)
Summer Swee-Singh, JFN, emerging artist and composition/composer
Suzanne Grzanna, Daybreak, instrumental/instrumentalist
Tetu Shani (Kenya), Samalina, new release
Vicente Olmos-Lopez & Itziar Barredo (Spain), Playing Opera, classical music

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Alika Hope, Oh Freedom!, female vocalist
Art Tawanghar, Ruth Weber & Emilia Lopez-YañezDistorted Time, new age
Augustine Kizis, Album Mars, instrumental/instrumentalist
Ayako Yamauchi, Eternally, music video
Bud Torres, Better Man, country
Cristina Cavalli (Spain), Ritratti, album and instrumentalist
Danilo Gossain, Amo Lo Que Soy, Latin salsa
Danna Ding (Peoples Republic of China), WildFire Awakening, game music
Darick Spears, Paranoid, hip-hop
Elizabeth Butler, Lullaby, Americana and female vocalist
Greg Ryan (United Kingdom), Then We Are (Cello Reprise), instrumental
Huei Li Lam, Unknown Bell, jazz big band and composition/composer
Jacqueline Auguste (Canada), Don't Drag Me Down, pop/rock
Jeff Chase, Jeff Chase in The Key of J 2/4 The Road LyPhEn GeNyRL, lyrics/songwriter
Joey Manalang (Japan), Together as The Wind Blows, music video
Jonathan Martin, My Eternity, music video
Jonty Balls and Josephine Halbert (United Kingdom), Never Stop (Live Version), song
Leandro Corinto (Brazil), Linda, music video
Lisa Sniderman, Do You Believe in Magic?, musical theater LINK
Marco Werba (Spain), Dead on Time, film music/titles theme
Marina Elderton (United Kingdom), Spaghetti Junction, animation soundtrack LINK
Matthew MarshLost Boys, creativity/originality LINK
Michael Knöfler (Germany), One Life, music video
Oscar Pacheco & Sandra KratcTe Voy Amar, music video LINK  LINK
Pierre Opperman (South Africa), Come Alive, adult contemporary/pop
Richard Byford, I am a Whale, performance art to music
Roberto Fabian (Australia), All We Want (is Peace and Love), protest music LINK LINK
Rocc Noble, I Get Up, Americana and lyrics/songwriter
Scott Kalama, Rez Life, music video
Stephen Bullen, Syncretic Noise, soundtrack film and television
Tawana Lael, Do Unto Lovers, female vocalist and song
Tom Mullen, You Were Right, Mr. Spock, alternative rock LINK
Txema Cabria (Spain), Skye Island, world music
Ying Xu, Performance Piece at Florida Guitar Festival and Competition 2016, classical guitar