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Entry Deadline =  01 March  2019

"Global Music Awards is music's golden seal of approval."

"I am SO THRILLED and excited that I could hardly breathe when I read this, in disbelief. I am honored, so deeply honored. I will be getting some press in the near future around this announcement, coming just days before my 69th birthday and a few weeks before my Provost's Distinguished Lecturer speech about my life in music as a composer, performer, conductor, educator, and presenter. It couldn't have come at a more perfect and wonderful time. Thank you!" Eric Funk

"I thank you so much for being part of GMA community. You do a wonderful job to show to the world the value of Global artists. So fantastic opportunities appeared to my music after I received the Awards. I am very grateful to your appreciation and recognition." Anaya Kunt

"Thank you very much for the chance to be in this contest. It is very helpful for the composers and new generations of singers. World needs musical creativity and you contribute to this. I recommend very much this great contest!" Agustín Manuel Martínez

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for granting me the Gold Medal for my album "La casa" at the 2018 Global Music Awards competition. Receiving this feedback on my album is such a welcome confirmation about the work I have been doing. The importance of the GMA and the quality of the current and past winners makes me feel very honored, humble and happy." Dr. Pablo Cohen 

"The 3 Gold Medals awarded (to our album, Polnische Hochzeit,) last year shall endure as they made history and I will always be super grateful!! ... And actually our album bearing the gold "Winner" sticker was handed lately to none other than Plácido Domingo whom I visited backstage at the Met last weekend, Robert (McFarland) has performed with him, so he introduced me! :)" Beatrice Beer

"I am always impressed Global Music Awards’ support and care!!" Nicky (Kiyomi Ishii)

"Thank you for your time and dedication to helping inspire Artists around the world. I am very proud to be a member of your organization and I appreciate the work you do for those of us trying to touch hearts around the world with our talents and love." Songwriting Shane

"I received a postal letter saying that my film Scandal won. Receiving this letter was so amazing!! I would like to thank you for the big work your putting into your festival to make us, the filmmakers, shine! I can imagine how much work it should be. And thank you so much cause when my parents saw your beautiful letter, in its beautiful and precious envelope, they were very proud of me! :) Global Music Awards is a top festival that really makes the difference.
I also like the other winners, they are great. Thank you again for everything!" Pablo Mengin

"It’s an honor that Between the Sky & Prairie is recognized by the Global Music Awards as the Gold Medal - Best of Show winner. This music album is a beautiful joint effort of three music companies in China, Taiwan and the U.S. Many Asian artists and music lovers are starting to notice Global Music Awards because of the album’s acknowledgment by this award. I am sure that Global Music Awards will receive more entries from quality Asian musicians in the future." Patricia C. Greene, Wind Music

"I´m very excited in receiving the Silver Medal of the Global Music Awards by my work Epojé, Op. 50, for violoncello and piano, that is included on my last album Chamber Music, edited by NAXOS. I thank you very much to the jury to choose my music. I hope this prize could serve to get my music even more close to the people. I send to you the warmest greetings. Dr. Román is Profesor de Composición para Medios Audiovisuales del Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid." Alejandro Román

"Wow !!! Many, many thanks! Once again I feel very grateful for this award granted by the Global Music Awards. Undoubtedly, one of the best music competitions, with a great impact among all musicians around the world for their prestige. An award that I share with all the musicians and the rest of the team that with their generosity achieved that this small soundtrack is giving us this happiness !!!" Manel Gil-Inglada

"On behalf of Spirit Soul And Friends, A Musical Peace Troupe, I would like to thank you and all the judges for honoring us with two bronze medals for Kirtan Peace Vibrations and Om Hari Om. We thank you for giving us this opportunity to share the beauty and spiritual tool of Kirtan with everyone around the world to help bring peace and spiritual nourishment into their lives. Thank you so much for your kindness and for spreading so much beautiful music from the many gifted musicians around the world with the Global Music Awards." Annette Laborte - Spirit Soul and Friends 

"Thank you so much to the Global Music Awards for awarding a Silver Medal to my album, A Place Beyond Words. My goal was to share Jewish liturgical music with the world. In my opinion, this type of music speaks to our shared humanity. I always believed that there is beauty to be found in the melodies that accompany our most intimate prayers, and I am thrilled that you feel the same. I am honored to receive recognition from the Global Music Awards. Thanks to you, artists like me can help heal the world with our unique and special musical talents." Dave Schlossberg

"I am one of your silver medal award receivers. You see, your awards has helped me to obtain an orchestra to perform my composition. I am overjoyed to announce that my latest endeavor has come to fruition. My composition, Two Counts at Stake: Fantasy Overture, will be performed by the McLain Symphony. Just wanted to tell you and thank you." Nikita Wells

"I am extremely grateful, humbled and honored to receive three Silver Awards for my CD albums and this year - a Gold Award for Robert Schumann: Carnaval and Fantasie, which, in addition, made the top 10 list! Thank you, Global Music Awards, for your support and inspiration for the entire music community!" Sophia Agranovich

"Thank you Global Music Awards Team! I am so appreciative for your support and consideration of music artists like myself. This mission in life I have has been a real undertaking and I use my talent to unite hearts for Peace and Love around the World. For me, being a part of the Global Music Awards network is a precious gift and allows me the opportunity to submit heart-songs into a network that listens and appreciates the message in the music. Thank you for your organization which instills hope, joy, determination and faith to those who crusade for Peace and heal hearts with merely a gifted song." Songwriter Shane

"Dear Dr. Baker and everybody at GMA ! You cannot imagine how this second Gold Medal means to me. After Consonnances, my first album, when I received my first Gold Medal, it surpassed all my expectations. Your Award has since then opened so many opportunities for my music. International recognition followed. The press has more than once mentioned the GMA, the award being a validation of quality music. Your encouragements have ever since pushed me to go even further: thus was born Beyond Borders, my second album and third recording. Like any other musician and composer, I was so nervous when I released Beyond Borders, not knowing if my hard work would please the listeners' ear. I have taken a lot of risks in the conception of this new album, pushing my boundaries even farther to fuse my music with other cultures and traditions, and the fact that such experienced professionals as you at the GMA should give me a second Gold Medal is a double honor !! Thank you so much again dear Dr. Baker. My regards to the whole team. This will go viral soon ! :)" Tri Nguyen

"Dear Global Music Awards. Thank you very much for the Silver Medal for our new song "Communication". It is a great honor for us to receive such a fantastic evaluation. We appreciate it very much! It inspires us and drives us forward.
Best Wishes from Lithuania." The Skys

"Good morning from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This message is a little late but not too late I hope. I wanted to drop by and thank GMA for awarding me Gold for Rock Ballad. To say that I was ecstatic and over the moon would be an understatement! I am honoured, blessed, thankful and quite inspired to create more with the encouragement this Award has brought me. As it is a global recognition, this win garnered me more visibility as a serious singer songwriter. So I'd like to thank you for that."  Lyia Meta

"Thanks to the Global Music Awards jury for this valuable recognition of our Ebanthology CD awarded with three silver medals. We are honored and proud! The media industry (magazines, radio and TV) are very interested in our results and we are confident that this award will greatly help our visibility and career. Thank you so much and congratulations for the laudable work that you do! ... Grazie" Professor Antonio Tinelli

"SO nice talking to you yesterday, what a fantastic, world-class, visionary organization you run, one which renders SUCH service to the music industry, congratulations!! You've set some pretty great things into motion!! Million, heartfelt thanks again!! All my best." Béatrice Beer

"I am absolutely delighted with the news that Never Stop (Live Version) has received a Bronze Medal Award as a Finalist in this edition of the Global Music Awards and want to thank everyone very much for this honour. Once again, it is just fantastic news to receive this award - it is wonderful and inspiring where creativity and ideas can take all of us in life and that they can be recognized in this way - I will be so happy to share this news. Thank you to the Global Music Awards." Josephine Halbert

"Thank you for your tremendous service to music of all types and especially for your support of the contemporary classical genre, which, these days, garners rare attention. For this, thank you from myself and on behalf of all classical performers and composers who dedicate themselves to our art." Douglas Knehans

"Rose Gold Records team and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you and the GMA judges for the amazing recognition and award! It means a great deal! It is humbling to be chosen amongst a pool of exceptional global talent. Proud be a GMA Alumni and recipient of the Silver Medal - Outstanding Achievement for Album Toba. Thank you again for your support and recognizing Independent Artists worldwide. Look forward to future submissions." Nader DeAik and Rose Gold Records

"I just wanted to thank you and the Global Music Awards organization for all of your kind support of my music in 2016. I was humbled and honored to receive the Global Music Award distinction twice this past year and am very grateful for the distinction. The GMA recognition was particularly meaningful to me as I know how seriously you take your craft in candidly assessing so many talented musicians’ works. Thank you again for a terrific year, and I wish you joy, great health and continued success in 2017!" Lena Natalia

“We are so sorry that we could not thank you earlier, we were outside Athens, we only managed to share it in Facebook, and our cellphone was full of calls afterwards! Greece is celebrating with this news! And the press has already started to write articles! Now we are back, and happier than ever!! We cannot find the proper words to describe our happiness, we are truly thrilled. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! A big hug to all of you, and all the judging panel, not only from us, but all from all the contributors of this album, and all the Greeks who are celebrating the Golden Medal of this album, that is narrating their stories. We are so excited, it is a great honour! We worked so hard for this album, we have put our heart, until the last drop of our efforts, to present in the best way, through our music and lyrics, what Greece is going through nowadays. The crisis is deep, but the spirit never dies. Everything is critical right now, but the people and the nations should be united, should be friends, should be brothers, and solidarity is the key, and we send this message through music. We are all facing the same problems, but we all must remain strong, and help each other. In the cities, where there is so much population, there are also lonely people. People that may be in economic trouble, and consider even suicide. Sometimes, next door, someone is going through difficult times, and we may not even know it, because they prefer to remain silent, to keep their dignity. We must not suffer in silence, in fear. It is important for anyone that suspects someone is in need, to knock the neighbor’s door, and say "Hello, I'm here". There is so much misinformation about what happens in Greece, and this misinformation (or lack of information sometimes) intrigues misunderstandings. But we all must take advantage of the international networking and free communication we can have though the internet, and the social platforms. To talk and interact personally, honestly, truly, from our heart. Music is the international language. It can express feelings better than the words can. When you listen to a song, even if it is in a different language, it is strange, but you can understand the meaning. We are personally interested and study and try to get as much informed as possible, about the music scene and new releases from many countries and continents. It is a virtual visit through music. A travel through the air, riding the melodies. You can learn a lot, about the cultures, the values, the present situation, and the emotions. A song of love, as song of everyday things, is a signature of today, for the people of tomorrow. In the ancient Greece, the great philosophers and teachers, believed that all the people, and mostly all the leaders, should essentially have music education. Because through music, you learn about respect, about self-disciplined, about care, and creates values. Some philosophers proposed that is also helps with math, as a pragmatic science. In the end, music is a way to express and communicate, to understand and be understood. And we were so happy to know that we managed to communicate with this album. Thank you for one more time, for a million times more. Each nation is unique, all nations are united.” Ioanna & Areti Spanomarkou

"Wanted to thank you ever so much for awarding my album "Interludes" Silver metals in Female Vocalist and Album categories. What a thrill to be recognized by you and your organization with so much history in music and talent recognition. All of my musicians, including pianists Bill Cunliffe and Mike Garson, Chuck Berghofer, Ray Brinker, John Chiodini, Paul Kreibich, Hendrik Meurkens, Cecilia Tsan, Brad Dutz, Bob McChesney and arrangers, including Tamir Hendelman, Bill Cunliffe, Steve Rawlins and John Chiodini and my wonderful engineers, recorded by Al Schmitt and mastered by Bernie Grundman I know will all be pleased that you have recognized our music and work. Thank you for supporting Independent Artists in general, and Interludes specifically. We are all very grateful! Thank you again!!" Lyn Stanley

"Thank you again for contributing so much for independent artists of this world and if ever a dispiriting thought enters your mind always know you helped make this a much better profession and much better world; you are the George Bailey of independent artists world wide, inspirationally touching so many lives and if you watch the movie It's a Wonderful Life this Christmas season please remember my kind sentiments. You truly are a good man and I am glad to know you." Nick Dukas

"Thank you very much to you, the Global Music Awards are very important to me, and submit a new work is always exciting." Manel Gil-Inglada

"I just wanted to express my gratitude for the positive impact I've seen coming on my career from the Awards." Marco Valerio Antonini

"I would like to thank you and all the GMA judges for awarding a Silver Medal to my album Southern Cross. It is a great honour to receive the award and I am very excited about it. Kind regards." Jim Ottaway

"Thank you so much for the incredible news I received this past week on the Gold Medal Awards honors for the Beauty Within CD entry. I am humbled and thankful beyond words! I have shared this with a couple of my social media outlets and the response has been wonderful. Again, thanks so very much and I look forward to sending future entries to Global Music Awards. We all greatly appreciate what you do for all of us and for the music! Peace & Blessings. Dr. Anthony Branker

"I first became aware of the awards through fellow Gold Medalist Ricky Kej. I noticed right away that your selection process is full of integrity and merit. Global Music Awards truly is an endowment Artists can be proud of to receive. My deepest gratitude to be selected as the first Electric Bassist and Colombian in history for the Gold medal! Thank you!" Juan García-Herreros

"Thank you very much; for me is important to be part in this big family!" Giuseppe Devastato

"I hope you and your team had a wonderful summer. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the competition again. I am honored and humbled to have been able to include mention of the prestigious Global Media Awards recognition received for my debut release during the past few months while working to promote my most recent album. It is immensely valuable support for an independent artist!" Lena Natalia

"The Gold Medal arrived yesterday. It is stunning! What an honor!" Charles Denler

“It is a great honor and humbling experience to be the recipient of another Gold Medal for my latest recording SCHUMANN | DVOŘÁK: Concerti For Cello & Orchestra. A lot of hard work and dedication went into the making of this album from several people involved. On behalf of everyone that formed part of my latest album, I would like to extend our most sincere gratitude and admiration for this great honor and all the wonderful support” Carmine Miranda

"I'm excited to have won the Silver Medal-Outstanding Achievement " Original Score" with the soundtrack for EVO Shortfilm in your prestigious Global Music Awards. I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know that I am very honored. This is a great recognition for my work and encourages me and helps keep doing what I like best: Scoring music for films. Thank you very much !!!" Manel Gil-Inglada

"Dear Dr. Baker, I wanted to take the time to write you this brief message to thank you for all of the great support that you have given to my artist Carmine Miranda. I also wanted to sincerely thank you for introducing Carmine’s latest recording for the next round of nominations. This new recording of the Schumann and Dvorak Cello Concerti is already receiving much praise from several international critics and was just recently featured on the iTunes store for pre-order. We hope that you and your entire team are enjoying it and please let me know if you would need any additional information from my end. Again we are deeply thankful for your wonderful support!" Katja Von, RLU Management.

"Hello! Would you believe it?! The Mayor of Denver is naming May 22nd 2016 Nic Nassuet Day! They even mentioned my Global Music Awards as one of the reasons for the honor!" Nic Nassuet

"I am thrilled and honored to receive the Gold Medal for my Astor Piazzolla Tangos CD in both categories album and instrumentalist (judging categories) from such a prestigious organization as the Global Music Awards. Thank you so much for the recognition. It means the world to me. On October 19, I will perform at Carnegie Hall during the Italian cultural and language week in the USA. I thought it might be a nice idea to have the Consul General of Italy in NY to give it to me officially on stage. That would definitely generate interest in the press. Would you have anything against that? Maybe you could also be in NY that day! Warmest regards." Cristiana Pegoraro

"I like to say, thank you to you in person again. I am deeply grateful to be announced as a Bronze Medal Winner. It makes me very happy to see that my Chinese music program is appreciated by nice persons like you. And you give me a chance to transfer this out to the world. On my next concert for children with disabilities, I will think about you too. Thanks again." Winnie Wen

"I am extremely thankful and delighted for the Silver Medal, this encourages me to make more and to be more inspired for next project." Andrea Monarda

"I am so thrilled to receive a Silver Medal from your prestigious organization! Thank you so much!" Sophia Agranovich

"I feel part of this big family of the GMA, I will be all the possible for you, you are a special person, very kind and I feel happy to know you and to have in my life." Giuseppe Devastato

"I am absolutely delighted to see my song Samsara win a Gold Medal honor at the Global Music Awards. Many thanks and sincere gratitude for the recognition for my latest work. "Samsara" is part of my album Shanti Samsara, which was launched at United Nations COP21 (Paris) on the 30th of Nov 2015 by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and President of France François Hollande. The production involved over 300 musicians globally, including eight Grammy winners. I am very grateful to the Global Music Awards for the recognition, I am certain everyone involved will be equally excited and grateful that our cause for Climate Change will get a boost and a platform.” Grammy® Award Winner- Ricky Kej

“I just wanted to say thank you from me, and from my family. I wanted to record an album since I was a child, but I lacked the confidence to do so. It wasn't until personal tragedy struck (again) that I really took stock of what was important to me, and what I could offer to the world. After much soul searching, the answer was "music", so I threw caution to the wind and followed my heart. When I was at my lowest and most confused, music showed me that I was not alone, gave me hope, or allowed me catharsis. I felt things that needed expression, and also the need to do for others what musicians had done for me growing up - demonstrate that even in our darkest times, there are those who have come before us, and will come after us, and so nobody is ever truly alone on their journey. I had no idea what I was doing. I wasn't just an "emerging artist", I was a complete and total neophyte. The music came out, I recorded it. I went with an engineer who I had never met, and had no references. Through somewhat random circumstance I ended up connected to a man who led the Stuttgart and Scottish Royal Orchestras and he offered to lay down the violin, cello, and upright bass tracks I heard in my head. With no experience in producing or crafting an album, I was very worried that I would embarrass myself, but trying was the only thing that mattered. The potential pain of regret at never having tried outweighed the potential pain of failure. Eleutherios, my first album ever, was finally released in the Spring of 2015. I had no idea that it would get the positive attention that it did. Winning a gold medal in the Global Music Awards is more than I ever expected. Yes, it has won other awards, but the level of talent and professionalism that you attract to the Global Music Awards is truly top shelf. These are real professionals, with amazing bodies of work. I judge the competition by the caliber of the winners, and the GMAs are at the top of the list of independent awards. I am honored, and truly humbled, to be counted among these amazing musicians, composers, and performers. I truly hope that I can live up to the quality of work that these talented musicians have demonstrated. Oddly enough, on December 11th, the day that the list of winners was posted, we went to the doctor for an ultrasound and learned that we have a healthy little bun in the oven. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all of these circumstances. From me and mine, and from the bottom of our hearts, I offer our sincerest gratitude and thanks.” Nic Nassuet and family 

“Wow! Thank you SO much for awarding my concept album AEAEA a silver medal. I’m deeply honored to be a part of the GMA awards along with all the amazing and talented musicians here. It’s wonderful what the organization is doing to help honor and bring exposure to talented musicians world-wide. Wishing all of you the very best and a great holiday season.” Stephen Duros 

"Also, you had asked for how winning a GMA has impacted us. Well, I shared with you earlier how that every article published in Vietnam about Tri during his recent tour mentioned the GMAs - you're a hit in Saigon, that's for sure! Also, we have made several great new friends with the other winners, including the Grammy-nominated Ron Korb and the HMMA-winning film score composer Julia Pajot, who also lives in Paris. So there you go, the GMA's not only recognize great artists but bring great artists together!" Joshua Cheek on behalf of Ricky Kej and Tri Nguyen 

"Although the pursuit of artistic expression should be immune from the need or want for accolades, building a professional career in the arts is not. In this fast-paced and headline-driven world community, it is imperative for artists to seek ways to be recognized for their work or risk having it disappear into the vastness of information overload. Global Music Awards offers serious artists the ability to rise above the clutter of our daily digital experience and have our work held up as worthy of attention. A medal, or other recognition, creates opportunities for interviews with news outlets, promotes sales, and raises awareness of projects of all kinds. Bravo Global Music Awards for providing such a valuable service to the artistic community!" Robert J. Bradshaw, composer

“WOW , WOW, WOW …..2 beautiful packages just arrived. The trophies are magnificent! THANK YOU. How gorgeous. My most favorite moment in songwriting is Global Music Awards. I will have these to treasure always and pass on to my kids one day. Katie Hardyman” 

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your organization for the exemplary work you do to heighten the awareness around the globe of the talents and art created by independent artists and express how successful Global Music Awards is in facilitating their growth and recognition. Your organization has brought me incalculable benefit and value and I am deeply grateful. The music world is much better and much richer place because of your existence." Nick Dukas

"Thanks to the Global Music Awards for the supreme contributions the organization makes to the music community" Lawson Rollins

"Hi Thomas. I will share the news with the world. The media where I live have been wonderful and are writing a story about your competition and my winning song. I am truly so very grateful to you for choosing my song; it's been a long road, actually 27 years of chasing a dream, so I am ecstatic that you found merit in my song, Fly. The gold medal is beautiful. I would absolutely LOVE to accept the DiscMaker’s Hit Single Package Prize. I haven't had the song printed yet and everyone asks for it. How lovely that you would offer it to me. Many thanks for a wonderful competition. Warm regards, Katie Hardyman” Katie Hardyman

"Dear Dr. Baker. I must say that I am somewhat beside myself regarding your contribution to my project. As you well know, that as we weed through multiple sites, emails, posts etc., there is always that little bit of doubt that runs through the mind as to those sincere or maybe not so sincere in their convictions when it comes to the music industry. I want to thank you. You are obviously full of "GOOD", are passionate and have nothing but good intentions. People such as you are few and far between. The simple fact that you have made a donation to a project that I am passionate about, & without knowing me, is more the reason I want to be a part of what you have going on. Today, my faith, once again, in the human race, has been restored. I love you for your unselfishness. I look forward to getting started on the remaining rhythm tracks for this project & getting them sent to you to check out. I feel you will be pleasantly surprised. I will keep you in the loop as things progress. I am getting ready to send you an mp3 of one of the unfinished tracks on the album, Walk In The Woods to your email address. Please keep in mind, that this song is not finished, you will be hearing a scratch vocal track and the levels on the instrumental tracks, of course, are not what they will be with the finished product. All instrumental tracks have been done by me, on keyboards, with the exception of our drummer's tracks. The lead guitarist will be laying down his tracks next month. Thanks again. Sincerely, Gary" Gary Joe Mitchell 

"To the esteemed judges at the Global Music Awards. When I first thought of creating the music for my album, CONSONNANCES, I reflected on how my homeland's music was unknown to many people, and was even neglected by young people in Vietnam. My desire was to break through those boundaries and bring this beautiful, ancient, fragile music to contemporary listeners, and fuse Vietnam's ancestral music with a modern western classical string quartet. Needless to say, I never had any idea that my music might receive ANY award, but Global Music Awards has exceeded my wildest dreams in awarding CONSONNANCES a Gold Medal!!! NOW, Ancestral Music from Vietnam is no longer neglected or exotic, it truly exists for an international audience! You cannot even begin to imagine what this means to me, to my country, and to my homesick soul. You have brought me pride and comfort; THANK YOU" Tri Nguyen

“Thank you so much for awarding us and my composer the silver award! We are absolutely thrilled and he was delighted (it was a surprise!) So thank you very much. We are all honored to have won such a prestigious award." Taras Groves

"Dear Thomas Baker. Thank you kindly for awarding me two Bronze Awards for the Song, We Do Nothing. It really is a thrill to get these accolades. Take it for granted that I will market this news widely, here in the UK. I’m already getting a stack of ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’ on Facebook. It’s nice to have a worldwide window of visibility to display our talents. Thank you. Kindest regards." Brian Watson​

“I really appreciate what you are doing with Global Music Awards and making an opportunity for artists to receive recognition in Billboard Magazine. The recognition has resulted in a spike of hits on my website and online CD sales. Being able to say I was featured in Billboard Magazine is now a part of my professional biography and credentials listed on websites, resumes, etc. that I use from today forward.” Todd Oxford

"I want to take the time to personally write to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing award and news. As a musician all I hope is to reach people's hearts and make the world a better place. I thank you for believing in my performances and will carry this award with great pride and honor. A big thanks from me my manager Katja and my label Parma Records for this great honor!" Carmine Miranda

“We're using the award and the Billboard display on her social media, website and it certainly brought more prestige and upgraded her profile in the show business. I'm one of the curators of the Brasil Summerfest where Lia Sophia will be there performing on August 7 & 8 at the Meridien23 Club. We're using these promotion to help her presentation towards the media and the general public.” Geraldinho Magalhaes, Divers~AO E ARTE, Manager for Lia Sophia, 

"I have many music records agencies following me since the wins it is cool!" Julia Pajot 

​"Your elegant Global Music Awards statuette just arrived. It is so beautiful! My sincere appreciation for your consummate professionalism and consideration." Dennis J. Tini

"Thank you very much for your help with this!  We have gotten a lot of recognition through our win with the Global Music Awards, and are so grateful for this." Ruth Weber

"Just a small note to tell you my GMA medallions arrived yesterday and look amazing! The GMA Statuette has not arrived and I thought I'd just let you know. Congratulations on their design, it was worth all your effort!" Roger Myers

"I think that this could be a very important step in my career. Many people in Spain don't know a lot about the GMA, but I will try to change it." Ramon Garcia Soler 

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the Global Music Awards Medallion yesterday. It's beautiful, and I'm very proud of it. Thanks very much!" Winifred Phillips

“My prize, a display in Billboard Magazine did help me get signed to two artist rosters. I was added to the Reunion Blues artist roster and signed to Cubides Artist Management. Although I contacted them, I feel that the visibility that Global Music Awards gave me definitely helped out.” Martin McCain