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"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Winners - April 2015
Gold Medal Winner
Mathais Melo
Pop Singer/Songwriter - Emerging Artist
Gold Medal Winner
Alabama Shakes
Band - Sound & Color - Album
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Mary Elizabeth Bowden
Classical Trumpeter- Radiance - Album
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Classical Musical Duo - Emerging Artists
United States 
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Pete Rodriguez
El Conde Negro - Album
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Indie Dance Band
United States
Gold Medal Winner
Max Zorin
Classical Violin - Emerging Artist
United States - Israel
Gold Medal Winner
Undiscovered Soul
Alternative Rock Band
Gold Medal Winner
Kris Berg & Metroplexity Big Band
 Big Band Jazz - Composer
United States
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement ___________________________________________________

David Yonan (Germany)David Yonan performs the Six Solo Violin Sonatas by Eugene Ysaye, instrumental performance solo
Debra Gussin & Rik Howard, Is That You?, song
Fadi Awad (Canada), Free Your Mind, disc jockey/producer
Francisco-José Cuenca (Spain)Teresa de Jesús, soundtrack film & television
Jay Blahnik, Give Me Dat (On Fleek Club Remix), emerging artist and song
Jennifer Waescher (Republic of Korea)The Woman, female vocalist
Julia Pajot (France), Au Fil de L'eau, original score
Keith Allen, Dark Lord Funk, music video
Matt MilanThe Tsarevich, original score/soundtrack
Michael Vercelli - West Virginia UniversitySearching for Orifa: Birifor Funeral Music from Ghana, traditional music and album
Nikke Blout - Revolution EveArise, band
Paige KeinerPaige Keiner: Throne EP, female vocalist and emerging artist
Pete RodriguezEl Conde Negro, male vocalist
Romu Agullo (Spain)Pensando en ti (Thinking of You), new age
Ron Korb (Canada)House of the Five Beauties from the CD Asia Beauty, Chinese crossover world music and album art/graphics
Steven Cyril (Netherlands), Adicted, music video

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Ajitesh Sharma (India)She & Me, music video
Ali Orokzai, Red, Black & White, music video
Cale WilbanksComplacent, experimental
Cecilia Gragnani (United Kingdom)Witch in Me, music video
Cheryl D. BarnesCheryl D. Barnes, female vocalist
FAN FAVORITE - Damien Dematra (Indonesia)One Love For All, female vocalist (Natasha Dematra)
Franco Del RiscoCielo, music video
Harald Winkler (Malta)No Problem, pop
FAN FAVORITE - Heidi Brende LeathwoodThe Color Twilight, instrumental performance solo
FAN FAVORITE - Hicks (Sweden)Mamas Kitchen, male vocalist and song
James VierraHopeful Eyes, world music
Jennifer Waescher (Republic of Korea)The Woman, music video
Julia Pajot (France)Au Fil de L'eau, creativity/originality
Leandro Blanco (Spain)Nobody Loves You, pop
Matthew Smolen (Australia)Anahata, music video
Ryan RichkoTelepathic Tactics Original Soundtrack, video game music
Thanai PhornphongOcean, lyrics/songwriter