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Entry Deadline 6 September 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: Current Winners
Gold Medal Winner
Sara De Ascaniis
Schumann, Chopin, Skrjabin, Bruckner - 19th Century Piano Fantasies
Instrumentalist - Germany
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Roman Perucki & Cappella Gedanensis
G.F. Händel – Organ Concertos
Classical - Album - Poland
Gold Medal Winner
Amir Bayat & Imamyar Hasanov
Sounds of Azerbaijan
World Music - Duo
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement____________________________________________________

Adina Bloom and Larry Kass, Hot Mama! The Songs of Larry Kass, lyrics/songwriting, composition
Alan Williams, Blessed, original score
Alexander Zhurbin, Symphony No. 5 (Sinfonia Bizzara or Play, memory), composer
Ana Cris (Portugal), E No Princípio Era O Sentir, emerging artist 
Andrew Lewinter, Music for Brass and Piano, chamber music
Anika Kildegaard & Jean-Francois Charles, Missa brevis Abbaye de Thélème, album
Anna Kijanowska (Poland), Polish Mazurkas, instrumentalist, classical piano
AROS Guitar Duo, In Time, classical guitar
Ban Brothers, Guiding Star (Instrumental Version), album LINK LINK
Bruce Leto Jr., Mood Poems, classical, instrumentalist
Can[II]ceR (Taiwan), Reincarnation, duo LINK
Chiacheng Sen, Kreisleriana, emerging artist 
Christopher Alan Schmitz, Violin Concerto & Symphony No.1, classical
Clara Yang and Sunmi Chang, Mother Tales, classical, album
David Garrido Guil (Spain), Himno del Colegio Antonio Guerrero de Aljaraque (Huelva), song
David Yonan (Germany), Bach and Beyond Project: J.S. Bach, Partita in d-minor for Violin Solo, instrumentalist LINK
Derrick Lin (Taiwan), TPO Big Band - Twisting Roots, jazz
Derris Lee (Liberia), The Way of Wood & Water, instrumentalist
Devan Ekambaram (India), Thirumagal, composition, and Kaatrin Mozhi, song
Dinah Bianchi, First Impressions, album
Ed Bazel, Beautiful Tonight, composition, instrumentalist, and All Of My Life, instrumenalist
Eleazar Mora, Sadel, una Orquesta y una Voz, Vol. 2, Latin folk, male vocalist
Eugene Concert Choir & Orchestra, Dr. Diane Retallack, EXIGENCE: A Sphinx Vocal Ensemble, & Dr. Eugene Rogers, Black is Beautiful, classical choir
Eugene Magalif, Colibri [Hummingbird], contemporary classical
Eva Amieva (Spain), Jardín de Colores, world music
Fabio Banegas, Eduardo Grau - Concertos for Soloists and String Orchestra, composer, instrumentalist 
Fredrik Fottland, Sigurd Slåttebrekk, Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra (Norway), The Music Factory, instrumental performance in a group concept
Ginés Martínez Vera (Spain), Mio Caro Puccini, arrangement
Giovanni De Chiaro, Songs of the Heart, classical guitar transcription
Gwen Levey, Barefoot & Pregnant, lyrics/songwriting, music video
Haiqioing Deng, Zheng Tu, contemporary Chinese music
Hendrik Meurkins & Carlomagno Araya, Big Band Brasil, Latin Jazz 
Iwona Glinka (Greece), Samekh, contemporary classical, emerging artist 
Jeremy Schonfeld, The Father Who Stayed, lyrics/songwriting
Jessica McMann (Canada), Prairie Dusk, Indigenous classical, composer, and Prairie Sunrise, instrumental
Jindra Nečasová Nardelli (Czechia), Spirit of Lake Michigan, composition, band LINK
Joel Campbell, Color, original score LINK
Joseph Spaniola, The First Step, composition 
Junichiro Mataga, Escher's Staircase, jazz
Justine Blazer & Lauren Anderson, Ain't No Cure Like The Blues, blues
Karen Salicath Jamali, Angel Hanael´s Song, composer
Katrin Weber & Band (Austria), Trieb, contemporary jazz LINK
Kelly Tsai (Taiwan), The Secret, music video, female vocalist
Kristin Taylor, McFerron Piano Sonata 2, composer, new release
Lars Hoefs and Aline Alves, Bachianas Brasileiras for Cello and Piano: Origins and New Arrangements, Latin American chamber music
Lauren Anderson, Love Again, female vocalist 
Lazara Diaz, Bona Fide Duo - La Malagueña, instrumentalist 
Lee Hinkle, Modern American Percussion Concerti, classical
Leon Gurvitch (Germany), Musique Mélancolique, composer
Leti Garza, Secrets, female vocalist 
Lia Scallon (Australia), Song of Revelation, female vocalist
Lori Laitman, The Apple Orchard, composition LINK
Mary Ann Heimann, Memorabilia, lyrics/songwriter 
Marco A. Linares, Alvaro Paz A., Ignacio Salvatierra P. (Panama), Soul & Sentiments, easy listening 
Michela La Fauci (Italy), Il Suono dell’Anima, instrumentalist LINK
Monika Ryan, Alive, vocal jazz, female vocalist
Natalia Gordeyeva & Morten Jessen, KYIV, chamber music
Natalia Walewska and Rafał Lewandowski (Poland), Michał Kleofas Ogiński - Polonezy, classical, instrumentalist
Nikhil Koparkar, Dead Whisper, composer, original score
Nonexister (Switzerland), Kater, music video, and A Promise In The Air, music video
Otherworld, Breathing Room, contemporary jazz LINK
Palisade Trumpet Collective, Sojourn, chamber music, instrumentalist
Patricia Moreno (Austria), Mundos Unidos, female vocalist, emerging artist LINK
Patrick Young and Mark Neiwirth, Counting Rests, instrumentalist, creativity/originality 
Peter Dickson Lopez, Serenade, composition, and Pieces from a Distant Land Series, No. 1, classical
Peter Xifaras, Dystopian World, composer
Robert Denham, Shards of Gold and Amethyst, composition
Roi Keidar (Israel), Hitlahavti Midai, music video
Sandy HXM (Taiwan), Appreciation, female vocalist, production, lyrics/songwriter LINK
Sarah Wallin-Huff, Leviathan of the Ancient Deep, instrumental
Sergio Pereira (Spain), BOSSA+, composer, instrumentalist
Shenshen Zhang & Sophia Shen, SHENSduo, world music, duo LINK
Simone Helle, My Starry Eyes, lyrics/songwriter, album LINK
Stanley Grill, Declaration of Peace, composition
Stephen Melillo, STORMWORKS Chapter 89: Worlds Within the World, composer, creativity/originality 
Tobias Hoffmann (Austria), Relentless, composition LINK
Tomas Cotik, Piazzolla: Buenos Aires, tango, album
Tomáš Víšek (Czechia), Franz Liszt and Czech Music, instrumentalist LINK
Vivian Fang Liu, Accents of Love, children's music, lyrics/songwriter
Vladimir Velichkov (Bulgaria), Awakening, instrumental performance solo
Will Lin and Lydia Wangwang (Taiwan), Mogu Mogu, lyrics/songwriter, music video, producer LINK LINK
William Ortiz, Antidogma, contemporary classical LINK
Winifred Phillips, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord, original score
Xiao-Fen Min, Metta, composer
Ya-ching Chang & Wen-Chuan Wang (Taiwan), Beethoven Complete Sonatas for Piano and Violin, instrumentalist, album LINK

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Abhirup Roy (India), The Other Half, composition LINK
AMARU (Netherlands), Traces Of My Melanin, listener impact: content/message delivery
Andrew Huang (Taiwan), In Dream, bilingual double album
Ban Brothers, Love Makes My World (Female Version), ft. Christine Corless, pop-country LINK LINK
Barry Lane (United Kingdom), The Flesh of Tibet, lyrics/songwriter
BlueBelle (United Kingdom), Trip the Light, music video LINK
Bobby Gun, Dingleberry Carrot Dangler, lyrics/songwriter
Boys'N'Barry, Kisses On My Face, pop
Búho Azul, Avanguardia, Andean-Americana folk group
Carla Rose Kelly (Canada), Healing Addictions, music medicine LINK
Carmen Serrano-Bigles (Puerto Rico), You Don't Know Me, music video
Cathleen Ireland, Jungle, song
Chung Chun Owens Huang, Universal Connection: Danielle, contemporary classical, composition
Clare Steffen, Sláinte Mo Chara, Irish music LINK
Cliff Beach, The Gift Of The Blues, jazz
Colin Trusedell, The Places We're Taken, contemporary jazz LINK
Courtney Dabney-Hill, A Precious Life, experimental
Daisy Villa, Diamond King feat. Daisy Villa, B. Bravo - Water, R&B LINK
Dan LeBlanc, E J Outllete, Beautiful, production
Daniel Figueiredo, Una EPC, with Rannieri Oliveira, instrumental
Diva Alina, Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Act l “Una Voce Poco Fa”, female vocalist
Douglas Blue Feather, Forever My Love, new age
E J Ouellette, No More Wastin' Time, Northeast Americana
Ellina Graypel, Yidishe Mame Opus, song LINK
Ethan Johnson (Jamaica), Guardian feat. Debra Lyn - Black Rose Of Sharon, R&B 
Gerard Michael D'Emilio and Larry Kass, My Moment: Gerard Michael D'Emilio Sings the Larry Kass Songbook, lyrics/songwriting
Germán Nogueira (Cuba), La Noche es Larga, singer/songwriter LINK
Jeff Eisenberg, Lost In Darkness, original score
Jose Luis Echave Moratilla (Spain), I Am Lecter, composition
Juju Xu (China), Unbending, game music, female vocalist
Kaisi Berick, The Siren - The Whole World Has Gone Insane, production, music video
Katherine Farnham, The Greatness in U, adult contemporary
Kathryn Cloward, Love, Kindness, and Peace, song
Kavita Sahay (Canada), A Goiya, female vocalist
Kavitha Jayaraman, Rama Ninne Namminanu, Indian classical, new release LINK
Keith Faris and Larry Kass, I'm So Glad I Met You (Songs of Larry Kass), lyrics/songwriting, album
Keith Shaw, Red Kisses, song
Kobi Arad, Fields - ft. Victor Wooten, Cindy Blackman Santana, Ricky Kej and Lonnie Park, improvisation
Kostas Nikolopoulos (Greece), Τα δικά μου ταξίδια (The Trips of Mine), song LINK
Lady J Huston, Nibble in the Middle, with Frank Dunbar, band, and Pass the Honey, female vocalist LINK
Linda Marks, A Recipe For Hope, folk, album
Liz Lundry, Gimmie Time, song
Lunar Chen, Trinity, producer, concept LINK
Marios Michaelides (Cyprus), The City has Fallen, listener impact: content message/delivery concept LINK
Mark Kueffner, Masked, original score LINK
Michelle Rose, When We're Rich, Americana, female vocalist, song LINK
Nic Andrea & The Verdict, Pray For Them, band, and The Raven, concept
Nicolette Aubourg, I Am Not Hamas, protest music
Nima Shahbazi Chegeni (United Kingdom), Wild Waves, creativity/originality LINK
Olivia Hellman, Spoiler Alert, music video LINK
Orchestra Fuego, My Heart Will Go On - Salsa Version Ft. David D', Latin music
O Som Do Jazz, Falar Abobrinha, band, and Cara de Pau, composition
Özgür Aydın (Turkey), Friendship, instrumental LINK
Pam Asberry, 24 Impromptus, composer, album
Raquel Gonzalez and Jose Miguel Soriano (Ecuador), With You, listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Rata Ensemble (Canada)Miravam, Persian traditional
Rishabh Kaushik, Indian Carnatic Classical Vocal, male vocalist
Rodrigo Landa-Romero (Mexico), Hope, classical
Rusty Rickshaw, Tujh Mein, Hindi rock
S. J. Jananiy (India), Indian Trap & S. J. Jananiy - Parvati Mantra, composition, female vocalist
Shanti Inga Lindmark (Denmark), Floating Space - Waterflow Song, electronica
Shao Da-Lun (Taiwan), 變身HENSHIN, male vocalist, creativity/originality LINK
Sizzla and Chyna Nicole, Boom Love, reggae
Sophia (Mexico), En Busca del Gramm Dorado, Latin children's music
Sophia Rose, The Idiot by Chalk Talk, music video
STUDEO (Australia), Magic Moment, pop
Suzanne's Band, Ice and Fire (Remix), female vocalist, emerging artist LINK
Texas A&M University Kingsville Jazz Combos, Lithology, jazz
Tomiko Dixon, E J Outllete, Jungle Swing, production/producer
Xavier E. with Sweet Rains, Secrets, male vocalist, song 
Yucan Ye (China), Death of Mandanin, original score
Yuchun Cheng, Instrumental, instrumentalist
Zixiao Ye, The Stolen Time, composition
Ziying Zhao, Tranquil Charm, world music

Gold Medal Winner
Jeff Toyne
Palm Royale
Original Score

Gold Medal Winner
Takacs Quartet, Claire Assad, Julien Labro
Takacs Assad Labro
Contemporary Chamber Music

Gold Medal Winner
Tracy Yang
OR (Operating Room)
Original Score

Gold Medal Winner
Natalya Pasichnyk
Rethinking the Well-Tempered Clavier

Gold Medal Winner
Carlomagno Araya & José Valentino
Claude Bolling Goes Latin: Suite for Flute & Latin Music Ensemble
Gold Medal Winner
Marco Misciagna & Marco Ciannella
 Campagnoli: 41 Caprices for Viola Op.22, arranged for Viola & Piano by Carl Albert Tottman
Classical - Duo - Italy

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