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"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - June 2012
Best of Show __________________________________________________________________________________

Austin WintoryJourney, video game music, was composed for the PlayStation 3. It is the second highest charting video game soundtrack ever. Game soundtracks rarely dent the Billboard charts. His career includes compositions for over 200 productions, encompassing films and video games, television shows, commercials, shorts, podcasts, video art installations, and audio books. He has scored over 25 feature films, most notably the 2009 Sundance hit Grace, as well as the 2008 Sundance Audience Award winner, Captain Abu Raed. The Los Angeles Times has written of him as an Academy Awards contender for best original scores. Wintroy has tremendous passion for the world of game scoring. His first major game score, Flow, earned him a British Academy Award nomination and triple nominations at the Game Audio Network Guild awards. Yet, Wintroy seeks musical balance, "My goal has always been to be composing equally, split among the three categories of film, games and concert music, and to never let one overtake any of the others." As a composer, conductor and general fan of humanity," Wintory believes deeply in the positive power of music. "I want to break down those barriers and demystify what a composer does and how orchestras work." LINK 
Awards of Excellence __________________________________________________________________________

Austin WintoryGray Rain, symphonic music, began its long gestation as a result of 9/11. The composition began as a choral work, in honor of those lost, but ultimately, Wintory said; it felt shallow and reactionary. After visiting Dachau, he revisited the piece. More years passed until the work was completed. LINK 

Dr. Mayron Tsong, University of Maryland College ParkMayron Tsong, Solo Russian Piano Music, acoustic instrumental solo performance, involve works of Rachmaninoff composed in the two decades before the Russian Revolution. A Steinway Artist, Tsong performs around the globe including Carnegie Hall. LINK 

Gao Hong, Carleton CollegeFlying Dragon, acoustic instrumental solo performance, features Hong on a Chinese pipa, a pear-shaped lute. The performance has strong artistic appeal and the flavor of a beautiful piece of storytelling as her fingers flutter at warp-speed across the four strings of the instrument creating an astonishing range of timbres. LINK 

James Hartway, Wayne State UniversityUrban Pictures (Track 13 + 14), composition, is a concerto for jazz quintet and symphony orchestra composed as part of the Detroit/Torino Urban Jazz Project. The music gives an aural perspective on urban life. Dr. Hartway has received more than sixty commissions from major musical and educational institutions. LINK 

Jeremy Soule, Max Steiner AgencySkyrim, video game music, features sounds inspired by icy mountain peaks and the magnificence of dragons. Soules soundtracks receive critical acclaim as the best in the video game industry. Often Soules music is electronic and is frequently indistinguishable from live music. LINK 

Krzysztof Kaczka, Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra (China)Nostalgy, creativity/originality, is a unique, and highly successful project for transcriptions of Frederick Chopin's pieces to flute and marimba. The sounds are marvelous. Kaczka, born in Poland, made his New York debut at Carnegie Recital Hall as IBLA Grand Prize winner. LINK 

Ron Korb (Canada)St. Johann, composition, came about after composer Ron Korb visited the St. Thomas Church in Leipzig where Johann Sebastian Bach spent 25 years. This unique version of St. Johann by Korb is for flute and jazz trio. Korb has traveled the world and his compositions are steeped in diverse cultural traditions. LINK 

Shandy PhillipsConcertino Adagio, Allegro con spirito, composition. Phillips said, "My goal was to produce a musical picture of a large conversation, like a party, where there are many conversations going on at once, each conversation leads to a different tangent, a different angle. This Juilliard and Boston Conservatory graduate is a frequent soloist and music teacher. LINK 

Awards of Merit ______________________________________________________________________________

Austin WintoryJourney, song (I Was Born for ThisLINK
Greydon Square, Grand Unified TheoryDopamine Kata, lyricist, and Stockholm Syndrome, protest/liberation music LINK
Liam Moersch, University High SchoolWide Sargasso Sea for Solo Alto Saxophone, student solo acoustic music
Mark Soderquist & Shandy PhillipsMade of Stone, song
McCormick Percussion GroupConcerti for Strings with Percussion Orchestra, creativity/originality
Michael T. DefilippisBig Sky Country, composition, and Inner City Sounds, student band LINK
Michael Z. GordonOn the Run, song LINK
Nuno DarioEarth Is Home, original score LINK
Productions Forever (France)The Symphony of Life, composition (Composer: Lucas de Metairy) LINK
Reed Simonsen, University of Southern CaliforniaMolly Goes West Soundtrack, soundtrack motion picture and television and listener impact: motivational/inspirational LINK
RomeArca ProductionsGhosts and Flowers: The Handel-Halvorsen Passacaglia, music video LINK
Ron Korb (Canada)St. Johann, acoustic instrumental solo performance LINK
Shadi PourkashefPerennial Bliss, composition LINK
Yekaterina Afonasyeva, Towson UniversityScales Are Fun!, creativity/originality LINK