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Entry Deadline 31 May 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - July 2014
Gold Medal Winner - Melissa Aldana
Melissa Aldana & Crash Trio, Jazz, Chile
Gold Medal Winner - Lee Fields &
The Expressions, Band, United States
Best of Show - Gold Medal Winner - Howard Mostrom - Uber Entertainment
Planetary Annihilation, Video Game Music, United States
Gold Medal Winner - Hozier
To Be Alone, Male Vocalist, Ireland
Gold Medal Winner - Black Prairie
Let it Out, Band, United States
Gold Medal Winner - Füreya Ünal
Divan Consort, Refuge, Album, Turkey/USA
Gold Medal Winner - Kim Planert
A Reason, Original Score, Germany/USA
Gold Medal Winner
Southeastern Wind Symphony 
Live!, Symphonic Band, United States
Gold Medal Winner
Christopher Bono & Tobias Stretch
Unity, Music Video, United States
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

Alexander Cimini (Italia)Red Krokodil, original score/soundtrack movie & television LINK
Amber Epp (Canada)Trio Bembe: Oh My Soul, world music & beats LINK
Anton Alcalde Rodriguez (Spain)The Heroes of Orzan, composition 
Catherine Gordeladze (Germany)American Rhapsody, instrumental performance solo LINK
Clara Yang & Xiao-Dan ZhengGrieg and Prokofiev: Cello-Piano Duo, album LINK   LINK
Codie Prevost Music (Canada)Someday, song LINK
Dr. GartSing Along With Leedo & Booey, children's music LINK
Electronic ArtsUltima Forever - Virtue Calls to Me, video game music LINK
Eyescore MusicReturn to Zero Soundtrack, original score/soundtrack movie & television LINK
Flo Oramasionwu (Canada)Hateless, pop LINK
James M. David - Colorado State University, L'oiseau dans l'espace : For Saxophone and Percussion Ensemble, composition LINK
Jeremy Tisser MusicVoodoo, composition LINK
Ken Walicki - California State University/FullertonRefuge, composition LINK
Sam HulickThrough the Pane, original score/soundtrack movie & television LINK
San Diego Jewish Men's ChoirHeritage, Jewish historical choral music LINK
Southeastern Wind SymphonySoutheastern Wind Symphony: Live!, instrumental music LINK
Susan MerdingerCarnival, album LINK
Todd Hayen and Scott McRae (Canada), Christmas Fantastique, listener impact: motivational/inspirational LINK
Uber Entertainment - Howard MostromThe Planetary Annihilation Soundtrack Recording Session, music video LINK

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Alex Rockman Music - University of Melbourne (Australia), White Zombie, dramatic impact; and Safe, experimental 
Alexander Cimini (Italia)Red Krokodil, classical; and Passion & Love, symphonic music LINK
Amber Epp (Canada), Inside Outside, jazz LINK
Anton Alcalde Rodriguez (Spain)Maquialo, world music & beats
Catherine Gordeladze (Germany)American Rhapsody, album LINK
Chris J. SimpsonWhen We're Alone (Jealousy), song
Codie Prevost Music (Canada), Someday, lyrics/songwriting; and All Kinds of Crazy, country LINK
Darius HolbertTrophy Kids, original score/soundtrack movie & television LINK
Eitan KennerHow To Make Hummus in 6 Steps, creativity/originality LINK
Electronic ArtsUltima Forever - Virtue Calls to Me, choral music LINK
Fiona Cochrane (Australia)Can't Give Up On You, music video
Flo Oramasionwu (Canada)Lullaby, pop LINK
Frederic Chane-son (France)Your Every Day and Night, music video LINK
Icy Simpson and Artina McCain, I, Too, classical LINK
James M. David - Colorado State UniversityAuto '66: Concerto for Clarinet, composition LINK
Jim Ankan Deka (India)Aawaz - Speak Up Against Sexual Violence, music video LINK
Kevin Mongelli, Insperato, composition and instrumental LINK
Mitchell KlebanoffDrown the Alarm, music video LINK
Pedro Contreras Almela (Spain)Murcia, Heritage Unpublished, original score/soundtrack movie & television LINK
QuasarSonic (Spain)RS-1281, original score/soundtrack movie & television LINK
Stefano SacchiTra Sogno E Fantasia, original score/soundtrack movie & television LINK   LINK
Susan Merdinger, Soirée, classical and instrumental performance solo LINK
Todd Hayen (Canada)Maltese Winter, composition LINK
Uber Entertainment - Howard MostromPlanetary Annihilation, composition LINK
Yutaka Kono - University of Vermont, Momma at the Gate, computer & digital LINK
Zach GospeNew Horizons – EP, pop LINK