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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: July 2023 Winners
Gold Medal Winner
Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project
Female Vocalist - Protest Music
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Duo Petrof
Anatoly Zatin: Works for Piano
Contemporary Classical - Composer
Gold Medal Winner
Laurence Sherr
Fugitive Footsteps: Remembrance Music
Composer - Concept
United States
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

​Aaron Alter, Vival - Departures, composition
Ala Bahrami (Turkey), Raghse Fereshtegan, composition, and Hanooz Doostet Daram, instrumental, composition
Alessandro Zilli (Italy), Guitar Ballad, jazz fusion, instrumentalist
Andrew Huang (Taiwan), Troubadour, composer, concept
António Augusto (Portugal), Meditação, experimental
Arlen Roth, Jerry Jemmott, Super Soul Session!, blues
Ban Brothers, Love Makes My World, alternative pop-country LINK LINK
Bin Tan & Dr. Peng Wu & Dr. Yunyan Tian, March 3rd A Song Fly to the World, music video, traditional folk music
Bindi Mahesh (India), Solar System Songs, children's music LINK
Bjorn Suomivuori (Finland), Heaven, music video
Brendan Henry (Canada), Little Princess, music video
Brian Reitzell, Love, Charlie: The Rise and Fall of Chef Charlie Trotter, original score/sound track
Bruce Babcock, Event Horizon, composition LINK
Bruce Leto, Jr., Campane Nuziali e Balli, extended play, listener impact
Bryan Benner & Václav Fuksa (Austria), Muntagna d'Angeli, album
Charles-Henri Avelange, One Wish, contemporary classical, listener impact
Chronatic Quartet (Germany), Karneval der Tiere, crossover, album
Chyna Nicole ft. Dean Fraser, Gratitude for Mama, reggae
Clement Reid, David Figuracion Choir, Lost in the Thought, contemporary classical
ConFunkShun (United States), Text Me Tomorrow, R&B
Debé Gunn, E.J. Ouellette, Mississippi Sarah, Americana, lyrics/songwriter
Dhay Al-Saedi (Germany), Nexfall, female vocalist, creativity/originality
Dr. Peng Wu & Dr. Yunyan Tian, One Heart of Guangxi & HongKong, music video, traditional folk music
Elena Dorozhkina, Elena Dorozhkina Plays Skriabin, Glinka/Balakirev, Mosolov, classical
Elisabete (Portugal), Dança Comigo, swing LINK
Fiona Ross (United Kingdom), Thoughts, Conversations and To Do Lists, jazz
Gabriel Lococo & Venezuela String Recording Ensemble (Argentina), Love Whisper, instrumental
Hudson Heights Project, Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel, protest music, group
Ignacio Salvatierra P. (Venezuela), Tu Fuiste Sin Decirme, flamenco
Iluminada Pérez Frutos (Spain), Il Suoni Deicorpis Celest, classical
Janie Price (United Kingdom), Wider Than The Sky, original score
Jeff Eisenberg, Castle Of The Golden Sun, original score
Jeffrey Heisler, Vent, contemporary classical
Jesse Passenier, ADDA Simfònica, Josep Vicent, Kari Ikonen, & Vincent Houdijk, Fight for Light, classical
J.M. Quintana Cámara, The Can, original score
João Carlos Victor Alves (Switzerland), I call to You, instrumentalist
Joe Hoster (Switzerland), Mio, music video
José Valentino, Eternal Power, Latin jazz, and Cuerdas de Corazón (Homenaje a Arturo Bermudez), instrumentalist
Josu Ortiz Delgado (Spain), The Himalayas Suite, classical, composition LINK
June Bisantz & Gordon Morrell, It's Been A Long, Long Time, Americana
Kacho Lopez (Colombia), Tha Missing Song, concept, music video
Karlton Jones, Lagos, world music
Kathryn Shipley, Keep Your Eyes on Me, Christian contemporary
Katrina Penman (Spain), Antequera, composition LINK
Kirsten Agresta-Copely, Aquamarine, new age LINK
Kobi Arad, Hyper Dimensional Bach, experimental jazz
Lannie Battistini, Upsilon, jazz, and Final Destination, jazz
Larry Taylor, The Taylor Family, The Soul Blues Healers, Generations of Blues: West Side Legacy, blues
Laura Ainsworth, You Asked For It, jazz
Lebeha Drummers, Biama, world music
Lil' Jimmy Reed, Ben Levin, Back to Baton Rouge, blues
Lisa Cullum (United Kingdom), From The Darkness, classical crossover
Lyia Meta (Malaysia), Always You, female vocalist, album
Maciej Gański (Poland), Philip Glass - The Complete Piano Etudes, instrumentalist, album
Matthew Younglove, Night Set, album
Medd & Shaw, After All That We've Been Through, duo
Michael Surratt, Bistro Beatz, instrumental, composer
Michail Travlos, Iwona Glinka, NeoQuartet (Greece), Patch Works, composer, quartet
Monica Cardenas (Germany), Chaos, contemporary classical, album LINK LINK
Monika Ryan, Playfully, vocal jazz, female vocalist LINK
Namewee (Malaysia), High Definition and Uncensored, pop, album, Someone Else's Wife, lyrics/songwriter, music video, and The 20th Floor, lyrics/songwriter, concept, music video
Nan Avant, Sirens of the Salish Sea - Soundness of the Sea, composition, new release
Natalia Walewska and Rafal Lewandowski (Poland), Perly Polskiej Kultury, duo, classical
Nick Maclean Quartet (Canada), Convergence, band, album
Noshir Mody, A Love Song, composer, band
Pekka Kuusisto, Joonas Ahonen, Symmetria Pario – Creation, classical, creativity/originality
Pigi Likoudi (Greece), Dipsa sto Mistra, composition LINK
Rich Huang (Taiwan), CHÁO, instrumentalist, composer
Roman Miroshnichenko (Russia), Roman Miroshnichenko plays Stas Namin, instrumentalist
Roman Miroshnichenko and Stas Namin (Russia), Roman Miroshnichenko plays Stas Namin, producer
Scandinavian Guitar Duo, All Classic, classical
Sherrie Davis, Children of Mother Earth, instrumentalist, and The Missing Ones, Native American music
Shujie Liang, Painted Traveler in Space and Time - Chinese New Year, game music
Silvia Blaser (Switzerland), Morning Haze, new age, new release
Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project (India), Alfat, world fusion LINK
Sophia Agranovich and Rupam Sarmah, Peace and Joy (Mendelssohn/Mozart World), creativity/originality, experimental
Stephen Duros, The Manhattan Sessions, smooth jazz
Steven Newton (United Kingdom), Black Wolf, new age
Swapna Abraham (India), No Love Lost (feat. Devan Ekambaram), country, female vocalist
Texas Horns, La Drivers Union Por Por Group, Horn to Horn: The La Drivers Union Por Por Group meet The Texas Horns, world music
Thomas Green, In The Moonlight, new age, new release
Tiki Taane (New Zealand), Tiki Taane in session with CSO, listener impact: entertainment value, creativity/originality, concept LINK
Trio Casals (Canada), Bobby's Song, contemporary classical
Triplett Kelly, Center of Gravity, pop
Václav Fuksa (Austria), Prameny, world music, emerging artist
Vahagn Stepanyan, A New Chapter, instrumental, album
Won Cho, Kyoung Cho, Eun-Hee Park, Korean Tapestry, classical
Yerko Lorka, YK Band (Taiwan), OPUS: Echo of Starsong Arrangements - Forgotten Sounds, composer, game music, sound editing/mixing
Yixiang Hou (China), Carnival, instrumentalist

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Activ8te, I Am Tracking You (feat. AENDZI), EDM LINK
Aires Pinheiro (Portugal), Homenagem a José Duarte Costa, classical
Ala Bahrami (Turkey), Nilgoon, instrumental, Rooz Haye Zendegi, composition, and Lahzehaye Aabi, instrumental
Ali Jafaripouyan, Hossein Alizadeh, Behnood Yakhchali  (Iran), Yekeshish, composition, instrumentalist
Almarin Fisher, Put On The Armor Of God, lyrics/songwriter
Alyssa Kuang, Grande Valse Brilliante Op. 34 No. 1, student
Andrew Huang (Taiwan), Those Who Don't Believe in Love Have All Died, concept, lyrics/songwriter
Andrew Meserth, Toxic Psychodrama Blues, music video
Annemarie Picerno, Color Blind, blues 
Antonia Sinibaldi, Try So Hard, lyrics/songwriter
Athanasios Papadimitriou (Greece), Two Pieces - Prelude and Regret, contemporary classical
Ban Brothers, Guiding Star, alternative rock LINK LINK
Baran Badri (Iran), Vatanam, new age, composition
Barry Lane (United Kingdom), Lonely Planet, lyrics/songwriter
Carla Rose Kelly (Canada), I Am Safe, meditation music
Carlo Berton (Italy), Azul, solo piano, and Abyssi, solo piano
Charm, The Love Project, R&B
Christin Spencer (Canada), A Hopeful Lament, music video
Dafan Band (Canada), Majnoon, world music, song
Darla Z, To all the Gabbys in the World, listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Donatella Canepa, Apolis, album
E. J. Ouellette & Odessa Settles, Let Peace Flow, duo, song
Elizabeth Butler, Fighting with Angels (Acoustic Mix), lyrics/songwriter, female vocalist
Emma Constance (United Kingdom), On My Way, emerging artist
Ethan McCarroll (Canada), Light Switch, music video
Farhad Abdollahi (Iran), Vesal-o-feragh, Iranian classical, and Tarannom, Iranian classical
Geoff Haines-Stiles, SEARCHING: Our Quest for Meaning in the Age of Science, original score
Gil Karson, Freedom Guaranteed, Americana
Grace Garland, But You Do Gotta, jazz
Greg Zarzycki, Forgotten, music video
Helen O'Shea, Hey Darlin' (feat. Marc Swersky, Steve Holley, Alan Markley & Vin Landolfi), rock, and Sturdy Soul, Americana
Homayoun Sabzevari (Iran), Hobout, fusion
Ignacio Salvatierra P. (Venezuela), Calypso Road, calypso, and Apocalipso, calypso
Isiah Palmer, Adios, hip hop
Jarrod Radnich, Messages To Self, original score/soundtrack
Jeremy & Christine Stork, Studeo (Australia), Into The Twilight, pop
Joshua Bynum, Catalyst, classical, instrumentalist
Julia Delbourg, Here: Memories of a Soul, music video
Justin Nekrutman, Learned to Play the Drums, music video
Kary H. Sarrey, Tree Kim, Insomnia - 4:00 AM, original score
Katherine Farnham, Haven, jazz
Kim Cameron, Running Past the Line, dance music
Kluane Takhini (Canada), 90 Seconds to Midnight - Baila!, music video
Lorena Bossio, Llegó El Momento, pop, and Mi Mejor Regalo, holiday music
Lynne Swaney, Stars Fall Down, indie pop
Mark Barnes, Winter Wishes, new age
Marta Brankovich, Marta, The Tempest, classical, album
Michael Chung, Tonight, student, creativity/originality
Michael Guinn (United Kingdom), Siduri, contemporary classical
Michael Manley, Sunday on the Bay, smooth jazz
Mike Guldin and Rollin' & Tumblin', The Franklin Sessions, blues
Namewee (Malaysia), Katak, pop, creativity/originality, Ya Gamila, pop, creativity/originality, 8090000, concept, creativity/originality, Be Like Him, lyrics/songwriter, music video, and Hang Out & Play Now!, music video
Natalie Jean & Guy Robert Jean, Je Me Demande, duo
Navid Afghah, The Temple of Wooden Figures, album, and Timequake, music video
Patricia M. Johnson, Waters, R&B, lyrics/songwriter
Pejman Bolourchi (Canada), Contemplation, world music, composer
Peter Sterling, Night Wind, new age, music video
Peter Vadiveloo (Australia), Manus, singer-songwriter LINK
Phoenix, Calamity Blues, Americana, lyrics/songwriter LINK
Prairie View A&M Concert Choir, Litany, classical
Robert Fritz, Elma and the Top, christmas show
Sarah Masterson, Schuyler: Seven Pillars of Wisdom, classical
Shihao Zhao, Paid In Blood, game music LINK
Shujie Liang, Painted Traveler in Space and Time - Coloring, game music, song
Silvia Blaser (Switzerland), Behind the Window, new age, and Remember, new age
Sonny Morgan, What You Have In Mind, male vocalist, music website
Susan Muranty (Australia), Ruby Ruby, composition, lyrics/songwriter, female vocalist
ThreeStyle (Croatia), Living in this House, smooth jazz
Timothy Wenzel, Our Stories, composition
Tripping Jupiter, We Are Starlight, song, male vocalist
Tsetsenbileg Dalai, Más y Más, music video
Vincenzo Carubia, Lunarcode: The Light, music video
Yuekun Zhao, Lord of the Rings Rise to War Game Trailer, game music
Zichong He, Angulum Galaxies Main Theme, game music, and Invitational Tournament Theme - Wind Riding, Wave Cleaving, band, producer
Zixiao Ye, Je Te Laisserai Des Mots, ambient

Gold Medal Winner
Carmine Miranda and Robert Marler
Shostakovich/Rachmaninoff: Sonatas for Cello and Piano
Classical - Album - United States
Gold Medal Winner
Ignacio Salvatierra P.
Bolero - Album
​Gold Medal Winner
Spectro 7
Band - Producer - Album Art/Graphics
Gold Medal Winner
Quynh Nguyen
The Flower of France
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Gold Medal Winner
The Grass Walkers
The Night
Composer - Band - Emerging Artist