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Deadline = September 04, 2017

"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

After your submission is received your entry goes through a multi-layered judging process including listener impact, technical quality, uniqueness and styling. All first-level judging is conducted by Global Music’s in-house professionals. All the entries recommended for Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals are carefully screened by Global Music Awards Founder and CEO, Thomas Baker, Ph.D., who has more than a dozen years in film and music. Dr. Baker produced an award-winning television series in cooperation with the University of California and created the Accolade Competition, Indie Fest and the Best Shorts Competition. Entries judged to be potential Gold winners may be sent to outside judges for additional review. We carefully maintain consistency across judging categories and maintain high standards in our music talent competition.

1. Submissions may be of any genre, any length.
2. Songs in other than English must include a copy of the written lyrics.
3. Entry fee for the first judging category is $50 US. Each additional judging categories you add is an additional $25.
4. Written comments describing your entry and publicity materials are invited and helpful during the judging process.
5. Entries will not be returned.
 Benefits of Participating in the Global Music Awards
We honor your work, provide worldwide credibility and create buzz. Our credibility makes it easier for you to lock-in bookings and sign labels. Selected top award winners are featured with an exclusive display in Billboard Magazine. 
Selected winners will received opportunity for a mentoring session with top echelon industry insiders. We make it easier for you to be discovered by A&R executives, labels and booking agents.

We announce Global Music Award winners to our propriety email list of 29,000+ musicians and industry insiders.
Our list is filled with music managers, music supervisors, record label executives and other industry insiders.
We blog about our winners in our bi-weekly newsletter, Backstage at the Global Music Awards.
We issue press releases via Eworldwire.com to music media and news outlets around the world.
We are very active in promoting our winners via social media.
We promote our winners to music industry insiders at trade events: MusExpo, ASCAP, AIMP, Billboard and BMI.

Our opens doors. Our goal is to be your partner in your journey to the top.  
What Do the Judges Look For? 
What do we look for as we decide which artists receive honors during the Global Music Awards judging process?

First, what we don't consider. We don't consider size of fan base, popularity or level of record sales. Global Music Awards is a merit based competition. We judge and curate based on creativity and quality of musical craft.

We look for emotional communication, the ability to transcend, to make the listener experience something that is new and compelling. We want to be surprised and moved by what we hear. We want to be convinced that those we honor can really move an audience. The musical joy of artists we select must be infectious. We want the artist to remind us why we care about music so much in the first place. Our judging process honors both polished artists and those in which we sense future potential. 

Judging is subjective by nature because the listening experience is unique to each set of ears. We listen very carefully to the music in every entry but artists must understand that different ears might result in different outcomes during the judging process. We want to do no harm, whether granted Global Music Award honors or not, so we try to make the experience positive for all who participate in the competition.   
Judging Process