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Entry Deadline =  01 March  2019

"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

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Here’s why you should enter your music in the
Global Music Awards competition.
Global Music Awards opens doors.

Lock-In gigs and bookings.

Be discovered by A&R executives.

Sign with music managers and record labels.
I have many music records agencies following me since the win, it is cool! Julia Pajot

You see, your award has helped me to obtain an orchestra to perform my composition. I am overjoyed to announce that my latest endeavor has come to fruition. My composition, Two Counts at Stake: Fantasy Overture, will be performed by the McLain Symphony. Nikita Wells

Your Award has since then opened so many opportunities for my music. International recognition followed. The press has more than once mentioned Global Music Awards being a validation of quality music. Your encouragements have ever since pushed me to go even further. Tri Nguyen

I am humbled and thankful beyond words! I have shared this with a couple of my social media outlets and the response has been wonderful. We all greatly appreciate what you do for all of us and for the music! Dr. Anthony Branker

Thanks to the Global Music Awards jury for this valuable recognition. We are honored and proud! The media industry (magazines, radio and TV) are very interested in our results. Professor Antonio Tinelli

I am honored and humbled to have been able to include mention of the prestigious Global Media Awards recognition received for my debut release during the past few months while working to promote my most recent album. It is immensely valuable support for an independent artist! Lena Natalia

Many Asian artists and music lovers are starting to notice Global Music Awards because of the album’s acknowledgment by this award. Patricia C. Greene, Wind Music

A medal, or other recognition, creates opportunities for interviews with news outlets, promotes sales, and raises awareness of projects of all kinds. Bravo Global Music Awards for providing such a valuable service to the artistic community! Robert J. Bradshaw, composer

Your organization has brought me incalculable benefit and value and I am deeply grateful. The music world is much better and much richer place because of your existence. Nick Dukas

I am excited to let you know that KOCHI, winner of two silver Global Music awards was #3 on the Billboard World Music Charts last week AND #7 on the Billboard Heetseaker Charts! We were #1 on Amazon new hit releases in World (Middle Eastern Music) as well! Thank you so much for helping us give credibility to our album!!! Ruth Weber

Rose Gold Records team and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and the GMA judges for the amazing recognition and award! It means a great deal! It is humbling to be chosen amongst a pool of exceptional global talent. Nader DeAik and Rose Gold Records