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Holiday Schedule for Global Music Awards (16 Dec 2014)

Our offices will be closed from December 17 to January 12 for a much needed vacation. We will still be accepting online entries and statuette and medallion orders but will be unable to send acknowledgment until we return to our offices. We wish you all very joyful holidays and happy new year.

Vote for Fan Favorites (17 Dec 2014)

Please vote. The artists who receive the most votes will receive the designation "Fan Favorite" at the beginning of their listing. When label A&R executives and booking agents look for talent they are most likely to look at Fan Favorites first. LINK

We just received this email from Best of Show Winner, Carmine Miranda (15 Dec 2014)

"I want to take the time to personally write to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing award. 
As a musician all I hope is to reach people's hearts and make the world a better place. I thank you for believing in my performances and will carry this award with great pride and honor. A big thanks from me, my label Parma Recordings and everyone involved in the production of my Piatti: 12 Caprices for this great honor." Carmine Miranda. LINK 

A Holiday note from Global Music Awards Winner, Megan Makeever (14 December 2014)

“Thanks you so incredibly much for your contribution to my Nashville trip and your support of my music. … I have always marched to the beat of my own drum as an artist and realize I need to continue to do so rather than conform to the latest trend. … I hope you know how grateful I am for the support from Global Music Awards, for it has helped me launch further in my career. Megan Makeever  LINK

New book by Global Music Awards Winner, Gabriele Haefs (13 December 2014)

Gabriel Haefs has issued her latest music related book, Chinese Transvestites And Other Irish Stories, via Songdog Press. It’s an interesting collection of short stories about the Irish music scene by several writers including Global Music Award winning singer/songwriter Mick Fitzgerald. We’re taking it with us to read during the holidays. It would make an unusual and excellent book to your friends as a holiday gift. LINK 

Here is a note we recently received from Gold Medal Winner, Roger Meyers (12 Dec 2014)

Just a small note to tell you my GMA medallions arrived yesterday and look amazing! ... Congratulations on their design, it was worth all your effort! All best, Roger LINK  

Gain Exposure/Interesting Blog: Old School Record Review (12 Dec 2014)

Old School Record Review grew out of a nearly two decade long conversation about pop music had by a group of friends, who now live all across the world. This blog is meant to be a vehicle for continuing and for cataloging that sometimes silly, sometimes contentious, sometimes revelatory conversation. Old School Record Review includes content such as traditional record reviews from any era, recent or remote; top 10 lists, original music; podcasts; highly personal confessions, and whatever else they feel inclined to include. 

This is a great opportunity for pop based artists to gain exposure through the Old School Record Review audience. Submission: OldSchoolRecordReview@gmail.com

Latest Global Music Award Winners Announced (12 Dec 2014)

We are very proud to announce the latest winners. We had a strong field of submission and thank all who participated. Our Best of Show Gold Medal goes to Venezuelan/American cellist Carmine Miranda as emerging artist for Piatti: 12 Caprices for Solo Cello. Miranda is receiving rave reviews from music critics around the world. There are also many other outstanding Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal winners. You'll find all those we honored at: LINK.   

Note Sent to us by Global Music Awards Winner, Muriel Anderson (10 Dec 2014)

"I'm feeling thankful this holiday season, and would like to share that happiness with you. Nighlight Daylight won 10 national awards and was named 'Most Impressive Gift for Holiday Giving.' I'm giving away my Harp Guitar Christmas CD with orders. Also, for you guitar players, I'm giving free sheet music/tab to the beautiful El Noi De La Mare (Child of the Mother) from my Harp Guitar Christmas CD (details and links for both below). Thank you all for the wonderful reception to my CD and recent tour. Ohio is this weekend, then CA, GA, and FL. Hope to see you soon!" You can order Muriel's Nightlight Daylight album which was honored with our Gold Medal at LINK.

Global Music Awards Fan Favorite, Lia Sophia (08 Dec 2014)

Lia Sophia was recently named Fan Favorite at the Global Music Awards, which offers artists the opportunity to have their music heard around the world and provides them with a platform in which to grow in the music industry.

Lia fell in love with the Amazon style and was easily convinced to begin pursuing music as a means to support herself. Quickly, she began playing in local pubs and began to develop quite a following. When she purchased a pub of her own, that she owned for four years, she learned that she also had a special talent as a composer as well and was able to open the door for many other talents who played in her pub.

Most recently Lia Sophia has released her 4th album and has been named one of the best singers of the generation. There are 14 tracks on this album and they each feature a piece of Lia that she wants the world to hear.

Her love of music offers fans a unique look at the Amazon rhythms as well as the Caribbean and Latin roots that she has become so fond of. Her music is composed by Lia herself and there is a portion of her history and heritage that has been placed inside each one of them.

One of the best things about her music is that it was not created for the intent of being marketed. Instead, it was written by someone who truly loves music and places her heart and soul into the pieces that she creates for herself and her fans. LINK

Global Music Awards new Fan Favorite, Davide Caprelli (04 Dec 2014)

Talented and determined to succeed, Davide Caprelli’s music has captured thousands of ears and stolen just as many heart. Creating amazing music for your soul, the music composer who hails from Italy, recently won two Global Music Awards, a Bronze Medal for composition with his Senna Saw God and a Silver Medal for the soundtrack. He was also voted as a fan favorite, which solidifies that his music resonates with fans and leaves them wanting more.

With music in his heart from an early age, the 42-year-old composer perfected his craft while attending Conservatory B Maderna in Italy, earning recognition for piano and composition and choir conduction. But he also wanted to take his music career to new heights and attended jazz school. 

Thanks to his two Global Music Awards wins, Davide’s work is now reaching millions of new ears, as the awards continues to celebrate original music, unique voices and emerging artists. LINK 

The Daily Vault is Seeking Music to Review (02 Dec 2014)

The Daily Vault seeks to serve the widest possible audience, reviewing music of all genres from classical to metal, from unknown indie artists to global superstars, and from all eras. Its eclectic mix of coverage, including album reviews, concert reviews and artist interviews, attracts music fans and writers from all over the world. Contact: editor@dailyvault.com

Global Music Awards Gold Medal Winner, Hozier (Ireland), vocalist, is on the latest Billboard “Top Tracks” chart. (02 Dec 2014)

Hozier released the EP Take Me to Church, with the title track becoming his breakthrough single after it went viral on YouTube. It reached number one on the Irish iTunes singles chart and number two in the official chart. Hozier followed up Take Me to Church with the new EP From Eden, and a number of festival tour dates and television appearances in the United States. He recently released his self-titled album, HozierLINK 

Fan Favorites (02 Dec 2014)

Our web poll to decide Fan Favorites from the last round of entries received over 25,000 votes. Fan Favorites include:

Gold Medal Winner - Lia Sophia (Brazil), album, singer, Amazon sonority/pop music LINK; Gold Medal Winner - Paolo Pizzi (United States), Blue Marble of Joys and Sorrows, music video LINK; and Silver Medal Winner - Davide Caprelli (Italy), Ayrton Indimenticabile, soundtrack movie & television LINK

5 Ways to Thank the People Behind Your Musical Success during the Holidays (02 Dec 2014)

“The only people who know and understand how challenging a musician’s career is are the ones who stand directly behind them. These are the people who have supported you all along the way. There only reward may be your success. Small gestures go a long way in maintaining these relationships.”

1. Goodie Basket : “Instead of mass ordering gift baskets, choose one depending on what each person likes. There's a basket for everyone, ranging from indulgent toiletry sets to gourmet food selections. Goodie baskets are especially meaningful to those on tour with you as they likely miss the luxuries of home. Present them to people like your manager and key sound crew with a hand-written note. In your note, mention why they are an essential part of your trip and how their support is essential to you.”

2. A Weekend Trip: “Think of the number of weekends and holidays your crew has spent working with you and gift them some much needed time off. Sponsor a nearby weekend getaway for them and their family. This is a beautiful way to let them know how much you appreciate the time they put in to making you a successful artist.”

3. Stationery: “Personalized stationery is a great way to tell people how much you value them. This is a gift that will be treasured by anyone. Try some of the beautiful paper and design options from stationery studio Papyrus.”

4. Memorable Experiences: “Depending on personal preferences, you could gift the key members of your team indulgent experiences like dinner at a nice restaurant, a massage or even a hobby class they could attend with their partner. Experiencing what it would be like to be a fighter pilot for a day or riding in a hot air balloon are memorable experiences most people would not think of unless it were presented to them.”

5. Framed Pictures: “A beautifully framed picture of the two of you is a meaningful memento to gift someone. Pick a picture that encapsulates the closeness of your relationship. For team members who you are not so close to, frame a group photograph with a personalized thank you attached.”

To be able to show them you pay attention to what's going on in their lives is the best way to show them you care.

Source: Excerpts: Mackezie Carlin: LINK

Speaking of Holiday Gift Ideas: Two GMA Winners have Released new Holiday Albums (02 Dec 2014)

Best of Show Winner/Gold Medal winner Alan Williams’s new album is The Christmas Carol Collection. Williams is an award-winning composer and conductor with more than 100 motion picture and television credits. LINK

Gold Medal winner Muriel Anderson’s new holiday album is Harp Guitar Christmas. Muriel is thoughtfully is including a wooden harp guitar Christmas tree ornament tucked into the liner notes of each CD. LINK  

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (02 Dec 2014)

Be genuine. Fan expectations have changed. Being aloof and above your fans does not cut it. Talk about your life and what you believe in, as well as your music and career. Open yourself up, so that people can get to know you. It’s amazing (or sad?) how much interaction you can generate with your fans by posting a funny picture of your dog.

Here is a note we recently received from Global Music Awards Winner, Ruth Weber (21 Nov 2014)

"Thank you very much for your help with this! Here is the San Diego Jewish Men's Choir's blog posting. We have gotten a lot of recognition through our win with the Global Music Awards, and are so grateful for this.
I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sincerely, Ruth Weber- Director, The San Diego Jewish Men's Choir
Silver Medal Winners 2014"

Fried Chicken Baby Food (18 Nov 2014)

Check out Global Music Awards winner Jeremy Nathan Tisser tune, Fried Chicken Baby Food, recorded for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards. It was recorded by LNJO-Late Night Jazz Orchestra, and orchestrated by our own Dave Richards for ZombieZC. LINK  

GMA winners Susan Merdinger and Steven Greene in consideration for Grammy (18 Nov 2014)

Also, listen to Global Music Awards winners Susan Merdinger and Steven Greene's beautiful music in also in consideration for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, French Fantasy and Soirée. Jean-Yves Duperron, Classical Music Sentinel, said about Susan’s music, “She always seems to know exactly how much emotional weight to give each and every phrase. Best of all is that the quality behind her interpretations seems spontaneous and instinctive, and never fabricated.” LINK   

Experienced Label Seeking New & Classic Blues, Jazz, Country, & Rock Artists for Representation (18 Nov 2014)

SRI Label Group offers the opportunity for established artists with completed albums to be distributed and retain ownership of their masters. We also produce and distribute recordings by talented new artists. Submissions: For established artists, SRI offers partnership agreements for artists with finished albums. These recordings can be either studio or live albums. For new artists with completed albums SRI offers a royalty rate In addition to being an active record company, through SRI Entertainment, SRI produces concerts and tours. Make direct contact with industry veteran Shelly Liebowitz: shelly@srirecords.com

Ponder this: Downloading Music Is Quickly Going Out Of Fashion (18 Nov 2014)

According to the Huffington Post, “First records died, then cassette tapes, then CDs and now, downloads. That's right, we're all but officially in the age of streaming services.” LINK   

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (06 Nov 2014)

Your success as a musician directly relates to the quality of your music and keeping in close touch with your fan base.

Here are 4 lessons from Joan Rivers sure to aid in your music career (06 Nov 2014)

Diversify Your Music Portfolio – Joan Rivers was a comedian, television personality, Broadway performer, writer, a fashion critic, voice over artist, as well as appearing in many films. How does this pertain to you as a musician? It is simple, diversify your talents.

Success Takes Hard Work - Joan Rivers once said her greatest fear was having a day with nothing on her calendar. An entire day with nothing to do scared her to death. That is why it was not uncommon to see Rivers performing her comedy act at some hole in the wall town. It was not that she needed the money or fame, but rather she knew it would help perfect her craft.

Do Not Be Afraid To Fail - Those who have achieved success in the music industry will tell you, they have failed many times. The key is to learn from those failures, and use them as the fuel to power your future successes. In the face of every career rejection, she got up, dusted herself off, and kept fighting for what she wanted.

In The End, It Is All About Business - As a professional musician it’s always a plus to have well connected in the business. Just as important is remembering, that just because you have connections does not guarantee anything. As Joan puts it, “I have learned from my dealings with Johnny Carson that no matter what kind of friendships you think you have with people you’re working with, when the chips are down, it’s all about business.”

Source: Condensed from Music Clout

Quick Social Media/Career Building Tip (06 Nov 2014)

Capture details of fans whenever possible. If you forget to do that, you make it easy for them to forget you. Unlike social media, capturing and sending emails is a reliable way to reach and keep in touch with your fans. 

 News About Winners - Social Media/Career Building Tips