Global Music Awards - Music Competition
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Entry Deadline 6 September 2024
"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

Global Music Awards: March 2024 Winners
Gold Medal Winner
Sophie Tassignon
Composer - Female Vocalist - Germany
Gold Medal Winner - Best of Show
Janne Fredens and Søren Rastogi
Chamber Music
Gold Medal Winner
Michele Josia
Joachim and the Apocalypse
Original Score - Italy
Silver Medal Winners - Outstanding Achievement____________________________________________________

Amanda Abizaid, Khatiran & Shabban, female vocalist, song
Andre' E. Godsey, Sr., String Trio Number One: Reflections Through the Windows Raindrops, contemporary classical LINK
Andrea Valeri (Italy), Odissea, instrumentalist, album
Andreas Hertel, Silvia Willecke & Dialog Quartett (Germany), It Might be Christmas Every Day, holiday music LINK
Avra Banerjee, Jiya Lage Na, world fusion
Ban Brothers, Guiding Star, alternative LINK LINK
Bell Chung (Taiwan), The Wound Is..., female vocalist LINK
Bruce Babcock, Nevertheless, contemporary classical LINK
Bryn Scott-Grimes, Mr. Breathe, creativity/orginality
Chang Cheng (China), Seeking the Light, Chinese traditional
China Music House (China), Butterfly Spirit, album
Debé Gunn & Afrika Mamas, Christmas All Around the World, lyrics/songwriter
Dorota Cegielska (Poland), Jazzy Beats & Bassoon Soul, instrumentalist
Eduardo Peña and the Calahorra Symphonic Band (Spain), Mercaforvm, composer
Ensemble for Different Music (Serbia), This is not Op.1, album
Esnedy Milan Herrera (Italy), Nada, music video
Geoff Ryan, Follow the Leader, music video
Gustav Hoyer, Budapest Film Orchestra, Peter Pejtsik, Kent Stephens, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, classical
Håkon Skogstad (Norway), 8 Concepts of Tango, tango, composer
Igor Kalnin, Ascending to Light, classical
Jan Michael Looking Wolf and Native Rose, We Can Live As One, music video, and Native Rose, song
Jeff Eisenberg, Climb To The Top, original score
Jin Yang and Vince Di Mura, Serendipity - When Pipa Meets Jazz, chinese jazz fusion LINK
José Valentino, We Are One: Latin Jazz Big Band LIVE, with UNO Jazz Ensemble, Latin jazz, and Highland Serenade, with Denis Vasenin, instrumentalist
Kariz Band, Gallop, composer, instrumentalist
Kevin Keller, Evensong, new age, composer
Kevin Nordstrom, Music for Viola by American Women Composers, instrumentalist
Kevin Riepl, Justice League Crisis on Infinite Earths Part 1, soundtrack, composer
Kevin Short (United Kingdom), The Miner's Son, soundtrack
Leslie Brockett, Danger, music video
Liam Phan (France), Firemen, original score
Lisa Cullum (United Kingdom), Clarity, classical crossover
Mary Dawood Catlin, Hope, instrumentalist
Meg Pfeiffer, Woman Of The Day, song
Michael Cohen, Aria: The Music of Michael Cohen, contemporary classical
Michael D'Emilio, Larry Kass, If Tomorrow Never Comes, lyrics/songwriter, song
Mirna Lekic, Mirage, creativity/originality
Natalie Jean, Where Do We Go From Here?, social impact album
Olga Alex, Fighting The Urge To Breath, electronica
Oswaldo Zapata & Kasandra Keeling, Bridging Borders: New South American Music for Trumpet and Piano, classical
Paula Maya, Mar da Minha Terra, bossa nova, instrumentalist
Phil Ginzburg, Marathon, instrumental, composition LINK
Philipp Ritler (Switzerland), Where Does Your Mind Go, experimental
Ratko Delorko (Germany), MIDI-Sonata for Piano and Synthetic Sounds, composition LINK
Russell Haight, Go Forth, jazz, album
Sangeeta Kaur, Starlight, female vocalist, music video
Seraphour, O Magnum Mysterium, quartet
Sherrie Davis, Summer Breeze, Native American flute ensemble
Shujie Liang, Lovebrush Chronicles - Dark Distant Mountains, game music
Sophia Agranovich, Album Leaf - Piano Works by Felix Mendelssohn, classical piano, instrumentalist
Stanley Grill, We Will Not Forget, classical
Tatiana Shustova, Prokofiev, op. 75 Sibelius Op. 75, classical
Terry Lee Nichols, Metamorphosis, composer, instrumentalist
The High FLY Clarinet Quartet (Taiwan), High FLY Dance High, group, instrumentalist
Threestyle (Croatia), No Matter What, smooth jazz
Tim Juillet, Nazareth Man, Christian rock
Tomás Cotik, J.S. Bach: The Six Cello Suites arr. for violin, instrumentalist, producer LINK
Vince Di Mura and Lina Zha, East Meets West - the making of Nostogia, music video LINK
Wei-Chi Lin (Taiwan), Siasing, female vocalist, emerging artist LINK
William Mendelbaum (France), Strings Vibrate, jazz, album, Tribute to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, jazz, album, and Cuisine sonore : Chef étoilés en musique, creativity/originality
Yang Zhang, The Road To Wutumeiren, creativity/originality
Zichong He (China), A Symposium On Heroes, production

Bronze Medal Winners - Finalist _________________________________________________________________

Abu (United Kingdom), The World is Blind, protest music, composition, male vocalist
Acrobat Shonen (Japan), Overeat, humor/humorist
Adam Gubman (China), Reverse 1999: Unexpected Storm, game music
Akisai M (Japan), Purple Sky, original score LINK
Ala Bahrami (Turkey), Ghazalvareh, composition, male vocalist
Alex Cluge, Simpatico, song
Alex Wu and Daniel James, Diablo Immortal: Mountain and River, game music
Amirreza Ojaghi (Iran), Hanami, world music
Andrew Huang (Taiwan), Troubadour - Blessing Edition, creativity/originality
Antonia Sinibaldi, See Me, lyrics/songwriting LINK
Antonio Gomez (Spain), Update 5.0, smooth jazz, composer
Artur Dziedzic, Letters, music video
Beebee Bassey (United Kingdom), Toxic Places, lyrics/songwriter
Blacksmith Rose, They Don't Make 'Em Like Willie Anymore, lyrics/songwriting
Boys'N'Barry, What Will You Do, pop, and Ache For Love, blues
Clement Reid, Parisian Gentleman, contemporary classical
Dana Presson, Virtù e Fortuna, composition, emerging artist
Darla Z, Please Help Me Forgive, song
David Mastikosa, Escape, chamber music
Dimitris Nezis (Greece), Deceive Me (feat. Natalie Jean), dance LINK
Diva Alina, Louise, Act III 'Depuis le jour', female vocalist
Elieen Burns, Larry Kass, Will You Notice Me?, lyrics/songwriter 
Elizabeth Usher (Australia), I'll Be Your Soft Place to Fall, lyrics/songwriting
Eric Sirota, Frankenstein, original score/sound track LINK
Eytan Ribner, The Man Cave, humor/humorist
Fei You, Luxury Bitch, instrumentalist
Gabriel Teixeira, Gingado, composition
Germán Nogueira (Cuba), The World Remains the Same, protest music
Indigie Femme, Round and Round, song, listener impact
Ioannis Giannikos (Cyprus), MoulD - MAD, male vocalist
Janice Lacy, Dreaming of Daybreak, new age, composer
Jeff Saxon, Ensueno, composition
Jennifer Porter, Yes, I Do!, album
Juju Xu (China), LifeAfter X Pacific Rim, game music
Kambiz Aghdam (China), Reverse 1999: Symbiosis, pop
Katherine Farnham, Love's Gift, holiday music
Kluane Takhini (Canada), There Are No Winners, music video
Kobi Arad, Validation, creative jazz
Larry Kass, Jared Plasterer, Laura Lindauer, This Could Be The Moment, composition, lyrics/songwriter
Leena Singh, Deep In Your Eyes, female vocalist, song
Los Dignos del Amor, Niña, composition, band
Luis Alberto Naranjo (Spain), Lamento, composition
Madhuri Murli, Junoon, music video, listener impact: motivational/inspirational
Mahdi Attarian (Iran), Attached, world music
Miist, Give Her My Love, pop ballad
Monika Gurak and Jenn Kee (Canada), There's Always a First Time, pop, lyrics/songwriter
NIN, Dark House, pop music, producer, female vocalist LINK
Ningxin Zhang, Kagemusha: for Pipa and Electronics, creativity/originality, experimental
OneToFree (Taiwan), OneToFree123, rock/pop, band
Paul Long, The Courage of Despair Orchestral - Tribute to Ukraine, contemporary classical
Pavlos Synodinos, Alex Randan, Akis Papavasileiou, Yiannis Paxevanis (Greece), Astarte - Status Update 2024, post rock, audio engineer LINK
Peri El, All These Years, lyrics/songwriting
Philip Setton (Australia), Mister Pink, music video
Pierpaolo Poggi (Italy), Nimue - Ghost, music video
Ralf Muller (Canada), 22HERTZ - Wrong, music video
Razteria, Jeremy Snowden, Historia de un Amor, music video
Rodrigo Landa-Romero (Mexico), Symphonic Works, classical
Sal Censoprano, T-R-O-U-B-L-E-, male vocalist
Sanjeev Venkataramanan (India), Lost in Harmony, original score
Sherlandra Revis, Amazing Love, female vocalist LINK
STUDEO (Australia), You're Safe With Me, adult contemporary
Sweet Crystal, Whatever Is Needed, Whatever It Takes, Christian rock
Tasos Pestas (Greece), Like Eternity (E.P.), world music
The Great Necks Guitar Trio, Impressions of Spain, classical guitar
The Theater Of The Air Chorus, St. Ignatius High School, St. Joseph Academy Chorus, We're Building A New World, lyrics/songwriter, song
Thespina Patronas, ΚΟΧΥΛΙ (KOHYLI), composition
Thomas Green, Winter Warmth, easy listening, instrumentalist
Tsode (Spain), Corduba: Mitos Y Leyendas, album
Wei Nie, Journey to the West 2 - Journey of a Lifetime, production, and Journey to the West 2 - Mysterious in the Divine Capital, original score
Yuekun Zhao, The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War - Castles Under the Moonlight, original score
Yuriy Shevchenko (Ukraine), Neonknight - Tears, music video
Zhe Ji (China), Mid-Autumn Festival Music Suite, game music, band, and Records of Personages, Liu Bei, Infinite Borders, composition
Zichong He (China), Deeming Heroes in a Green-Plum-Wine Symposium, original score, and Infinite Border - Anniversary Celebration Concert Edition, production
Gold Medal Winner
Gili Lopes
Instrumental - New Release

Gold Medal Winner
Anita Lerche
Songs from the Kingdom of Denmark
Female Vocalist

​Gold Medal Winner
Hugo Selles
Producer - Album - Spain

Gold Medal Winner
GT Wilkins
Acoustic Talk
Smooth Jazz - Instrumentalist - Producer

Gold Medal Winner
Jeff Broadbent
Heroes of Incredible Tales 2
Game Music - Composer
Gold Medal Winner
Ruben Caban
Latin Jazz